Chapter 163: Epilogue


Translator: “Pink Tea”

The moment I stepped into the gate I felt like being swept away by a stream.

 When I returned to Japan it felt like a fall, but now it felt like I was going upward, defying the gravity. And also I didn’t have that feeling of countless hands tearing off parts of my soul like I had when I was coming back to Japan.

「…….OOOoooo?!」「 …Bro-Brother, Brother?!」

 However, I was the only one who remained calm. It seems that Yuuto and Mai were taken aback by this dimension.

 For me, it was already a third time in total, so I was quite used to jumps to other worlds.

 We advanced through the space, tints in colors of which were unnamable.

 The first time, without understanding which is what, I felt like the depths of my soul were pulled out.

 The second time, with the sensation of something being torn off my soul, I was robbed of my memories.

 Both times I was utterly confused due to a sudden development, but this time is different.

 Because I could calmly observe the situation, I sensed the presence that felt like a lick of a cold tongue on the spine, giving me shivers.

(Oh, what…?!)

 The boundary between the two worlds.

 Something took root in this space. And it also was a powerful presence like I never felt before.

 For me to merely face it directly I should be resolved for a life-threatening encounter.

「『Hm, it is the third time you would notice the gaze. No matter what you do it’s irregular, irregular, irregular. Ufufu, how interesting.』」

 The moment I instinctively gulped, the time had stopped like it was cut off.

 Just the pressure from the voice alone was enough to make one lose any will for defiance.

 I guess the only time when I felt such an overwhelming difference in strength was when I exterminated the Evil dragon for the first time.


 I can’t breathe, I can’t even communicate with it like this.

「『Since you managed to notice us, we shall grant you 『The Key』. And as a reward for breaking away from God’s way I shall also give you a bonus. Well then, go ahead and struggle to your heart’s desire.』」

 In a moment, I felt something coming inside me.

 And so, as I was still unable to comprehend what it was, the stopped time resumed its movement.

 At the same time the gaze that I felt disappeared and the pressure entirely dissipated.

「Tha, that was…」

「Di-did something happen?」「Brother, a failure? Is Brother a failure?」

「Come on!」

 It looks like the two didn’t notice what happened just now.

 However, without much time to think, interdimensional leap came to an end.


 I planned to make a graceful landing, but because both of my hands were seized, I could not adjust my posture and all three of us displayed a shameful sight of falling flat on the ground, all together.

「Ugh, shit, how unsightly…」

 A bit disappointed I stand up and check surroundings.

 Apparently, the place where we arrived looked a bit too shallow to be called a forest and appeared more like a grove.

 However, the terrain was very characteristic.

「Ptooey, ptooey, phew, so this is another world…」

「Uuh, it’s gritty inside of my mouth. Couldn’t you do something about the landing, failure brother.」

 Mai and Yuuto stood up, brushed off the sand from their clothes and were looking at surroundings with great interest.

「…Brother, are all trees like this in a fantasy world?」

 The question raised by Mai was the most reasonable.

 After all, in front of us, the trees with light blue bark and bright red leaves were sprouting from the sand in the middle of the desert without any signs of water.

「I’ll just say that there are such variations as well, but there are a few fantasy plants.」

 For now, we at least didn’t teleport into the middle of the Demon King’s castle.

 However, thanks to the characteristic sandy soil and fantasy vegetation, I understood that we are in the beast country or somewhere close to it.

 Whether it was due to influence from the climate or geological factors, only in the vicinity of the beast country fantasy plants grew in mass to the level of forming forests or groves. They grew to some extent in other places as well but did not propagate well naturally.

「『Whatever, Kaito. I’m tired already. For today I shall retire for rest.』」

 Pride interjected into conversation and said a bit disappointed.

 Can you guys even get tired, were my thoughts but it’s not like saying that will accomplish anything, and since it was a common occurrence I decided to keep my mouth shut.

 As Pride turned his hand towards the portal through which we came it suddenly started to decrease in size until it shrank to the size of a ring and sank on top of his hand.

「『Then, I shall collect my fee for this time.』」

「I see, so, what will you take today?」

 After using his ability Pride arbitrarily tried to return inside me.

 I don’t understand the basis for it, but once he returns inside, he won’t answer to my call for a week.

 And before he goes back, he would collect some kind of payment from me.

 One time I had one of my limbs taken away for three months, and another time I was robbed of eyesight for a month. There also was a time when I had MP taken away and was forced into the situation when I could not use any spirit sword.

「『Let’s see, I shall take your left arm for half a year… Or so I thought. But unfortunately, I already received compensation from some unknown entity. Quite a pushy『Bonus』it was.』

(? …Ah, by a bonus could it be that he means that thing?)

 I remember the words of terrifying being from the boundary between the worlds.

 Certainly, it said『I’ll add a bonus』.

『Therefore, this time I won’t collect anything.』

 Leaving me alone with those thoughts Pride promptly returned inside me.

 I don’t quite get it, but that’s lucky.

 At least it was supposed to be, but I felt like I made an uncomfortable and very expensive purchase.

「…Well, for now, let’s get moving, I don’t know the exact location yet, but if my assumption is correct then by going west through this forest there should be a road. Then we will get to town… Both of you, back off!!」

「Eh? Fumyu!?」「Whoa?!」

 I sensed a presence just a moment before bloodlust was turned at us.

 In a place, from which I jumped away carrying two people, was now stuck a tentacles made of wood.

 To sum up those tentacles in one word, they were bizarre.

 Wretched and twisted entangled black wood with the surface covered in fluffed warts.

 Moreover, those warts had countless small mouths with only gums and teeth. Making rattling sounds with those teeth, mouths kept absorbing magic from surroundings.

 The moment I saw that my thinking instantly stopped.


 And then, appeared something human-like.

 With both hands connected to the wooden tentacles, ex-human with empty zombie-like eyes.

 I had recollections of that figure.

「…Is that an offspring of the glowing demon tree?…」

 Impossible, impossible, impossible.

 How? Why? Why such a thing appeared?!

(Don’t tell me that seeds of Leticia have sprouted?!)

 I felt my blood run cold.

 That was the worst possible guess that I didn’t even want to think about.

(If the seeds that took root in Leticia budded and went berserk then…)

 That was burned in during the first circle.

 The offsprings of the glowing demon tree, as the name might suggest, is a monster what Leticia would spawn using human corpses, after turning into the demon tree and going berserk.

 The fact that this thing was here, in turn, meant that Leticia was taken over by rampaging Core of the Demon Lord and is spreading roots over the land, was reduced to a device to preserve the current state of the world.

「Ka-Kaito? Is that a demon?」

 Facing, by standards of our previous world, the bizarre appearance of that creature, Yuuto asks in a surprised voice.

 A moment later body alone responded.

「The flame of the bonfire,『Gaurandi』(Cannibalizing fire foxes)」

 I make use of the spirit sword’s ability and characteristic.

Two fiery foxes made of the flames flowing from【Fabled Sword of Fiery Wheel】bite onto that entity and a moment later entirely engulf it in flames.


 Without lasting even a few seconds it was turned into a lump of charred remains and falling to the ground carbonized corpse shattered to pieces.

 But the rising uneasiness in my heart didn’t disappear with that.

「Such… Such a thing…」


 Standing in astonishment I could not reply to the words addressed to me.

 I could hear the sound of the despair, I tasted during the first circle, creeping up to me once again.


 An overwhelming sense of helplessness.

 Losing all hope, I felt like my body was crumbling from within.

(Again, I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t save…)

 And the moment when I was about to get caught up in such thoughts.



 Something fell on me from above with a heavy impact

「…Another world is amazing. It’s really a fantasy. I saw such development in novel I borrowed from Suehiko.」

「…Yuuto-san?  Brother is not as chivalrous as the main character of that book. Therefore, Boy Meets Girl will not start here. Don’t you agree?」

「Eh, ah, no, well, yeah, yes, yes, that’s a fiction, it’s different from reality.」

「Exactly, I’m glad you understand my point.」

 I could hear voices of Yuuto and Mai talking, but I could not make out what were they talking about.

 A thick cloud of sand was rising from the ground.

 Having my thoughts physically interrupted, I stand up holding my dizzy head.

「The heck was that…」

 And the moment I understood what or rather who has fallen on top of me I was shocked as if time itself has stopped.

「Ptooey, Ptooey, Aah shit, I’ve got sand in my clothes, ugh, this is the worst.」

 Her voice for which I yearned so much.

 I couldn’t get it wrong. This was that voice.


 Suddenly came a gust of wind.

 Soaring dust was blown away by it, opening the view in front of me.

「And, I don’t know who you are, but I caused you trouble, were you injured?」

 Deep crimson hair swaying in the sunlight.


「Huh? Nunya!?」

 As soon as I realized who was in front of me, I hugged Leticia.

 I wanted to see, I wanted to see, I wanted to see you!!!

 The despair what was about to overtake me was blown away by that sight.

「Thank goodness, you are fine, I met you again…」

 I don’t care about the reason, I don’t care for the logic behind it.

 Putting all of that aside I was just experiencing the feeling of having Leticia in my embrace.

「Re-release me, what the hell are you doi…」


 Ignoring the hands that tried to push me away, I forcibly hug that slender body.

「As if I’d do that! I won’t let go of you ever again.」

 I wanted to throw aside everything and just feel the presence of Leticia in my embrace.

 Over and over, how many times did I regret leaving Leticia.

 Every time I saw her in my dreams I recalled that warmth that escaped my grasp.

「What are you doing you fool!!」


 However, the scream and impact to abdomen pulled me back to reality.

 Blown away by the maximally enhanced fist I flew into the trees behind me while rising massive clouds of dust.

「Good grief, what the hell are you?」

 Taking a daunting pose Leticia yells in anger.

「Chasing after the last small fry that slipped away… Not only I fall off the tree, but my prey also turned out to be already dead and on top of that some pervert clings to me, damn, what a mess.」

 Leticia let’s out a small snort and flicks her beautiful hair.

 I kept lying on the ground spread legged.

「Normally I would have torn you to pieces right now… But you are lucky. I am busy at the moment, so stay like that for a while, dimwit.」

 Leticia gave me a short glance, threw at me those bitter words and using levitation magic, flew away.

 As for me, due to the damage that shook me to the core still remaining, I was unable to regain enough power to stand up. Bewildering development made me drop my guard and I was unable to collect myself.

「Ahahahahah, thank goodness…」

 Leticia was alive and safe.

 I thought that I once again lost her when I couldn’t stay by her side as it happened in the first circle.

 I don’t want to go through that again…


 Mai thrust her face into my field of vision.

「Aaah, eehm, Mai…?」

 My mind that was still half asleep was completely brought back to reality by Mai’s face that resembled a grinning demoness.

 And then I consider how things that just took place would look like if you look at them objectively.

「…Aa~ah, I know nothing, Kaito.」

 Breathing out a sigh, Yuuto makes a face that is almost saying『I have nothing to do with this』.

 As I decided that I should bring the iron hammer of justice upon that traitor, for now, I solely focus on finding a way to calm down the demon incarnate before me.

「Wa, wait, there are reasons. Emotions got the best of me. You know how there just happens to be such an atmosphere sometimes or rather it’s something that should be treated in the same way as an accident, it was an action unrelated to anything obscene, so shouldn’t it be forgiven? Shouldn’t it? I think it should. It like that, like the last kiss scene in the story, no matter how much they cling to each other it won’t be lewd…」

「Ufufu, Mai is very disappointed. Tell me, Perverted criminal brother?..」

 Ah, this is a bad one…

「Suddenly hugging such a petite girl and then clinging to her against her will…」

 As I was sitting leaning on the tree, Mai grabbed my shoulder.

「Eem, wait, I will explain, even it’s useless, give me a chance to explain myse… GYAAYH?!」

 As I was insisting on providing no resistance with my hands raised up, Mai grabbed my cheek with her other hand.

「Brother? There are no human rights for sex offenders, okay?」

「So, sooch.」

「Shut up, you lolipedophilac brother」


 To call me pedophile, well, Leticia indeed doesn’t have a very mature physique…

 But she isn’t childish enough to call her a little girl. Besides, small tits have their perks too…

「Brother, even though I am this sad, what are you even thinking?  Hey, Brother, you are currently talking with Mai, don’t you? Hey, hey, hey, do you understand?」

「Hohahi, hohahiho?!」

 Pressed by dead eyed Mai, I ended up apologizing,『I am sorry, I won’t do that again, so please forgive me』over and over.

「Well, let’s start anew and head to the city.」

「It’s all was your fault, Brother, for losing your sanity and acting like a wild beast.」

「Well, I understand how you feel, but you are reaping consequences of your actions.」

「Well! Let’s start anew and head to the city!」

 I declare in an even stronger tone, fending off my sister’s reproachful gaze and the words of my close friend which was wryly smiling, appalled.

 A lot of things confused me after returning, but for now, all of that can be put aside. I cannot linger like this forever.

 First of all, it is necessary to collect information in the city and organize it.

 I also have to train Mai and Yuuto.

 Coming back to this world I can sense, though greatly weakened, connection with Minnalis and Shuria. I don’t think they would be easily killed, but I want to regroup with them as soon as possible.

 Naturally, I was worried about the thing with Meteria as well.

 She was the one who sent me back to my original world. Minnalis, Shuria, and Meteria were left there, how Minnalis and Shuria managed to survive?

 And the creature we encountered just now, that which resembled an offspring of the glowing demon tree. If Leticia didn’t turn into the Demon Tree then what exactly was that?

 It also bothered me how weak it was for the offspring of the Demon Tree and how easily it was defeated.

 Also, if this is the beast’s country then that person should be here.

 The man that defeated many demons and saved many lives with his fist alone. And also betrayed my trust and created the cause for the death of Leticia.

 And if Leticia is here, then it means that in this country should be another person I have to kill.

 Both beings that caused her death are in this country.

 A lot of questions piled up, yet most likely not much time was left, so I should think well on how I shall kill them.

 Now, let’s think.

 Think, think, think long, think hard, think how can I drive them deeper into the bottomless pit of despair.

 I absolutely won’t forgive. I will not forgive those who betrayed us.

 I don’t care what kind of noble ideas they had.

 I don’t care what kind of high ideals they held.

 Among all possible forms of suffering.

 In a court where neither good or evil exist and only emotions give the ruling.

 Devoid of crime and punishment, where only execution after torture exist.

 I will kill you in the most brutal way I can think of.

 I will not forgive you for taking the life of my precious woman. Never again will I let you hurt Leticia.

 It’s not merely my own revenge. It’s also the only revenge that leads to protection.

 Going along with such an idiot as myself, Leticia suffered enough during the first circle. So in order to spare Leticia from suffering as much as possible.

 To prolong her life at least a little bit.

 …Even if that would mean becoming the target for Leticia’s revenge.

 Beast country Grandia’s Second Prince, Fist fighter Leon Gairude.

 And the older sister of Demon Lord Leticia, Lilia Lew Harstone.

「I will definitely kill you. I will trample you with body breaking pain and will throw you into an even bigger sea of despair than what we had to go through.」

 I will devour you and will throw you to the very depths of hell.

 That was my vow that was not allowed to disappear, even after losing my memories traversing between the worlds.



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