Chapter 136 – Prologue

 Translator: Ranzan      Editor: JackOFallTrades

Chapter 136 Prologue

I found out that this world has been treating my brother harshly.

Even though I tried so hard to show myself off as a cute and beautiful girl for my brother.

All I wanted was just to spend time with him…calmly…as brother and sister.

But this is fine too.

Because I only have my brother left, after all.

The first blood that had spilled on me, it seemed so empty, but still felt hot enough to steam the skin.

Even if I left the normal path for people, walked the path of logic and morality, or just live calmly forever.

I would always be beside him, and kill those that sought to trample what I deemed important.

For example, even if I had to die and plunge into the depths of hell.

I mean, nothing would change from having to live alone.

It’s true, I’ll go to hell.

But it doesn’t matter to me.

Everything important to me was taken away.

Love. Having loved.

But…I loved you, and the friends that you love, I couldn’t protect.

And just like an important friend that has returned, I can choose the road to healing even though I’m broken.

If I didn’t try to put myself together while I was broken, I would just die.

And before dying pointlessly, I would rather die getting revenge against all of my enemies first.

Only revenge is the final thing that connects me to you all in the end.


  1. okay, a yandere imouto appear

  2. Oyooyoy seriously? Such interesting plot development. Maybewe will learn more about Kaito’s lineage on this volume. Thanka for the chapter! Looking for more.

  3. Kaito’s blood relatives died according to b***h princess. So if he was at school during his teleportation that means the 200 people (classmates and teachers) who died plus 6 relatives did not include his sister who was at another place… Can we assume she is not blood related? If that is the case, then add a yandere in his harem. I have a strong feeling she can travel wolrds or has already done so.

  4. Here’s hoping that we’ll get to see a new yandere added to the murder party. It’d only be fitting to have his only surviving relative come back with him and take part in avenging her family.

    Not to mention her attachment is a little, uhhhh, strong.

  5. Vol 6 visuals and illustrations here if you’re interested. This story took an interesting turn.

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