Chapter 152 The Returnee, gets caught up

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『Emm, this is like this and then like this?』

『Yes, yes, you are good. Then you have to repeat that…』

『? What are you doing?』

Beneath a night sky littered with sparkling stars, hidden by a giant rock on the edge of the meadow.

Until the point when I almost got dizzy I enjoyed an improvised open bath that we made at some distance from our camp by filling the hole we dug up with hot water,

After calming myself and letting my warmed body cool down in the night’s wind I return to the sleeping place and find that two girls were busy with something near the crackling bonfire.

『Ah, Master. We actually were making some improvements to Master’s armor.』

『We just finished the second set. Look, look!』

Two astonishingly beautiful girls were embroidering flowery patterns on my leather armor.

One pattern was a beautiful flower of flax color. And another one that the smaller girl was about to finish was a flower of the same kind but done with yellow threads.

『Embroidery? Why would you do that?』

『It’s a charm, a charm for good luck! I learned it from the daughter of the peddler that we met at noontime.』

『If you make embroidery using your hair, stitch by stitch putting your thoughts into it, then fortune shall come to that person. 』

『Charm using hair? That sounds like some pretty serious curse, hey…』

When I thought that I might have phrased it badly it already was too late.

Girls’ faces were clouded with sadness.

『Um… Was it unnecessary?』『 Sorry…』

『Aaah, no, no, I didn’t mean that. How should I put, I just accidentally replied in a provocative way as I used before. It’s not that I don’t like it or it’s unnecessary, on the contrary, I’m really happy.』

When I said that girls showed relieved smiles.

『But, what do you mean by that accidentally provocative way that you used before? 』

『Mm?  Yeah, that charm is pretty famous in the north. When I had this made for me before I out of embarrassment replied『Charm made by the Demon Lord using her own body for materials feels like it might truly curse you』. Well, after that I was beaten up and had to earnestly ask for forgiveness for a while.』

I laugh remembering that scene.

『That’s right, this is what I should have done both now and back then.』


Said that I patted heads of two precious girls.

『Thank you ■■■■ and ■■■■. This armor that both of you put your efforts in. I shall use it with care.』

JIRIRIRIRIRIRIRIRI! A sound like little iron balls are poured into my ears.

「…Haah, those two again, along with the redhead they appear with great frequency.」

Stopping the alarm clock by almost punching it I sit up on the bed.

Since I decided the last week that I have to get my memories back for Mai’s sake, I see a lot of different dreams every day.

Snowfields stretching endlessly, dense and luxuriant forests, steep mountains, wastelands without a single blade of grass, deserts so hot they might burn you alive.

I was always traveling. Alone or with a number of people.

Dreams where I observe myself from my own viewpoint.

「So those are my old memories?」

Normally contents of the dreams would be considered unreal, but if people around me are not pranking me then I can’t discard fantasy elements as completely improbable.

After all, I disappeared in a quite fantasy-like incident and even when I returned, it seems that I appeared from within a magic circle in a pretty otherworldish clothing.

「…If by one in a million, no, one in a billion chance, it is the memory from the time I was missing…」

All those crazy dreams, didn’t even have colors, let alone voices.

However, from time to time awfully clear scenes were mixed in like the one today.

Not just colors and sounds. Those dreams even have smells, temperature, and tactile information.

At such moments some of the reappearing characters are always present. I realized that in my dreams I think very dearly of some of them.

And yet their names are drown out by an awful noise.

「Just what kind of relationship I have with those girls?」

I make a question to an old me who can be felt only as a faint presence.

Hey, those girls were important to you, right?

Indeed, if I truly was taken to another world then I can understand a feeling of rage towards such injustice. But, didn’t I strive in that world and thus was able to return to my original world?

If that’s the case, then wouldn’t you normally be happy about coming back?

Even if you are not, then wouldn’t you at least be sad parting with people you became familiar in that world?

「Why and at what exactly are you so furious?」

In return to that question what I asked countless times, came only a voice resembling that of starving animal that is still violently struggling inside me.


But it’s not just fury. The memories that I lost are not only this hatred.

Feelings what abruptly overflow from time to time are not only that.

There are still were plenty of things that I didn’t understand but it’s not like I wasn’t making any progress.

I could feel how chain and yoke restraining the old me were swaying.

Most likely if there was some kind of a hint I would regain my memories.

「…Okay, let’s grab that hint!」

Slapping my face with both hands I re-fire up myself.

Yes, today was the day when I had to go to the police to retrieve things that I had on me when I came back.

Under the cold wind and winter sun, we came to the police station.

Only the hands that we were holding remained warm, all other skin surfaces were cold enough to mistake them for ice.

「…My glasses got cloudy.」

「That’s why I told you to use sunglasses.」

「Sunglasses can actually get clouded as well, you know? You just wouldn’t notice when they became clouded. Useless Brother.」

With one hand Mai removes fake glasses that turned white due to temperature difference with the room that had the air conditioner running.

I as well released her hand and removed sunglasses used for disguise as well as the scarf wrapped around my neck.

「Oh, Ukei-san, sorry for making you come all the way here.」

「Huh, Miyakawa-san.」


While I was thinking that I should start from looking for a receptionist Miyakawa-san appeared.

There is a thing about our first meeting but Mai does not hold any good sentiments towards Miyakawa-san at all.

Mai narrowed her eyes a little and slightly pulled on my sleeve that she was pinching instead of holding my hand.

「O dear, I’m quite hated.」

「I am sorry. …Could it be that you were waiting for us?」

After stroking Mai’s head I turn towards Miyakawa-san.

「It’s a complete coincidence that we met here. Through I indeed was waiting for you two. The reception is over there.」

As I stopped by the reception desk as was suggested, Miyakawa-san briefly explained the situation.

After listening to explanations from the lady on reception I fill a number of papers.

「Then, I might as well guide you to the property room with secured items.」

「We will be in your care.」

Following Miyakawa-san’s guidance, we walk through the building.

「Nevertheless, there are fewer people than I expected.」

Despite its size, the police station had very few people inside.

In part, it could be because it was just before noon, but I expected a police station to have more officers or citizens inside.

「Weell, you see, it’s that, you know, that. Everyone was pulled by that.」

In the direction where Miyakawa-san pointed his finger after saying that, was hanging quite dumb poster『Kuroi Alice! Will do her best as one-day Chief♪』.

「And it seems that some kind of a problem occurred at the event venue. I’m as well, after we are finished here and I have my break, will go to settle things. I really would prefer if they didn’t overwork old folk so hard.」

Miyakawa-san breathes a sigh.

If you look good enough, you could see signs of exhaustion on his face.

「So you actually quite busy with work? Even though there are so many police officers in this neighborhood? 」

「Mm? Well, yeah. Swayed by public opinion they threw a whole bunch of officers here, but with an increase in personnel, time and money also disappear at an increased rate. You can’t take an appropriate measure without a clear picture after all. We are still quite busy.」

Said that Miyakawa-san laughed bitterly.

「In fact, people of who’s connection to the case we were unaware are going missing. Well, the one who went missing seems to be a student who did not show good behavior to begin with, running away from home on an almost regular basis. So for the past two or three days, we were trying to confirm whatever he was kidnapped or ran away once again. Well, for about three hours.」

While saying that, there wasn’t much energy in his laughing appearance.

「…Police are of no use anyway. If you have time to show off how hard you work then use it for actual work.」

「Hey, Mai!!」

「No no, it’s fine, it’s just as she says. You have the right to blame us. Higher-ups keep pandering to masses, chasing after the numbers we put complete newbies on the streets and the actual investigation just keeps going for ruin… After all that we still were unable to protect our citizens, I am really sorry.」

「…It’s not like it’s personally your fault.」

「No, it’s all due to the police’s negligence.」


Mai abruptly turned her gaze away from Miyakawa-san that was shaking his head.

「Ah, but please keep it secret. I will get scolded if higher-ups hear that I was saying something like that.」

The atmosphere that was turning awkward was changed with Miyakawa-san’s simple jest.

While having such dialogue we reached the door that had『Authorized personnel only』written on it.

「Eh? Is that okay? It’s authorized personnel only…」

「Well, considering the stuff in there. As an exception, was allowed a return through the backdoor. That’s why I remained at the station to accompany you.」

There we saw a number of metal racks lined up, like those you might see at a backstage.

The racks were filled with large cardboard boxes that had various itemized labels on them.

「Wait here for a bit, I will bring it.」

While we were left waiting at the entrance, Miyakawa-san went for the shelves in the back.

Fists that I made without noticing gradually became drenched in sweat.

Loudly beating heart.

That was nervousness I felt about recovering my memories.


「Mm, something wrong?」

I calmly respond.

Of course, I was just acting tough. But that was my pride.

Being idiotic brothers for the little sister that uneasily looking stood beside me even now, also was a part of that pride.

(No matter what I will recall, my『Now』will not change. I must protect her. So she won’t have to cry anymore.)

For a moment I could feel a flame rising up in my heart.

That was a zeal of the old me.

After going along with that me for a couple of months I realized something.

When it was about protecting Mai the old me that I viewed as a demon chained in the darkness softened and shared a few similar sentiments with me.

In that case, it is enough to tell that the me burning with this rage is myself as well.

If it is myself then it would try to protect Mai no matter what.

「Relax, I will promise it as many times as I have to. I will stay by your side.」

「No matter what, it’s a promise, Brother.」

Mai had somewhat dependent, insecure eyes.

Unreservedly stroking Mai’s head I once again face forward.

Yes, today I will get my memories back and then after coming home will talk with Mai about the knife.

(Maybe it was just a prop.)

When I saw it I strangely thought『Human’s blood』and didn’t even think of doubting it, but it could have been something entirely different.

For some reason, I had a strange conviction that it’s unlikely, but at least in my mind appeared leeway to at least consider such a possibility.

「Ehm, when my memories return I want to talk about something. After we get home…」

At that moment I felt a shudder down my spine.

I didn’t get the reason but I felt a danger as if I was enveloped by the tongue of a giant snake.



When I turned around reacting to Mai’s puzzled words nothing unusual could be seen.

However, it felt like surrounding walls had spikes all over them and were closing on us.

「Oops, there it is. Heave-ho.」

Perhaps locating what he was looking for Miyakawa-san takes out one cardboard box.

For some reason I feel like the time itself is being stretched.

Since the time I woke up that was the feeling I would get when exposed to danger.

Just where is the danger?

I don’t understand, don’t understand, still no idea———



I put myself between Mai and the direction that I somehow found to be most dangerous and hugged her.

At that moment.


Intense light fully covering the field of vision and the sound of the explosion that could tear eardrums filled the surroundings.

For a long, atrocious second, I was stricken with the sensation of shockwave hitting me and splinters piercing into my back.


With shaking vision, amid gradually rising smoke, I confirm the state of Mai that was in my embrace.

Looks like she was almost unharmed because I covered her.

She was desperately clinging and saying something, but the brain jolted by the explosion would not move mouth properly.

That’s why I wiped my sister’s cheek dirtied with soot.

「You are fine, good…」

Leaving just those words I closed my eyes.


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