Chapter 167 – The Hero, Trying to Grasp The Current Situation

 Translator: Jay_Samuel


「Geez, the weather just had to be bad after coming out in a long while」

The outside of the dungeon, after coming out in a long time, was slightly cloudy, unlike the blue sky of the different dimension type dungeon, and the atmosphere was wet and humid.
For me personally, after training, a nice and clear weather is what does it for me. Because it makes me feel more liberated.

「Now then, let’s look for a place to eat……or, maybe not」

Looking back after stretching my body, there was the figure of Yuuto and Mai who couldn’t hide their fatigue.

「Dear brother? Are you going to be a hopeless brother who won’t even give his lovely sister time to clean herself up?」

「Hahaha……, me too would really love to take a break right about now」

「Okay then. Let’s head to the inn for now. Rest assured, the preparation is complete. On the west side of town, there is an inn with a bed called 『Angel’s sleeping comfort』 ordered by a hobbyist grandpa from all over the country, although the food is extremely terrible so you can only cook for yourself」

The both of them followed me to the inn without any particular objection.

There were several kinds of beastkin going and coming in the town.
When I first visited this town, I looked around the surroundings so curiously, thinking it was quite unusual, but now I can’t even afford such luxury.
After a while, the target building became visible.

「Is there room available?」

「……Come in, room for three, the furthest room to the back on the second floor」

An inn where an old man sits at the reception, a reptile-based beastkin, characterized by vertical pupils and visible scales around the edges of his face.
As I dropped some silver coins as advance payment on the palm of his hands, the old man in the inn smiled.

Inside the room he showed us, as described, has a plain interior, with three luxurious, but somewhat exquisite pure white beds with canopies unbefitting of the room, lined up side by side.

「Ooh, my expectations are……, eh, hey! Guys! 」


The two who approached the bed sooner than I said anything, fell on the left and right beds, respectively.
They seem to be seriously tired, and slept just like that like dead men.

「Good grief……, I guess its understandable」

I am also very much aware that the two have accrued much power, much more than originally planned.
Though it’s still daytime, I should let them rest for a while.

「Now then, before I confirm the said sleeping comfort, let me sort out the information I have now」

I sat down on the last bed by the window, farthest from the entrance of the room.

「Status Open」

Kanazaki Yuuto  18 years old  Male
HP: 4195/4195  MP: 3843/3843 (4024)
Level: 213
Strength: 3285
Stamina: 2795
Endurance: 2565
Agility: 3185
Magic Power: 2137
Magic Resistance: 1985
Unique Skills: 「Spirit Drain Parade Devil ▽」 「Language Comprehension」
Skills: 『Machete Art Lv15』 『Presence Detection Lv12』 『Beast Foot Lv11』
『Demon Foot Lv15』 『Herculean Strength Lv21』 『Body Manipulation Lv18』
『Magic Manipulation Lv5』 『Taijutsu Lv14』
Condition: Sleeping
Spirit Drain Parade Devil: 『Goblin species (3)』 『Orc species (7)』 『Ogre species (4)』
『Demi-human species (12)』 『Garm species (7)』 『Plant species (2)』
『Boa species (3)』 『Bear species (2)』 『Leo species (2)』 etc……


Ukei Mai  17 years old  Female
HP: 3451/3451  MP: 4261/4261 (4485)
Level: 222
Strength: 2832
Stamina: 2285
Endurance: 2085
Agility: 3380
Magic Power: 3689
Magic Resistance: 3589
Unique Skills: 「Ten-Thousand Evil Wind Blade  ▽」 「Language Comprehension」
Skills: 『Naginata Lv28』 『Jujitsu Lv22』 『Footwork* Lv33』(TLN: Lit Walking technique)
『Spring Foot Lv12』 『Body Manipulation Lv19』 『Magic Manipulation Lv13』
『Presence Detection Lv21』 『Presence Concealment Lv31』 『Meditation Lv12』

Condition: Sleeping

Ten-Thousand Evil Wind Blade: 『Wind Attribute Lv13』 『Fire Attribute Lv4』 『Water Attribute Lv6』
『Earth Attribute Lv8』 『Light Attribute Lv9』 『Darkness Attribute Lv6』


The status of the two I opened was that of a super first-class warrior.
Levels that were forcibly increased by diverting my experience points using the 【Sacred Sword of Vengeance】 contract. I am not sure if it’s because they are otherworlders, because the level growth also is extraordinary.

However, the techniques are still clumsy, and the skills and fighting styles that cannot be doped have not yet reached a decent level of proficiency. Still, if they’re this strong, I can feel relieved for the time being.

「The rate of absorption of the two was faster than I thought, so the rest now is how far they can grow after I’m through with the finishing touches」

For the time being, I guess that’s about it for the cultivation of the two.

「I guess that leaves me, personally」

I open my status to look back on what I can do.


Ukei Kaito  18 years old  Male
HP: 15245/15345  MP: 12226/12226 (12869)
Level: 112
Strength: 14368
Stamina: 13398
Endurance: 15545
Agility: 17587
Magic Power: 11137
Magic Resistance: 13047
Unique Skills: 「Spirit Sword  ▽」 「Language Comprehension」
Skills: 『Punching Lv15』 『Tracking Lv34』 『Presence Concealment Lv53』
『Visual Evolution Lv25』 『Divine Swordsmanship Lv33』 『Sky Walk Lv65』
『Divine Feet Lv31』 『Thought Acceleration Lv25』 『Body Manipulation Lv39』
『Magic Manipulation Lv58』 『Meditation Lv42』 『Sovereign’s Intimidation Lv12』
『Self-healing Power improvement Lv33』 『Taijutsu Lv22』 『Sword Drawing Art Lv45』
『Presence Detection Lv72』 『Skinning Lv31』 『Fishing Technique Lv5』

Condition: Excellent

Spirit Sword Release Status: All Green*. (TLN: Fully Open)

Allocable Experience Points: 1554


I raised my level by abandoning the conventional rules that I used to stick to since the Second World began.
I didn’t raise my level because I thought it would be a strong irony towards Leon, who insisted on levels and experience points.
Even so, I decided that I could do it, and I thought there was no major problem.

However, that negligence costed me forced repatriation to my original world and the deprivation of memory.

As a result, I was able to reunite with Mai and Yuuto which was good, but that was only a result of the consequence.
In short, I almost died.

「……It didn’t quite reach my prime time, but about 80% of my status has returned」

With a large amount of experience points earned in the dungeon, I released all the Spirit swords that were sealed.
Only about 30% of my level has returned, but my status was originally largely dependent on the modification of the Spirit Sword, so it’s quite sufficient ability-wise.

At the moment, the only thing that could pose a threat to me is if I go head to head with the big shots of the demons outside the Great Barrier, or・・・・・・・・・・ probably after the great barrier has been destroyed, with their original powers recovered 《・・・・・・・・・・》 when fighting the experts on this continent.

The 『Great Barrier』 that dramatically suppresses the ability of the demons inside and rejects the invasion of the demons from the outside.

The Great Barrier, which can be said to be a natural enemy of the demons, is constructed by sacred crystals borrowing the power of human beings born on this continent.

So, when the Great Barrier is broken, the people on this continent will be freed from the resources used to maintain the barrier and regain their original status.

Few can handle the sudden increase in status, but it’s not like there are none.

「Enough about the status, next is the titles I guess」

A number of titles that were added after coming back to this world from my original world.
『Returnee』 『The Reentrant』 『The Destroyer』 『Keeper of Divine Key』.

And the 『Lord of Avengers』 upgraded to 『Ruler of Vengeance』.

The three of 『Returnee』 『The Reentrant』 『The Destroyer』 are alright.
From what I have seen, it was the titles that increased the statuses that was not different from the other titles.

The problem is the remaining two.

One is 『Keeper of Divine Key』.
When I tried to examine the details with appraisal, the text were corrupted, so I couldn’t read the contents. I am worried that I have an unidentified title, and the fact that from the way it sounds, the voice I heard in the space in-between the alternate world transition could be the cause isn’t exactly helping.

And the other is 『Ruler of Vengeance』.
The title itself slightly increased my overall status, but the effect of 【Sacred Sword of Vengeance】 has been updated to accompany it.

The contract with equal conditions which states that if one party dies, both would lose their lives, was replaced with me being in a total superior position. When I die, everyone dies. But if someone with a contract dies, I won’t die.

「Geez, Not like I asked for this though……」

I don’t particularly need a distinction between me and my accomplices.

What I wanted was a contract where blood and life would be mixed together and I couldn’t go back on it.

As I sighed, I heard a rattling sound in the window.

「Mn? Ah, you’re back?」

I close my status and stand by the window.
As I slid open the window upwards, a dry wind blew in.

「Ooh, welcome, you two」

「Kyupii」 「Chuu」

Surakichi and Chuusuke glidingly entered through the open window.
As soon as we arrived at this city, I sent them all over town to gather information.
By the way, I asked the two of them about this inn while fighting in the dungeon.

「Alright alright, my bad, I apologize for asking the impossible. You can both take your sweet hard-earned rest after you’ve both had your fill」

I took out manastones I picked up in the dungeon for Surakichi, and a prized high-quality cheese for Chuusuke from the round bag.
While looking at the two happily starting to eat, now I concentrated on the town information.

The result of the information gathered by Surakichi and Chuusuke, shows the time that has passed since I left this world is almost the same as the time I spent in the original world. However, according to my knowledge, it should still be quite a while before the situation becomes an all-out battle. Furthermore, it should have been the Beast country that initially suffered the full brunt of the full blown war, but the main battlefield this time around seems to be the Theocracy.

(Leticia and Lilia are not in town huh……. Although the timing is different, I bet they’ve probably infiltrated already)

Among the information I heard, 『Explosive Flame Demon・ Ardee Reius』, is the name of the demon general who seems to stand out on the main battlefield.

That is the mastermind who attracted the evil dragon who killed Leticia’s older brother, one of the targets of revenge for the previous demon lord that Leticia has been pursuing.
If I am to trace the outlines of history, Leticia is aiming for Ardee Reuis, who is leading the pro-war faction and waging a fierce attack. In the first time*, immediately after Ardee Reuis destroyed the sacred crystal, Leticia assailed him in a sudden surprise attack and gouged out all three of his hearts. (TLN: The first world/ the first time)

In order to create that one singe moment, Leticia took advantage of the confrontation between the 『Demon Lord Faction』 and the 『Demon Commander Faction』, and even used the position of the Moderates to make sure she achieved her revenge.

Leticia will probably do the same again this time.

During that period, the target Lilia will be alone. I’m going to aim for Lilia in that window, but that will be after the situation has progressed a bit.

So, the first on my list should be that guy.

The Noble Grappler, Leon=Gailourde.
At present, he is leading some troops at the front line and actively fighting vigorously, and if the information is accurate, he should have wandered into this town as of yesterday in search of a certain something.

「It would be nice if he took the bait……, but if it doesn’t work, well that’s that I guess」

Finally, the most worrisome of all, whereabouts of Minnalis and Shuria.

After returning to this world, no, even before returning, I felt that there was still a thin connection.
I don’t know how the two survived that situation just before I was driven out of this world. However, there is no doubt that the two are safe.

The problem is that I don’t know where they are, and I can’t figure out what their situation is.

(Were they captured by Meteria……? No, in that case, why are they still alive? There should be no reason for her to keep them alive……, Did they escape from that spot?)

No, there is too little information. If I keep piling guesses upon guesses, it will only amount to delusions.

There is too little information even about Meteria herself. Is the only option to continue collecting information steadily, or wait for contact from two people who may have escaped from the hands of the material and currently in hiding.

There wasn’t much information in this town about the 『Demon Spark Tree Offshoot』 that appeared for some reason. However, since Leticia seems to be fine and well, that must have been born in a different genealogy from Leticia…….

「……This is bad, there ’s not enough information」

I thought it was no good, so I stopped thinking about it once again.

Suddenly, I noticed that the two who had eaten the manastones and cheese were sleeping happily on the edge of the bed.
Looking at that sight, I suddenly felt sleepy myself. Apparently I was also fatigued without realizing it.

「Though the sun is still up……」

I guess it’s fine, I climbed onto the bed in a manner so that I wouldn’t wake up the two familiars sleeping in my bed.

There are so many things to think about.

But for now, gotta sleep. In order to calm the excitement knowing that the opponents I want to kill are gathered here.

Also, so as not to miss out on my revenge in the worst case scenario.

I am going to sleep so deeply, and deeply, and deeply so as not to think about anything, in order to heal my fatigue.

Then I quietly close my eyes.

『Not like you’re gonna get such quiet sleep anyway』.
While averting my eyes away from my voice whispering such.


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