Chapter 177 – Unfolding Revenge

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Chapter 177 – Unfolding Revenge [Continuation]

「Let’s get close to him and rupture his eyes?」「While at it, let’s tear off his nose too?」

While I was standing still feeling anxious about this feeling I am not quite sure what it is, the other two immediately rushed in to capture the human.

Because humans are foolish, we made ourselves visible and as we approached while laughing, he appears to be almost defenseless. We called out to him, and while he was laughing looking so happy, we thrust and charged in with our hands, and then from the surprise and pain, he made a very interesting face.

And along with the confusion, an emotion which is a very very sumptuous treat for us begins to break out.

We began to dig in into that emotion and started feeling high.

On a norm, we would have just began playing from then on.

Like making him play tag with monsters in the forest, or throwing him into a cave full of poisonous insects naked, or making relatives fight between one another.

The emotions of the humans at such times are such exquisite delicacies to us, that they become the source of our liveliness, although it is the highest of all pleasures, although…….

「! Guys, hold on!」

At that time, I was glittering as if I just had a divine revelation.

That’s right, the Lady Queen said it once! That once in a while, we come across some special toys who get along with our wavelengths!

Such humans, could become fairies just like us should they choose to willfully!

「Hold on?」「Hold on?」

The two also heeded my words and stopped.

I left them, seeming glad and then drew closer to the human. We just might welcome a new friend.

「Hey there, human, human」


I called out feeling delightful, the human was wearing a deep hood and didn’t reply.

「Listen, listen, let’s talk? Come on, show us your face」

I came out and said all that, but on the contrary, he held the tip of the hood and cast his head down even further. Long sleeves and black gloves, does he not feel hot? Is he alright I wonder?

Either way, maybe he didn’t hear me again? My voice may have been too faint? If I go in front of his face, then he will surely notice me right?

「Come on, listen to me already!!」「Do you dislike being ignored?」「Do you?」

I called out to the remaining two, clung onto the hood of the human, and rolled it up at once…….

We were taken aback by the face.


What we saw, what we found after peeping thinking that it was a face, was blank and smooth slime.

The face turned into a jelly-like tentacles and wrapped around our bodies from the neck down.

And in that moment, we were assaulted by a violent pain all over our bodies.

「HgyaaaAAAAAAAAaAAAAAAAAhhH!!」「Ouch? ouchouchachachachachouaaaaaach!?」「I am melting, I am chabubuuVvhh?」「Bababababaa, ……baba, ba, ba, ……baa……」

The two other than me, like ice fragments placed on a sand dune, quickly turned into clusters of magic power with no mass, and melted into the tentacles.

「!? Wait wait wait!?」

My body too began to melt down.

This isn’t right, this isn’t right, this isn’t right.

(H, how come? I am enveloping my whole body with magic power so how is this possible!?)

Thanks the Blessing of the Lady Queen, I still able to hold on, but even with that, I am still melting little by little.

But, I stopped trying to desperately draw out power, and then withdrew my body.

「『Oh, this one possesses a Blessing huh. Lucky me』」

My whole body shuddered at the sound of that voice as if it had been sewn up together.

A warning sound is going off in my brain. Danger danger danger, this guy is bad news!!

The Blessing of the Lady Queen is telling me to run away from this guy.

(What do I do, what do I do!? I have to escape, I have to escape!!)

Contrary to his feeling of haste, he’s gradually being driven into a corner.

(! That’s right, no matter what manner of living being, they can’t match up to us!)

We devour emotions, we devour the mind.

Just like how we have always done to the playthings* until now, I just have to do the same thing. (TLN: Toys – interchangeable)

(Even humans, and monsters, once I do that, they become unable to move anymore……!!)

There is no complicated procedures before we are able to devour emotions.

Only that, there should be a soul and a conscious body to which it is connected close to us.

In particular, the feathers of us fairies, are a bundle of power, so if I try now with all my strength, I could destroy his mind……


At that moment, every of my thoughts were squashed blank.

After invoking my powers, what lied ahead was, a dark, dark, dark, emotion in the color of darkness.

A dark dusky mind, the likes of which I have never seen, projecting two rugged rocks fiercely crashing against each other’s angles while pulling their surroundings into the collision, and crushing everything in its wake.

「『……Haa, as expected of piece of trash. Don’t just try and touch anything so arbitrarily』」


I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared.

It is like a monster is chewing bones apart right in front of me.

(Why am I unable to escape!? Even though I am longer exuding any power, stop this, let me go, let me go, let me go already!!)

Even though I am frantically trying to escape, even though my powers that also slips into his mind are being nullified, still, I am unable to break out of the world of that jet black mind.

As if attracting me to it, it is keeping me captive.

My eyes are crushed. My ears are busted. My nose has rotted away.

My right hand, left leg, right leg, left hand are gradually being stripped away.

I myself, my very existence is coming apart and fading away from every part of my body.

I am being erased, I am being swallowed up without a trace.

Fading away, fading away, fading away…….

「『Don’t worry, I won’t let you just fade away like that. This time around, very scrupulously, no matter what happens, even if I cross over the world, or how many times the world chooses to start all over again』」

Somehow, at the last, last minute, my consciousness alone didn’t fade away.

And once again, my head which had already vanished sprung up as if it was being regenerated.

And in there, contrary to what I saw the first time, the head of a normal human being was there.

……Hm-mm, no, it was anything but normal.

Black hair with black eyes, both seemed to have a certain kind of darkness color like those found at the very bottom of a deep hole.

The more worn out your soul is, the more I use it to obliterate and kill you.

Hearing that, I came to a realization.

This emotion that is left within me, is the one the humans call 『Despair』.

Inside the unknown forest, a monster was roaming in the shadows.

「『I have gathered the materials now quite nicely 』」

An unnatural voice sounding like that of a screaming voice leaked out from the face of that shivering monster that devours fairies.

However, the voice sounded mysterious and cheerful.

「『I have also gotten used to moving* in this body. This 『Slimy Body Possession』 skill is even more impressive than I thought 』」 (TLN: Lit. Operating the body)


「『Oh, it is really helpful, Surakichi』」

The monster, deciding that it is enough, stopped prowling, and sits down on the spot.

「『Alright then, Surakichi. We are creating the next one okay』」


With those words as the kickoff, that monster decided to stop taking the guise of a human.

And so it returns to its original form, an indeterminate form of a slime.

Then the clothes scattered around on the ground.

The slimy body that seems like it’s adopting red, blue, yellow, green, white, black colors without any constancy, wriggles irregularly as if it is in agony.


And eventually, as if pushing out from the inside, it gave birth to another monster.


The newly born monster has an appearance that could only be summed up as ominous.

If seen from a long distance in a dark place, perhaps, it might look like a giant with a huge frame. Having two hands and legs, with a muscular physique, and in respect of the body, it possesses an even rather bigger head.

However, those are the only common features that it shared with a human.

From its blackish green skin, it spills transparent viscous liquid on the ground, and from its head grows the upper body of a small doll, which was made using the body of a fairy as material.


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