Chapter 164 – Prologue

 Translator: Jay_Samuel

When I kill him, I decided under that crimson sky that it would be with this knife that was entrusted to me by my elder brother who was the demon king.

「Curse you, curse you, CURSE YOUUUU……, little wench, I who rose to be hailed as the Evil Wicked Dragon King, to be done in by this puny trash……!!」

「Hmph……, you mere lizard who had its wings plucked off, will you stop whining like a bitch, and get off your high horse already. You don’t even look like a proper dragon, do you? So, you are an even lower trash than this puny wench」

The first time, I couldn’t even do so much as make a dent on that rock-solid scale.
So, I feel really really good right now.

「Hm!?, you wench, how do you know about……!! Don’t tell me, you were the one who robbed me of my powers!?」

「I have no obligation to answer you. If you don’t even know that, then just forget it. It means, you’re just a snake lizard who adopted a vestige appearance. Aah, right now, I am in a mood where I don’t even mind giving thanks to god just this once. Afterall, at that time, I had to relinquish the final blow to Kaito」

「Ggh, GyaaAAAAAAAAA!?」

Ahh, it was a streak of vexing events, but I can’t help but be grateful for this very moment.
An ordinary, empty knife which has lost its powers.

A blackened wooden handle that had bathed in my elder brother’s blood with a scorched pommel.

No matter how much I treasure it, it couldn’t even land a scratch on a dragon. However, thanks to losing his ability as a dragon, in this world where time has been rewinded, he has been living only by his vestige as a demon.

Presumably, only the fragmentary power of his scattered soul remained, when he failed to completely consume the mana stone of my elder brother.
So, just like easily slicing an overripe fruit, I was able to carve away my regret of that day.

It just means that death which transcends even the knots of time, only brings about annihilation. I have to be grateful to Kaito.

Thanks to him, I am able to savor this fruit in this manner.

「Ahahahaha! Take that, take this, take that, how miserable? Wretched? Tell me, how does it feel, transforming from trash to raw meat waste?」

「You worm who can only do nothing but scour the earth!! Gifuee!?」

「Look at this ugly idiot with so little vocabulary. Take that, take this, you better squeeze out some more embarrassing taunt! 」

The fruit is red, flushed and rosy. (TLN: It’s a Pun, they all mean red literally)
The fruit is sweet enough to melt into the tongue, sweet enough to make one’s eyes blink, sweet enough to bite into the nose, sweet enough to cause tinnitus, and a fruit which is sure to grow into a poisonous tree.

Rubbing the red color against the hand that plucked it.

Dying the the corners of the mouth which sinked the teeth into it with a red splash.

「…… you’re a target of revenge for my brother. No matter how many times the world goes around, I will never forgive you. Rest assured, we have plenty of time this time around. I will play along with you until you are fully self aware of the raw meat waste that you truly are」

「Gihii, GiHihi! Stop, HigieaaAAAAAAaaAAA!?」

The first time, I could only think about killing him, I couldn’t think of anything else than to just crush the fruit.
That’s why this sweet sensation is like a narcotic.

『Listen, Leticia. Never let go of this knife. Because it is a very important item. Unless something happens to me, until then, do not show it to anyone. Of course, even to me, do you understand? …… I’m so sorry, but it’s okay, because I will think of something somehow』

I recalled the voice of my elder brother who said such while gently stroking my head, and this one-handed knife I received at that time.

As well as the spectacle of how it was painted over on that fated day.
A burning castle, my elder brother whose mana stone was pulled out as he falls to the ground, and this man who was making a big laugh on that very spot.

The figure of my young self blindly swinging around a knife only to be counterattacked and helplessly pierced by that knife.

I had always wanted to paint over that scene so badly.


「Cry, squeak, howl, whine. Be scorched at the bottom of the Will-o’-wisp, be devoured by the spirit of the dead, and lick the earth in the depths of despair. That’s about all you’re good for. I can only let you off after that」


A reverberating scream.
Since becoming a demon king, the magic powers that gushes forth inexhaustibly have been very useful.
Every time he is about to be broken, I am able to regenerate his body and spirit again and again.

「Come on, this is far from over. I’m going to thoroughly stab you until your soul wears out from the pain. I will stab your arms, rip your belly, cut your legs, and scoop your face」

「GAGAGAGAa, AaaaAaaAAaaAAAaAaah!!」

Aah, my blood is boiling so much I can’t help it.
My blood is throbbing saying I should hurry up, hurry up.
Even though I think I am being thorough with each and every one of them. The movement of the knife becomes faster as if pulsating.
My heart cries out saying kill him quickly, and let’s move onto the next revenge target.

「This won’t do. I know already. Even though I already knew, I just can’t help but get impatient」

「Sto, stooobbbbbbbb, GAGIGIGIGIGi JyuBue!?」

I have to calm down.
Rather than thinking far ahead, I need to take this very moment very seriously.

「Good grief, I give up, I give up, it’s exactly because of this that an oversight occurred in the first world, that caused even Kaito to come help out」

So yes, I will just decide on future plans one step at a time. That should be enough.

・ When next I take revenge, I will make use of the flame sword of sorcery that my demon lord elder brother taught me, I think it’s a good idea.

「No no……, why, why am I……」

「Oh, it’s good to see you have such leeway. Now then, why don’t we resume so we could have plenty of fun, shall we. Say, when do you suppose you will graduate into a real trash?」

Pleasure spreads all over my cheeks as it naturally rose up.
Way way way more than back then, where I could do nothing but just kill him.

Way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way more……..

――――― Vengeance, permeates through my heart.


  1. Ohhhh! She remembers!!! So, was she pretending to Kaito only? I wonder why.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. At first I assumed it was Mai because she knew Kaito. When she mentioned the demon lord as her brother then I assumed it was Leticia’s fist time memories. But after a while the plot twist hit me. How many targets has she killed? Will Kaito even find his current revenge target alive? Things are developing fast enough for Kaito to target the Aurelia kingdom in the next volume even.

    • Maybe the bonus that Kaito received is the title of demon king, and the narrator is Mai.

    • Well, Leticia always had her own revenge targets, completely independent of what happened with Kaito. We’ve known that she was consumed by vengeance since before Kaito ever met her. Hell, this one seemed to have been an old enemy from LONG before she first met our dear lunatic, so I doubt she’s done anything to Kaito’s targets just yet.

      • Actually, just thought about it some more………….would she even know enough to think of them as targets? From her perspective, they were his allies when she died, right? She shouldn’t know how he was tormented after her death.

  3. who is she ?
    somehow my brain not responding nicely to tell me who she is…..
    i got the feeling it was mai but this throw that out of the window

    • Its Leticia, the Demon Lord and Kaito’s lover. She appeared at the end of the last book as well……….though she apparently pretended not to remember everything for some reason. Which is…..interesting.

  4. So Leticia remembers the previous timeline too?! DAMN! Why she push him away then?!

  5. Ah, so many possibilities………….maybe she pretended not to know anything since she’s on the path of vengeance still, and from her memories of the past Kaito, he wasn’t capable or willing to walk that path with her, and she’s trying to be considerate and keep her distance (or save herself the pain of being rejected again)?

    After all, she should have no clue about how broken Kaito ended up. Her last encounter with him was to basically send him off, wishing him a chance to have a happily ever after back in his original world. She doesn’t know how badly fucked up his life was from the very beginning, just how badly he was screwed over………….

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