Chapter 170 – The Hero, Takes To The Adventurer’s Guild 1

 Translator: Jay_Samuel

「Ow, damn, I feel like shit……」

Contrary to my suddenly awakened consciousness, the awakening gives an unpleasant feeling as if a ground earthworm is spinning around in the back of my mouth.

Every time revenge approaches, the memories of the past that are shown in dreams retouches the wounds as much as they are meticulously reenacted.

The morning sun entering the room is brightly illuminated. However, Mai and Yuuto are still sleeping on their beds like logs.

「Fuehehe, dear brother’s……, lap pillow……」

「Hmm……, Mackerel cans, mackerel cans are attacking……」

And here I thought they were retorts, turns out to be loads of sleep-talking gibberish.

「Although, there was an actual purpose for burdening her mind」

I wipe off the hair on the sleeping face of my sister who has a happy face.

「I really thought you wouldn’t breakdown so easily because you ain’t that weak but……, ain’t you being too resilient?」

Both of them, back in the original world where human death isn’t typical, they crossed their limits not with the mindset of 『I have to do it』, but with 『I want to do it』.

However, even if they possess the spirit to kill their opponent, transformed wild murderous intent directed at them will dull their bodies. The only way to get them accustomed to the bloodlust is to continue immersing their bodies in it.

During my time, I was plunged into mortal combat without knowing the fear of death or the resolve to kill, so it took me quite some time to get used to fighting with my life one the line. I trembled in my futon every day, unable to sleep.

「Compared to that, they are」

Should I call it Impudent, or carefree.

「………, Still, I think you’ve had enough sleep」

「「 !! 」」

As I raised my bloodlust a tad bit and directed it towards them, the two jumped in response, woke up and looked around.

「Yo, sleepyheads」

「…… Dear brother, if you’re going to crawl into my bed, it’s best you do it when we’re alone」

「Good morning, but, that method of waking someone up, is bad for the heart. …… Even though it helped me escape from those swarm of mackerel canisters」

To put it simply, the two eased their tensions when they saw me.

When I think about how, if I had done the same thing on the first day, they would have continued sleeping like no man’s business, I can only say that shutting them in that dungeon was well worth it.


「Thirty points. Your reactions were slow, you should open your eyes even before you get hit with the bloodlust. Your response after that too was bad. If you have that much leeway to be looking around for the source of the bloodlust, then the first thing you should do is move. Doing nothing after perceiving bloodlust aimed at you, were you looking to surrender your head? Are you that stupid? Or maybe you’re just blockheads?」

While laughing, I said bluntly without holding back.

「Sob, dear, dear brother, is too harsh……」

「Ah, ahaha, he really is pouring more oil into the fire, isn’t he……」

「Saying all that too won’t cut it. ……Let’s see, yes, how about I doodle on your forehead if you fail next time. You’ll have it on for half a day just so you know」

I sighed at the two who had frowned their faces.

(Well, all that is left now, is just to toss them onto the battlefield, and they’ll probably just gain experience on their own. (It should be the perfect place for them too)

If the casted baits do their jobs well, we will dragged onto the battlefield soon.

If the whole area is surrounded by killing intents, one’s senses will inevitably improve.
Instinct teaches you how to expose your senses.

「Come on, we’re going to scatter more baits to use as insurance, so look alive. After that, we’re also going to make preparations to slice the fishes that are caught nicely, so you can’t afford to be lazy」

As I clap my hands against each other, the two of them started moving sluggishly.
In order to catch the fishes that are being drawn in by the scattered baits, let’s drop some irresistible fishing bait that are worth biting.

「Papau’s Snow Moon Grass Roll Grill, Gugauga Store……. As expected, so fantasy-like, I can’t figure out what kind of store it is from the name alone」

「That’s true, thought it looks like a retail shop, and the fact that I understand even though I can’t read it, is kind of strange……」

「Whoa, you’re saying the same thing you said on the first day」

When we were walking along the pedestrian, Mai and Yuuto uttered that same line on their first day.

「Eh, Really? Seems like the memories after that were too intense……」

「I, on the other hand remember properly, dear brother. I believe I said this at that time too, that every stall is lacking proper hygiene management. That, it makes one think that it is contaminated with bad bacteria, and that there are too many stalls playing house, with no self-awareness of the money they receive」

「……Come on come on, don’t say such a thing. That’s sales obstruction, sales obstruction, you’re going to be marked if you keep that up, dear sister」

Well, I do understand what you’re trying to say though.

There is no concept of hygiene management in this world’s food stalls. Depending on the location, there are shops that just add ingredients to the left-over soup from the previous day and sell as is.

Ingredients that gets dropped on the ground are used as they are after washing with water, and ingredients that are slightly expired are jumbled together and used.

Most of these places think that, as long as they shove some cooked herbs into it, all is well, there are some stalls like that where, if you don’t pay attention to make sure that it’s all done properly, you will have hell to pay.

「There are actually some stalls that are alright you know. Also, monster meat for example is hard to rot because it still contains magic power」

On the contrary, it can also be said that, that is the reason why the concept of hygiene management isn’t making much progress.

While giving the two such explanation which, as far as I am concerned is whose gist, I glanced towards the stalls lined up in a row.

(As I had hoped, there are lots of soldiers. There seems to be no discrepancy in the information)

While snickering in my mind, we walked around town and finally arrived, at the adventurer’s guild.

「Looking at it again, like I thought, this particular building is considerably bigger than the rest」

Yuuto says such, while looking up at the building.

The adventurer’s guild in this town has a more elegant structure compared to the adventurer’s guild in other towns of the same size.
Because there is a high difficulty dungeon, the circulation of gold in the guild will be quite good due to the materials of the demon beasts.

「……I feel a little depressed when I think, I have to hear the whining of that rude sow」

On the first day of visiting this town, I visited this guild to register them as adventurers.

Mai seemed to remember the attitude of the receptionist at that time, and frowned her face.

「In that case, Let’s quickly sell our hunted materials and get out of here. The adventurer’s guild isn’t a place to loiter for long」

Afterall, the Adventurer’s Guild is a treasure trove of troublesome flags. Just being there alone attracts unexpected troubles.

I’m already feeling that I am trying to create an idiotic event by coming out like this to show off the bait, as it is. So please, count me out of any unexpected troubles.
Well, it would be nice if more than enough people showed up for the event, but that would be impossible with the current situation.

The door that was pushed open was opened with a light creaking sound.

(……Like I thought, there aren’t enough people)

Inside the building, which has the same slightly sandy atmosphere as the outside, at odds with the large structure, there were few people inside.
I can’t say it’s in a slump, but it appears there aren’t many people in the time period before and after quest replacement.

I guess it’s inevitable. Reason is, all the famous adventurer parties and the powerful parties were rounded up for the war, the ones left in the guild now are those who aren’t any of those, if I were to pit it in a bad way, adventurers with no hope of advancement.

That’s probably why the atmosphere feels somewhat languid.
It seemed to be affecting not only the adventurers but also by the staff members sitting at the guild reception.

「Right, 『Goblin Subjugation 10』, confirmation of subjugation count completed. Here, the reward money」

The sound of a few silver coins.
She didn’t exactly toss them, but the way she dropped them, was a true manifestation of her lack of motivation.

「Come on now, Johanna-chan, don’t be so cold. More importantly, it’s been dangerous lately, should I follow you home tonight?」

「Please limit your jokes to only your face? If we spend the whole day because of some mere goblin subjugation, it won’t be fair on me. At the very least, climb to B-rank then you can try again. Next person please」

「Tsk, whatever, guess I will just go get myself some cheap beer and hit the sack」

It seemed that adventurer that was coldly put in his place just now, was just trying his luck, and after shrugging his head lightly without raising a fuss or become persistent, he headed for the in-house bar named cafeteria.

「Shall we go」

Even though it was not so lively, there was a small queue in front of the guild reception.
We joined the end of the line.

『Hey, oi, that, look at that』 『Mn? …… No way, don’t tell me it’s the guy you spoke of earlier? That was just your usual cock and bull story right?』 『I’m telling you it’s not, this time it’s true! 』 『As if, there’s no freaking way that could be……』

Whispering voices that could be heard.
Apparently, as intended, our rumors seem to be spreading despite being skeptical.

Eventually the line reduced, and became our turn.

「Oh my, you guys are……」

Looking at our faces, the receptionist lady uttered thus.
When Mai and Yuuto came to register as adventurers, this receptionist lady was the one who was in charge at that time too. I thought she would have forgotten by now, but from the way she reacted, I was in in-turn surprised because it seemed like she still had some recollections.

But that too didn’t last long, as the receptionist spoke out as if she had lost interest.

「So, did you come to accept requests? Still, I’m surprised you’re still alive」

I heard the sound of a clicking tongue Tsk, at my back. Come now, dear sister.
Follow Yuuto’s example who is only hanging on by expressing a forced smile.

(Though, I understand where you’re coming from……)

It made me recall the time of their registration, her attitude then too was plain bad.

『Adventurer registration? You are, uh, Party rank D, Individual E? Ah- yeah yeah』 『So, you would like to register the two over there as new adventurers. Hmm』『Party Rank Dungeon Pass? Excuse me, but is the rank-C, Minnalis-san as well as the rank-C Shuria-san who are fellow registered members not accompanying you?』 『You are registered as the leader, so I can issue a certificate, but……』 『Just to be sure, you want the pass for you and the newly registered members behind you right?』 『The two at the back, just to confirm, you’re not being forced to go along with this right?』 『Just so you know, if you lot die from being reckless, there will be no insurance from the guild』

The receptionist spoke to me from the beginning to the end, while looking at me with suspicious eyes.

(… She must have thought of me as some parasite mongrel who was leeching off of them, ……Well, I guess it’s my fault for having avoided the guild thus far because of my thought pattern of it being a treasure trove of troublesome flags)

Her attitude from there on out became nonchalant and crude, and we left the guild with a stunned and idiotic expression.

She must have thought that I would learn some painful experience for not knowing my place. And then, for nearly half a month, we continued diving deep into the dungeon and did not return to town.
She must have thought we died in the dungeon.

「So? Did you give up the dungeon attack that doesn’t fit your status? From what I can see, you’re still in one piece, seems like you have one hell of a luck. First thing to do, is to build a solid foundation」

(……She’s not really a bad person but)

「Recklessness is an adventurer’s privilege, is something you can only say if you’re alive……」

The contents of the sermon that goes on and on, doesn’t particularly contain anything unusual.

「……Your attitude is way too candid」

If you go to this extent while looking down on me with words, even I can’t remain silent.
Bringing up subjects about Minnalis and Shuria whom I am freaking worried about, stirring up my emotions when revenge is in sight, even I understand damn well that I don’t have much leeway.

『I knew it’s a false rumor afterall. Did you hear that? He’s just an E-rank』『Talk about a greenhorn』『Th, that can’t be right……』『Huh, like I thought, so it’s a lie, just so you know I never believed it』

Looking at the situation, the adventurers around us began to doubt the rumors that we had spread.

(It will be troubling if I let them leave with the misunderstanding)

「Yeah yeah yeah yeah, wait a minute, wait a minute. I didn’t come here today to listen to such idle gossips」

「You still haven’t learned have you? You should listen……」

So I decided to shut up the blockheaded fool who speaks like a friggin’ template.

Garagogga, Goroo, Gotogotogotoo.

A large amount of monster materials spilled out of the bag that was untied and turned upside down.

Great Wyvern fangs, Lesser Phantom’s cloak, Flying Viper’s wing membrane, Poison Bisha* Rabbit’s poisonous thorn, Persona Goblin’s eyes, Woody Bear’s palms, Lamia’s scales, Flame Leo’s mane. (TLN: A lot of possibilities as to its accurate english counterpart. Will find out more in subsequent chapters)

Body parts as proof of monster subjugations pile up like a mountain.

And what nailed it, was a gem that was embedded in the forehead of an Emperor Dragon that came out when I was incessantly sending the attribute dragons packing.

As in the case when I killed the attribute dragons, the manastones and materials disappeared altogether, but for some reason only this gem remained.


Dazed, dumbfounded, dejected.

「Now then, may I request for sale of these materials?」

My voice resonated quite nicely in that place which fell in total silence.


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      To be fair to this receptionist though, she seems to just think Kaito is leeching off his more powerful party members (Minnalis and Shuria who are C-ranked), since he’s only E-ranked and never comes to the guild (which is weird for an adventurer), so she does have a reason to look down on him I guess? Especially when he seems to be (from her perspective) dragging two newbies into a dungeon, probably to use as meat shields.

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