Chapter 172 – The Hero, Negotiates With The Guild Master

 Translator: Jay_Samuel

The room, which we were taken to from the reception, seemed to have been built to welcome aristocrats and such privileged guests, and for a room in a building that basically serves as a hangout for rowdy bunch, it was quite neat.

It seems that 『Purification』 has been used on the tables and chairs of the high quality fantasy plant, with light magical power, and the sculpture of a goddess made of bright light blue wood.
The ceiling is high, and it is suitable for this large room, and it is quite strong.

The interior was designed with consideration for both Lunaria Theocracy, with Lunaris, god of poverty as their main god, and the Gilms Beast Country that believes in the Great Spirit Luna.

From a Japanese point of view, it is much more alluring than decorations with precious metals that the Kingdom is so crazy about.

「Dear brother was like a character right out of a story right」

「As in, it was a nice display of a dead-on punk act right, like those pain in the ass customers who showed up at my part-time job」

I look back at the two people who talk in a slightly light tone.

「……You guys, don’t tell me you’re actually holding a grudge about the training?」

Depending on the time and circumstances, it’s not necessarily a good thing for newcomers, to put on a good behavior act when in the territory of ruffians.
I had no qualms in taking that kind of attitude if necessary, but it somehow feels uncomfortable hearing that from the two people who knew me before coming to this world. It’s uncomfortable, but…….

「Well, it’s as you guys said, at this point, I’m just another punk」

Due to the fact that I once lost my memory, I am quite cognizant of the changes in my mentality.
A person who can do various things without hesitation against hostile opponents, detestable opponents, or opponents who thinks such as necessary, it’s not wrong to call such a person a punk.

「No, more like a monster than a punk if you ask me」

That would be more accurate world-wise I guess.
Because I have already decided to wield all of these power as my heart desires.

「Dear brother, that is……」

「Kaito, come on……」

「Whoa, alright that’s it you two. It’s time for the meeting」

I intercepted and silence the two who are trying to continue the conversation.
They were still strongly trying to say something, but because of the arranged meeting, they were supposed to be silent without saying anything when the negotiation begins.

After all, this time is different from underground negotiations which ultimately leads to threat engagement.
Because in this negotiation that is about to start, I need to dig into Leon’s pocket.

Considering that, I want the conversation to progress as amicably as possible. No, it doesn’t necessarily need to progress amicably, but I don’t really have the leeway of going out of my way to provoke a confrontation with an inconsequential opponent.

「My apologies for keeping you waiting. Adventurer Kaito-dono, Mai-dono, Yuuto-dono」

It was a huge old whale beastkin who came out of the opened door that made a light creaking sound.

More than half of the upper part of the face is a dark blue color similar to the skin color of whales, plenty of white mustaches, and large glaring eyes. He may appear old, but his intense drive, and his gigantic frame close to 3 meters gives off a strong intimidating pressure.

I feel a hint of surprise from Yuuto and Mai’s perception of that figure.
Certainly, whale beastkins are rare, and I don’t see too often such traits that are so far away from human characteristics.

I knew that compared to the women, the men beastkins are more likely to possess animalistic features, but even at that, this individual in particular is quite extraordinary.

(Right, I was also quite shocked when I saw him the first time……)


「……Oh, yes, what about you I wonder?」

Uttering a few words in murmur.

Leon who seemed to have sheltered the fairy queen in the first cycle*. (TLN: First World, First Time: used interchangeably)
And that Leon used 『The Fairy Queen’s Curse Poison』.

As the name suggests, it is not a normal poison.

Only a fairy queen can concoct it, and it’s only effective for about half a month after its creation, but instead, its potency is impressive enough to penetrate my Resistance in my prime.

The materials used for the creation seems to be the heart of fifty humans who earnestly wished to die at the height of their resentments and despair, and a peculiar magic herb that grows only in the forest near this town.

(If the fairy queen had been sheltered right here, in this town……)

Even though she escaped, it is impossible for the fairy queen, who was severely wounded, to have prepared it in that short period of time.

Fairies consume human emotions to gain power.

Humans necessary to create the curse poison, as well as recover.

Even if it’s in the midst of war, it is impossible for that many people to disappear at once, and not spread publicly.

Someone must have prepared the materials.

Someone who judged it was okay if those people disappeared.

Someone who falsified the reason behind people’s disappearance.

(Is it you? Say, Valeria)

An intense emotion* erupting palely like a fire that crawls the ground. (TLN: Lit. Flame: Could be used subsequently depending on the context)

「Hm? Is something the matter?」

「At all, I’m just a little surprised because of such great physique like yours which I don’t get to see often, for a beastkin」

However, that’s how I repressed the flame in my palm as if crushing it.

That was close, it’s not like I know for a fact that it’s this guy’s doing.

Unfortunately, I also don’t have the means to confirm it. Therefore, the flames that springs up from suspicion are extinguished in my heart.
But, if you were connected to a fairy queen…….

「Hoohoohoh, Even as I am, I’ve grown shorter than last year. I am the guild master Valeria, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance」

The old man who was prattling randomly, sat down in front of the table where we sat.

「Now then, if you would allow me to cut to the chase. How did you obtain this 『Dragon Eye』

「When I obliterated the dragons coming from above the dungeon wall, a boss-like dragon came out and dropped it. You’ll have to excuse me, but I have no further information beyond that」

「……The explanation itself is concise, but besides that, it’s an unbelievably insane story. Well, I heard the rumors, and since the actual articles are present here,
I guess that says it all」

Besides that, Valeria continues talking.

「Regarding this Dragon Eye, should I take it that you would like to sell it to the guild?」

「Oh, of course, I wouldn’t bring it here, if that wasn’t my intention」

「Oh, that’s great. Of course the color*, from the assessment is……」 (TLN: Color here likely mean value, because Valeria is actually speaking in archaic Japanese)

「No, I don’t need money. In exchange, please raise our ranks」

「Ho?, well of course, you’ve just delivered these sheer number of materials afterall, so you can get a raise up to about B-rank without any conditions……」

「It’s not enough」

「……Do you desire A-rank? Well, some groundwork will be necessary though」

「Like I said, it’s not enough」

I resolutely dismissed the rank that Valeria talked me.

「I want an S-rank. I don’t want anything less, and I don’t want to spend too much time」

「Boy, no matter how I look at it, that is an impossible request」

「What are you talking about? It’s something you can isn’t it」

Valeria groans.

「I’m sorry, but I can’t make any promise. If it is up to A-rank, it can be stated as a decision based on the discretion granted to only a few guilds. But beyond that, you’ll need the acknowledgement of one of the royal families. So」

「So, you can do it right? If it’s you, who is in such good relationship with Prince Leon of this country」


「「 !! 」」

As soon as Leon was mentioned, Valeria’s mood changed suddenly. I realized that Yuuto and Mai at the back swallowed their breathes from the light intimidation.
So, I strike in response with a blackened bloodlust to crush the intimidation.


「Enough with the intimidating already, it’s annoying. It gives an hostile impression, unintentionally, it makes me want to return the favor don’t you see?」

「……, Good grief, I give up, this is more like pulling a Joker, while aiming for Ace. And THAT thing is a little cold for these old bones」

「And, your response?」

「I will see what I can do. Still, it will take some time」

I undid the intimidation after watching him exhale out as if resigning.
That’s good enough. Adventurers of S-rank and above move on the battlefield using independent chain of command, and their treatment is similar to that of generals.

With this, I can boldly approach Leon.

「Ah, I’m glad」

While feeling the fire, which was suppressed in my heart, blow up from the gaps between my hands, with the tip of the fire dyed black.

I uttered thus.


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