Chapter 181

 Translator: Jay_Samuel

Chapter 181 – Unfolding Revenge [Continuation]

「Ahahahaha, this this, recurrent feeling in my crotch♪」

「You must be joking, what is with that move!!」

Nonorik’s tongue randomly creeps out seductively.

(Honestly, this guy is really a bother!!)

I cannot kill him. I cannot inflict damage on the surroundings too. I can’t use a candidly regulated skill.

I can only suppress him with pure sword skills. That is against an opponent that doesn’t die even if you kill him.

「I am moved to tears, again this guy!!」

Winning is not the objective. However, the path to fulfil that essential objective remained blocked.

(Right of the bat, things are already proceeding very differently from your expectations, dear brother!)

Dear brother who said he would face Leticia-san and dashed off the moment battle signal went off, and just like that he began crossing swords with the little girl called Nonorik.

Abandoning strategy two seconds into the game, isn’t it a little too early to be retrieving the flag*, dear brother. (TLN: In this context rather than love flag or death flag, it’s the strategy dismantlement flag XD)

Dear brother doesn’t seem like he will be able to move with the sword fighting remaining uninterrupted.

(Which means, my opponent is……, her)

Demon Lord Leticia.

In this world, the one who was beside dear brother the most, dear brother’s lover.

She is certainly cute. There is no objection that she could be called a beautiful girl. There doesn’t seem to be any problem with her disposition too.

……However, that and this are two separate matters.

There is no better opportunity afterall, so allow me to make certain of your character.

「Fufu-fun, so you are my opponent? For the time being, how about a tryout」

「! Fuu!」

A few dozen stone spears came flying like in rain, were scattered apart by a Naginata with wind wrapped around it.

Her swift invocation of magic and precise control that made it impossible to even feel the onset, made me acknowledge that she indeed possesses the skill to be called the Lord of Demons.

(But, it is not to the point where I am unable to handle. At any rate, if I am going to fight flashily as much as I can, a long distance battle rather than short distance……, !?)

「You’re slow!」

「So fast!?」

She literally flew in and closed the distance to get into the blind spot of my thoughts and interceptive actions which diverted my consciousness away from opponent.

The speed gained by taking advantage of the wind unleashed towards the back almost instantaneously closed the separated distance.

In the spur of the moment, I counterattacked with the blade of the Naginata and swings it downwards.

「Naïve, naïve, here!」

However, the girl made her red hair hover above, as if she teleported or something, unnaturally shifted to the side, and avoided the blade the edge margin*. And then immediate stretched her fist clad in flames to attack. (TLN: In previous chapter, early chapters, this was rendered as “Blade line”)

(Not good, at this rate, it’ll snap!)

The hot air brushes against my skin, and the hilt of the Naginata that received the fist blow just barely was making an unpleasant noise.

「Hidden, 『Dark Thunder Wind』!!」

Before the weapon reaches its limit, I used the force of the wind to fly in the air so as to escape the opponent’s power. At the same time, the black wind clad in purple lightning spreads, inhibiting the vision and behavior of the other party.

「You have good reflexes. However……」

「What the!?」

Leticia who suddenly appeared behind me like in a manga, swings her leg that seemed to be making sparkling sounds like an electric discharge.

「It seems you still lack a little strength to be able to go against me」

(I won’t make it in time……!!)

Drawing the hilt of the weapon against the raised leg is about the best I could do.

And yet, as if to ridicule that resistance, Leticia’s made a high crackling sound, passing through the handle of the Naginata.


I received a heavy blow, without the ability to resist got knocked to the ground.

「What, the hell, was that just now……, isn’t that just plain unreasonable……」

「Don’t worry about it, I am a capable woman after all. I will show you how to do it」

Leticia’s figure as she puffed her small breasts out, made her appear like a small child.

(If I think of something unnecessary like ascertaining her or whatnot, I will be done in the blink of an eye.

The sword fighting clashes was already over two hundred.

I am making full use of Body Strengthening using 『Body Manipulation』 and 『Magic Power Manipulation』, even diversified offensive skills utilizing 『Sky Walk』 and 『Divine Feet』, even the enhancement of reaction speed by combining 『Thought Acceleration』with 『Visual Evolution』, as well as 『Presence Concealment』 and even sneak attacks using the abilities of the Spirit Sword that leaves little opening.

「Ahahahaha!! I am having so much fun, I am having so much fun! Hmmfufufufu ♪」

And still, I can’t defeat him. The reverberating sword fights isn’t stopping.

Of course, I am not using the whole of my strength. Nevertheless, as if drawing me along, Nonorik is exhibiting a much higher level of fighting capabilities than I initially thought.

And the battles between Mai and Leticia, Yuuto and Lilia, even though they are putting up a spectacular fight just like I asked, I couldn’t discharge Nonorik, nor seize the opportunity to head towards Leon.

(What do I do? Should I get a little serious on the premise of guarding against him? And then, I could take advantage of the confusion to get close to Leon……, no that won’t do, if I take things to that extent, it would in turn make me look suspicious. In a situation where I have yet to pull Leon and Lilia apart, that is out of the question)

Keeping up with the sword battle while thinking of strategies with my spare capacity.

But no good idea comes to mind. I have already tried every cheap tricks I could think of.

(Damn it, I can’t afford to be hindered at this point……, Shit!!)

「See, it is because you keep getting distracted, that you keep making mistakes you know?」

In the midst of a sword battle like a resounding bell chimes, a dull sound mixes in for a moment.

Whether it was from anxiety, or hesitation, I made a mistake with one of the swords that I wielded. That trivial blow has put my prospects at an overwhelming disadvantage. After a few attacks, I will be knocked down by Nonorik.

(I don’t have time to remain indecisive!! Now that it’s come to this, even if I have to be a little forceful, I need to make my way towards Leon in the audience seats……)

In truth, this sword fight is my loss.

However, I cannot afford to lose the foothold of my revenge too.

After I had made up my mind, it was then.

「Nahahaha! Are you still having a hard time, Nonorik! Here, let me lend you my assistance!!」

A voice reverberating as if tearing up paper.

At the same time, countless fireballs of the size of a Ping-Pong ball containing large amounts of magic power come flying in with a single attack.


To avoid those fireballs I took my distance away from Nonorik.

(Did Mai get done in!? At any rate, this is it!!)


The fireballs that flew between me and Nonorik directly headed straight towards Leon.

「Oops, not good, not good」

Leon prepares himself to meet the incoming fireballs that were closing in, but before Leon intercepts them, Leticia manipulates the flame ball storm and bends the trajectory upwards.

However, the point where the flame balls headed due to the sudden change in trajectory was just above Leon, the roof of the audience seats*. (TLN: Auditorium)

「Look out!!」

I could see the large rubbles falling down towards Leon with the explosion, and I run in pretending to rescue Leon.

As for Leon, he is not a man who would be perturbed by that level of danger.

「Hmph! 『Lion Cannonball』!!」

The magic power gathered in Leon’s fist discharged light.

The magic power released from the protruding fist blew away the rubbles that were falling bordering the prince’s face.

With the roaring sound that echoes to the bottom of one’s belly, much less the rubbles that were crashing down, even the crumbling roof was blown away and a beautiful blue sky was peeking in.

「Prince Leon, I hope you are not injured!?」

「No problem. More importantly, sorry about that, Kaito-dono. It seems that the match was interrupted」

Leon reined in Valeria who called out to him, and turned to me.

「Not at all, I am just glad you are alright」


  1. MC:
    – has a lot of enemies that he still needs to kill plus ones that are actively hunting him
    – needs to locate his 2 [accomplices] who were both in mortal danger the last time that they were together
    – has little time left before his lover dies
    – chooses to spend more or less a month executing his convoluted plan to transform a macho man into a fairy

    Emporio Ivankov is laughing his/her ass off somewhere.


    Minalis: I can produce a poison which transforms a human into a goblin after ingestion. How about you, master?
    Kaito: I can do the same. Let me just collect a few goblin corpses, gather my target’s magical essence and wait a couple of weeks.

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