Chapter 135 – Epilogue 3

 Translator: Pink Tea      Editor: JackOFallTrades

After confirming that Kaito-sama fell through the forcibly opened gates, I shut them.

Kaito-sama had now safely passed through the barrier separating our worlds and returned to his original world.

Aaah, Kaito-sama, Kaito-sama, Kaito-sama.

Please wait. When this world will be perfectly clean, I shall call for you through this path once again and welcome you solely by myself after getting rid of the Demon Lord and all the other pests that had harmed Kaito-sama..

「Fufufu, a journey for just two of us without any interruptions. I am already looking forward to it so much that I can hardly contain myself.」

Just imagining such a bright future makes my chest grow hot.

「Well then, let us begin the extermination starting with the two pests over there…」

『Tough luck. Sorry to disappoint you, but it won’t be possible.』

「?! Who!?」

In a panic, I turn towards an unexpected voice.

There was a single woman floating in the air, acting so naturally as if she were there all the time.

With hair reaching around the top of her shoulders strongly curled at the ends, clad in a habit deceptively similar to that of Lunaria’s cult, with the appearance that radiated strong will, she was amusedly giggling.

「…Clergy demi-lich? Even so… No, more likely just a fraud that had posed as a believer of Lunaria and turned into one of the Risen. Dead should return to where they belong『Purify』」

Purifying light that erases spirit-based monsters enveloped the woman.

The Grand turning point was a bit spoiled by this petty incident but now…

『Calling me a Lich and a Risen the moment you acknowledge my presence?, how rude of you. In actuality, you people were the ones who started with imitations.』


However, in contrast to my expectation, the woman was still there with a beaming smile.

「…Who are you?」

『Yea, I’m also wondering who am I at the moment? Well, staying for too long and running into him would be annoying so I will be taking those children with me and get going, ah, I will also take them as well.』

「You don’t?! I won’t let you?!」

『Too late.』

Before the Aqua Lance that was cast with no chant could even reach the ground, the pests that were lying around the place disappeared down the holes that opened below them for a split second.

『Now then, ta-ta♪ I hope from the bottom of my heart for the fulfillment of your plans♪』

「Stay righ..!!」

With a jeering laugh, the woman disappeared without leaving a trace.

Subsequently, only I and corpse of Gordes remained there.

「~~~~~ーーー!!!  I cannot pick up traces of teleportation. Aah, why someone who would hinder me had to appear. I only want to follow the path of righteousness with Kaito-sama.」

I made a deep, deep sigh.

In any case, I need to calm down now. First, I should return to town and come up with countermeasures.

I already sent Kaito-sama into his original world. By separating our worlds, the connection between Kaito-sama and those pests was cut.

I have no idea what was that thing but since Kaito-sama will return to purity then there is no problem at all.

When I returned to town with such thoughts, I received the following piece of information that felt almost like mockery.

『A large swarm of demons is attacking the Theocracy.』


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