Chapter 160 The returnee, destroying small fries in hides of thieves


Translator: “Pink Tea”

「Uh, it really isn’t easy to teleport to a place you have never visited before aiming for your own magic power.」

 The place to which I teleported, was a bit away from the location of my magic power that had soaked in 『Shroud of Shadow Spirit』.『Shroud of Shadow Spirit』that I used as the mark was appearing to be in a place right next to an area with an excessively large density of human’s presences.

「It was closer than expected so now I have a pretty good leeway in MP.」

Going by the decrease in MP this building shouldn’t be that far from the school and it indeed appears to be a large scale laboratory, just as Onishi said.

The room surrounded with white walls had a number of devices of unknown purposes and in the center of it stood five transparent capsules, three of which, had inside what I was seeking, my leather armor, clothes from another world and several knives. This is lucky.

 Items other than Shroud of Shadow Spirit didn’t have such strong magic power to them, so I thought, I will have to run around the place, searching, where they were taken.

 However, now I won’t have to comb the area and can go straight for 『Shroud of Shadow Spirit』.

「Who, who are you! Where did you come from!!」

 While I was trying to estimate the situation, the staff of the institution that was stunned by my appearance finally digested the situation.

From among the people in white, one raised his voice like he was representing them.

「Well then, let hurry underground? Here we go!」

「Hey, did you hear me…」

 With a loud bang, I strike a capsule with a firm fist.

 Like hydraulic press would do to a metal junk, the power of this magic-infused swing turned device into a metal plate.

 It wouldn’t be a problem even if I didn’t put that much power in it but I was a bit, no, quite irritated so I couldn’t help myself.

(Treating so carelessly items that had the touch of Minnalis and Shuria to them. Those shits clipped it a bit around the edges.)

「Okay, collected, collected.」

「That, that’s, impossible… That was reinforced acrylic protection case…?」

 Ignoring the man, that was mumbling in a daze, I pick up equipment with both hands and after storing, it smash other two capsules as well.

「AAAAAA?! What have you done…!!!  Just how much do you think this equipment cost!!!」

「Nope, no idea. How much was it?」

 After putting the rest of my personal belongings into the Squirrel’s Pouch, and being in somewhat a better mood, after venting my anger I finally replied.

「It’s a piece of the equipment that would cost around fifty billion each.」

「I see.」

 While thinking, oh shit, I shouldn’t have asked that, I probed the building for its structure and situation within, with sonar of magical power that was much more accurate than just basic vague feeling or intuition.

(Well, from the beginning I was planning to wreck this facility as the revenge to the police higher-ups for trying to kill me in a fake explosion accident, so if I say that it doesn’t matter it won’t be wrong but…)

 Instead of wasting my time trying to expose the perpetrator from among the ranks of the police higher-ups, I would prefer to just go back to another world.

 I am overstaying in this world. I don’t have time to waste on small fries.

「…Yes, that’s dumb, the fuck am I worrying about.」

 I destroyed with my fists two remaining devices as well.


 I just destroy as I go everything within my reach without wasting much time on it.

 The one in charge of this facility will have to take responsibility, if higher-ups will get hurt from it a little, then it’s all good.

 I don’t have a taste for killing researchers, who simply do their jobs.

 So I was actually happy about the reception I had.

「Wow, Japanese technology is amazing. Behind the scenes, it progressed into science fiction territory so much. It’s like an anime.」

 In the long straight corridor, rustling, appeared a cylindrical robot which I’m pretty sure I have seen in some anime.

 Muzzle, that was sticking out, gave a pretty murderous feel to it.

 It produced machine-like screeching and also some hard to understand electronic noises.

「That’s perfect. Since returning here I didn’t have any practice at all, this would be a good exercise to…」

「『Oone, Oone, Announcing to the intruder. I am the one entrusted with management of this facility. Cease destruction of the facility and surrender at once. Research materials unlawfully seized by you is the property of the state. It is not something you should have in your personal possession. Kaito-kun, I don’t know why are you here, but do you have any idea what kind of great advancements for the country you are inhibiting…』」

 BOOOOM!!! The robot was sent flying into the wall, that had speaker and camera installed, and crushing into it with a dull sound, exploded.

「…Scratch that, I had no plans of killing anyone, but I will come and kill you personally.」

 The man, who addressed me through the speaker, seemed to know who I am. If we remove the highly unlikely possibility that he knew about me due to a sheer coincidence then that would mean that he knew what those items were taken from me against my will.

 He knew about the attempt on my life and how those items were stolen from me.

 There is no reason to spare him.


 As if being drawn to it I headed to his place.

 And almost at the same time, several robots, around twenty battle robots in total, opened fire at me.

「You are in the way, scrap!」

 I cut through the barrage of bullets using katanas, that I materialized in both hands, and leaping into the swarm of robots turned them in small metal scrap.

 Slice, slice, slice, slice, slice.

 Slice robots, slice sensors sticking from the walls, slice shutters blocking my way.

 I slice everything into pieces and keep advancing.


Amid the rain of bullets, I ran on the walls, the ceiling, and by using『Sky Walk』the air.

 Pumped full of adrenaline I ran on the line between life and death.

 Deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper as if I am drowning into this atmosphere.


 I can feel how my concentration gets better.

 Just cutting bullets down isn’t too effective, so I switch to attacking by flicking them back.

 Using Sky Walk as foothold is wasteful. Utilizing bullets in good positions for footing, I redirect them with Sky Walk as a shield and in turn, use them for offense as well.

 Stretching a few moments of time I ran through the murderous rain.

 Getting rid of wastefulness I proceed, leaving dozens of annihilated machines in my wake.

 As if absorbing everything I wreak havoc in my path and after some period of time, that didn’t seem neither long or short, I finally reached the room where my prey was hiding.

 I was in front of the entrance to the large room that had the area of somewhat large sports ground and height of around three stories.

 On the other side of it, separated from me by a glass wall, I sensed 『Shroud of Shadow Spirit』as well as my prey, that luckily decided to come over.

「『Aah, ehm, honestly, I am surprised, you are definitely not human. There is no need to even examine, you clearly exceed values possible for a human. If that’s the case, I should have properly listened to what Maeno-kun said.』」


 On the other side of the glass stood, looking down at me, an arrogant man with white hair and high-strung face, all covered in wrinkles, right beside him was doctor Maeno, no, shithead Maeno.

 Oh, well, I already realized it when used sonar but he really has no luck.

「『Well, sorry, Ukei-kun, the results of your examination showed that you are undoubtedly just a normal human being, but the speed of your recovery was clearly abnormal. I wanted to research you somehow… However, the only place I could turn to was this one, but they don’t work with organics. Today as well, I came with plea… But I didn’t expect that you would show here yourself.』」

 Maeno’s voice was coming from the speaker.

 The way he looked at me was indeed creepy but no actual harm came from him, so I intended to ignore him. Yet to think that at the very end he would appear at such a place, really, can’t call it anything other than bad luck.


「『I presume you didn’t notice, but you were guided into this room. You don’t have to know how…』」

「Aaah, yea yea, just pull out what you prepared already. After all, I was so kind as to put up with your shitty directions.」

 Unable to endure long speech, I cut off the man beside Maeno, that probably had nothing about him beside his authority.

 I could have taken the shorter route, but since they were seemingly trying to lure me somewhere by using shutters or creating spots with a lesser density of robots on purpose, I decided to go along with it.

「Plenty of quite SF-like enemies showed up already, so I’m in high tension. On top of that, the prey that I planned to leave alone jumps into my jaws on its own, so don’t try any dull crap that might kill the tempo. Enough of your preludes, give me the main dish.」

「『…It seems that you are getting a bit carried away? Just because automatic security robots of the old model kept luring you towards the places with an even smaller number of robots you got the wrong idea. I hope for your early surrender. Since we will be able to get more data if you are still alive.』」

 Along with the sound of the speaker turning off, the door through which I came shut closed.

 Then, with a heavy sound, doors on both sides have opened and…

「『Now, be crushed by an overwhelming difference in firepower. This place is different from corridors or small rooms where I had to subsequently send machines in small numbers.』」

  Black recolors of the silver robots that I’ve seen until now poured in mass into the room. Speaking of numbers alone, there were several times more of them than all of the robots that I have defeated already.

「…Fu, fu, fu.」

「『Perhaps, terrifying battle power turned you speechless? Upgraded from regular type, the latest version of security robots has an incomparably higher rate of fire and power of…」

「Don’t screw with me!!! Give me back my anticipation, you dumbass!!!」

 Due to the excessive disappointment, I lost all desire to seriously fight using sword techniques, so I manifested in one hand【Fabled Sword of the Flame wheel】,that had the shape of the raging flame, and in another,【Blade of Kamaitachi】, that looked like a katana with a green blade with a slight tint of red to it.

 As I completely lost all tension I crossed two swords and swung them to the left and to the right.

「『Explosive Flame Link・Melting』『Cutting Wind・Blade of Rakshasa 』!!!」

 A moment later the room was filled with the roar of explosions and the noise of the wind that could shred metal.

 With the exception of my own position, all of the surroundings were filled with a series of explosions and hundreds of wind blades blending together into one shriek.

 A few seconds later only fragments of security robots remained in a rising smoke.

「『Im, impossible?!  You, what you just did?! Robots with a special alloy that I prepared, with such an ease? It cannot be, with the way they were designed a mere explosion would accomplish nothing, it cannot even be compared with the previous steel robots…?!』」

「Aah, how dumb, if I knew it would be like this, I wouldn’t have taken the long way.」

「『Bring that thing!』」「『Director, please wait, we still haven’t finished adjustments for it, there is a risk of it going berserk…!!!』」「『What are you doing, hurry up!!』」


 It seems that he was in quite a panic, because the arrogant man was now giving orders to his men without even turning the speaker off. By the way, Maeno was just shaking beside him.

 Beep, beep, beep, clearly very alarm-like sound resounded.

「Ooooh, that’s more like it. It’s not like I’m expecting any strength, I just wanted to see such weapon, packed with romance.」

 This time, from the opening on the right side from the front wall, appeared a giant humanoid robot, that likely had at least ten meters in height and somewhat resembled a wooden doll.
「If we are talking about SF then it’s a giant humanoid weapon, combined robot!!!」

 Running tongue over my lips I avoid the giant robot’s arm which it was swinging downwards rather fast.

 Wrecking through the fragments of security robots, from the head and chest areas it poured a rain of bullets upon me, which I avoided leaping in zig-zag on footholds from Sky Walk and then cut it’s head off.

 Next, I pushed 【Fabled Sword of the Flame Wheel】into that cross-section and burned it inside with the flame of several thousand degrees in temperature.

 And just like that giant robot first was down on its knees and then with a thunderous boom and huge tremor fell to the ground.

「『It’s, impossible… In just one moment.』」

「Well, let’s wrap this up and head back.」

 I thrusted 【Fabled Sword of the Flame Wheel】into what turned out to be five layers of tempered glass.

 Then, by cutting with【Blade of Kamaitachi】that I had in my other hand I create an entrance and step into that room.

「Ba, Bastard!!!」

「Hi, Hiee?!」

「Whew, that was a very fun attraction. In gratitude, I will finish you instantly.」

 It seems that both of them became paralyzed with fear and thus sank to the floor.

 I raised my spirit sword overhead.

「No, stop!! Just how much my brain contributes to this country, do you…!!」

「I am very sorry, I apologize, please spare…」


 Two slashes, with downward swing and upward swing forming a V shape, I cut off their heads.

 Most likely they died immediately, without any pain. Taking my gaze off them I head to『Shroud of Shadow Spirit』that was put in a showcase like it was supposed to be a part of an interior design or something.

「Good grief, it was more tiresome than I expected. Now, the only thing left is to tear the mask off the face of that woman and to return to that world.」

 Cutting through the showcase I put on『Shroud of Shadow Spirit』and leave the facility through teleportation.




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