Chapter 147 – The Back Side of XXXXX

 Translator: Ranzan      Editor: JackOFallTrades

The dark night was scary.

A night with no moon, but I was relieved as I was in my older sister’s futon.

「Hnn…I guess it’s not so special to just be related to one of them, she’s not a 『target.』」

Sister, where is my sister?

Without sister, food doesn’t taste good. I have no one to braid my hair.


But…I have to work hard for my sister. That’s all I remember.

「Well, Kaori, do your best. It’s okay, it won’t hurt, it’ll be over soon.」

A dark room. A narrow room. A room with a slight smell of mildew.

Hey, sister, where are you?

Hey, sister, where did you go?

I’m going to do my best, the best as I can. I’m going to hang in there. I’ll do anything just so I can find you sister.

That’s why…please…sister.

Come back, hold me, stroke my hair, tell me you love me.

「I’ll do my best so I can find my sister again.」


Cold, dark, frigid, dirty.

Why, why am I…closed in a room like this?

「Noo…this kid’s no good. I guess this 『 target』is not a『target』after all…she didn’t respond as well as we expected from her magical test, no, it seems she’s outside the requirements for this… Sigh, no good, well, maybe not outside of being a『target』so much as 『failed』, I think.」


From my own mouth, I heard my hoarse voice emerge.

No, this wasn’t a voice, but just air that spilled out.

I mean, I had no way to speak anyway.

「Ah, it’s okay, as long as she has strength, we can experiment with little Kaori even if she won’t work. She had a poor reaction, but more than most normal people had with magical power tests. Ah, our ancestors were right. Hee hee, all of them are fools, unknowing fools, and because they don’t have the qualities necessary they’re all jealous, but they’ll pay!」

A strange, evil laugh with a voice mixed in static.

Oh yeah, my ears were ruined long ago.

「Hee hee hee, phew… well, let’s begin the test. If we improve your ability, there will be a lot of magical power we can take in the end. Aren’t you happy? You’re going to be the stepping stone for me to become a great magician!」

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Broken, broken, broken!

Everything, everything, everything was broken by them!

Why, no, why did this happen?

「Well, today we’ll try the ceremony. If we’re successful, we’ll be able to see the spirits. And, we might leave the present world, but you don’t want to see this cruel world anymore, do you?!」



Help! Someone help!

Mai! Satomi! Anyone!

Get me out of here! Father! Mother! I want to go home!

「Well, there’s nothing to fear. Let the ceremony…begin.」


「Damn! Damn! Damn! Aaaahhhhhghhhhhh!!」

I spared no expense in making this underground chamber.

Now that I have come so far, just one more step, and then to be betrayed.

「That stupid fool! Why the hell did this happen.」

In a dimly lit room, I lost the chains suppressing my anger while others watched and I just went crazy.

「You shitty worthless NEETs, I told you not to kill anyone, you shit shit shit heads!」

I screamed out while kicking the wall, balling up my fist, and then punching the wall.

I could feel my fists throbbing, as I noticed the anger from my head had gone now to my hands.

「Phew…tch! I have to think over the results to the research again…and if I die my soul leaves my body. I have to test this while there are some remnants left.」

After scratching away at my head, I took a deep breath and opened the door from my research room.

As I went through the hall there was a stairway leading up on the right.

On the left; there were four doors with red, blue, yellow, and green doors. The two red and blue rooms had people inside, but the yellow one was where the dead bodies that were brought.

I opened the yellow door and there was a girl covered with a sheet with no smell of blood.

「Okay… maybe we can do something here.」

I touched her cold skin, and pushed open her eyelids.

The lifeless girl’s eyes simply stared out into space. In reaction to her neck turning slightly, her white lips popped open a bit.

「Since there is no way to make a change in ability, I guess we’re just going to have to follow the plan.」

As the thoughts of what I had to do popped one by one in my head, what I could and couldn’t do with a dead body split into two categories.

I yanked off the sheet and smiled.

「Well, let’s do some work, Satomi.」

Her whole body was so white that she ceased looking like a person and was now more of a thing.

Outside of the scar in her stomach that a huge knife had cut, her condition didn’t seem too bad. However.

「… Oh…it seems that you’re experienced in transference at least once. You’ve got something that’s left behind that’s far better than these non-targets, even though you’re dead!」

As I sent a green, blue, and brown liquid throughout her body, a speck of red dust emerged.

A magical response like this showed more response than those other non-targets that had been used already.

It’s a pity that while alive she couldn’t have generated that huge magic circle while her soul remained.

「Heh, heh heh heh, I’m going to discover it. I have to, that magic circle from the video, that magic filled space!」

As I put my hand on the shimmering silver engraved place of magic, my mouth turned up in a smile.

I licked my lips.

The blood was gone, the world’s magic lessened, and only a small remnant remained.

Still, I had generated the magic ability in this world.

I am a genius! The genius of a magician who is the leader of a new glorious magic group!

「Ahhhhhh! No, nooooo, NOOOOO!」

Clack, clack, clack, huge X marks were stamped on papers spread all over the desk.

I slammed my pen in hand down on the desk, and clenched all the papers on my desk as well.

「Ahhhhahhhh! What what what wha! Whaaaaat, just one more step!」

I was so disturbed that my brain seemed to shut down…I would have had the answer if I just thought a bit more!

One more inpatient step had turned into a hunger.

「Why?! What am I missing!?」

I analyzed the experiment, and thought that the results were perfect.

All of the bodies that I needed to cross this dangerous bridge were now useless.

「…I guess it’s all for nothing. All of those related to the transference, all those non-targets that didn’t transfer, those now dead that missed the transference, all were just pointless experiments!」

Yeah, if so, then I had to use the real thing.

If I had used the person that I needed from the beginning, then this result would have never happened.

「Well, I have to keep experimenting, one by one.」

Yes, the guy came almost as if he was put there by God.

Now that I think about it, because of all these mistakes, now I wouldn’t end up wasting him.

Just a little bit more, and I’ll open a hole in this world.

If I do, then this world will be reborn in magical power.

At the same time, the power will become mine, and then I would achieve the pinnacle of existence in the stories of gods!

「I will be the world’s greatest sorcerer, he heh he, no one will stop me, and after the ancient blood in me is awakened, I will be the only, the true god wizard! Kuh hah hah hah hah!」

Yes, more than a man, I will enter a new stage! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!


  1. This guy will be used to waken Kaito’s angst.
    He’s gonna have quite the awakening, in hell.

  2. Well, looks like Kaito’s troubles haven’t ended yet.
    Also, the first POV belong to Satomi, Shiori’s (Yuuto’s girlfriend) little sister.
    And the second POV is probably of the leader of the Transference Applicants

  3. Well, he’s not gonna be a sorcerer, but he will be sent to the “next world” by a sadistic Kaito. Thus: Goal achieved(?)

  4. Poor guy doesnt know he will be awakening kaito from his slumber i hpe he have any id because police wont able to recognise it after kaito goes full sadist

  5. For Academic Purposes

    Who do you think it is? I’m betting on the doctor but then again the way that detective was all aggressive about his memories was suspicious….it could be a twist and end up being his partner though.

  6. This is all over the place lately… I’m not really enjoying this unecessary plot complexity!

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