Chapter 182

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Chapter 182 – Unfolding Revenge [Continuation]

I used 『Sky Walk』, and after arriving at the auditorium, I shake my head.

「That being said, it has dampen the mood of the match now. But again it’s about time」

「That’s true. It would be troubling if you damage the building any more than this. And I believe we have accomplished enough of our primary objective」

Once again, Valeria’s voice reverberates throughout the entire training ground.

「Fuu, the examination is now over. For the time being, let us move out」

The training ground was rather rough compared to before the battle began.

Mai seems to have passed out after being done in by Leticia.

As for Yuuto, he seemed to be in the middle of his battle with Lilia, both of whom were readjusting their outfits while showing a slight fatigue.

Leticia and Nonorik seems to be in high spirits and are both messing around squabbling.

「Now then, I have other plans after this. I believe you will receive the results of the examination from Valeria, but……, well, I am pretty sure that the result was quite obvious without having to be announced. So, I look forward to your assistance on the battlefield」

「Yeah, I look forward to your assistance too」

Fuu, I also laughed in my mind at Leon who laughs clumsily.

While unexpected situations were unfolding all over, a convenient development came at the last minute.

(The collection of magic power went well. With this, I have obtained the final piece)

Just a bit longer, just a little bit longer now.

It is just a little bit until you fall to the bottom of a hopeless darkness.

「……Hm, mm, where is this……」

「Y, you are up?」

My consciousness became clear as light penetrated in.

I saw dear brother’s head as I opened my eyes.

「Dear brother, where exactly is this……, I……」

As I woke up from the plain bed and look around, I got a little confused by the unfamiliar room.

「This is one of the rooms in the guild. I wanted to allow you after passing out to rest a little before coming to」

Dear brother flipped through the pages of a book he has open on a chair beside the bed.

「Passed out……, that’s, right. I am sorry, dear brother, I……」

I recollected the details of the mock battle.

(Nothing worked……)

I was completely wrapped up in her palms, and couldn’t even retaliate with a single attack.

I could not bring myself to raise my head up as I cast my head downwards.

「For the most part, I understand what is going through your mind right now, but……, it is not something you should apologize for」


However, dear brother grabbed my hair and raised my head roughly.

「You better stop casting your eyes downwards」

My heart contracts tightly at the rough treatment I received from dear brother for the first time.

I was a disappointment, I’ve been abandoned. Tears welled up in the corners of my eyes from such fears.


「I get it, you don’t need excuses like, it didn’t turn out based on the strategy I planned, or it wasn’t a battle with the purpose of winning and such right. But because your confidence was shattered, and it became obvious, then were thoroughly and completely wrapped in the palm of her hands, and now you feel embarrassed right?」

I was off the mark. There was no way dear brother would do something like that.

Dear brother’s voice resounded quite strongly in a low tone.

A seemingly penetrating gaze was fixated on me.

『You may relax, Since I am a capable woman. I will straighten you up』

『Come on come on, your movements are too wide. It is because you’re swinging your weapon solely based on your response』『Expand your field of vision, and observe everything more widely. It’s because you’re a versatile type that does not rely on sense of distance, you should train your observation prowess』『Look at your opponents, keep your eyes on them. A self-conceited* battle won’t go in your favor against opponents of same level or higher you know?』『I guess it’s about time, I would have loved to spend more time with you』 (TLN: Fighting one-on-one while feeling self- important)

What went through my mind, were the words Leticia imparted to me.

Each and every one of them were words that made me realize how laughably conceited I was.

「So quit casting your head down like that. It is fine to cast your head down if you’re feeling tired, it is also fine to cast your head down if you want to take a rest」

I wasn’t exactly feeling disappointed or anything. Nor was I feeling like giving up or anything like that.

But, it also has nothing to do with the fact that I am being consoled gently too.

「But you see, only on occasions when you feel embarrassed, do not cast your head down! Look ahead, and look at yourself. This world is not that forgiving that you can just look away. However, it doesn’t run smoothly enough like it permits you to be comforted and consoled」


Move forward, move forward, move forward, saying move forward, a strength like a jolt pushing my back.

「I won’t say that you did well. I also won’t say that you will be absolutely fine next time. If you feel like you have failed and seeking forgiveness, then it’s not from somebody else but from yourself. Isn’t that right?」

「Dear brother is quite mean. Your sister was publicly shamed」

I bit down on my lips.

My means of escape was forcibly closed shut.

「I think a nice brother rebukes his sister more gently」

「How unfortunate. The nice brother has been out of stock for quite some time now」

「……Liar. Dear brother the liar」

「you don’t say」

Then dear brother’s facial expression loosens.

「So what do you think, the woman I fell for was amazing wasn’t she」

「……I won’t lose next time」

「That is good enough. Then again, I am not exactly looking forward to you duking it out with Leticia」

「More importantly, bragging about your sweetheart to your hurting sister, isn’t that just plain mean. What a cruel dear brother」

「About that, well you know. It can’t be helped」

「That’s hardly an explanation. Stupid Onii-chan*」 (TLN: Thought I’d leave it as is = brother)

I jumped and cling onto dear brother so he doesn’t see the tears coming out of my eyes.

The hands that held my hair crudely, started stroking my hair down gently before I knew it.

「Now then, shall we get going」

In the end, dear brother who is overly spoiled on me, gently stroked down my hair until I calmed down.

Maybe it was because of his crude treatment from just before, the feeling was more pleasant than usual.

……Maybe it’s actually not so bad to be treated that roughly.

「Come to think of it, where is Yuuto?」

「Oh Yuuto went back to the inn ahead of us. It would seem that it was a tall task facing Lilia on his own, so he went back to the inn to rest. But apparently, he seemed to still have enough stamina to walk back to the inn」

Although there was enough room on the bed, it seems like he isn’t as naïve as to use the bed when it’s not like he was too injured to move.

「Oh, that’s right. For the time being we have achieved our objective. This is an S-rank adventurer license. Don’t lose it okay」

Dear brother wore a red plate with decorated green metal around my neck.

「With this, we have now got a just cause to boldly march into the battlefield. Now we wait for it to bear fruits」

I stood up from the bed, and we both exit the room and went outside.

We came down a wooden stairs to the reception of the guild which also happen to be a joint establishment of a tavern and restaurant.

「Nuhahahahaha! Heyy! Bring another plate of this meat dish!」

「Hey hey, the brother over there. Do you care to do something good with Nono?」

And then, I heard a familiar voice.

「Oh? Ohohoho! You finally came down huh!」

It was Leticia who was waving her hand with a drink juggling on the other hand.

And then I reflexively flinched, I guess you could say, I am a little bit traumatized……, no can do. I just had dear brother give me a nudge to the back not too long ago afterall.


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    PS: Can’t wait to see Mai’s face when she learns Nonorik is a trap lmfao

    • As I understand it, she is his blood sister, at least, on the Web Novel. She only got rid of being absorbed by the invocation ritual, because when she was about to be surrounded by a magic circular barrier, while climbing a ladder, she fell off the stairs, thus leaving the magical circular barrier that was forming around her. And apparently she was not the only one to get rid of the absorption, because the ritual, according to Alesia, theoretically uses 200 souls from each world, plus the family of the hero, but only 186 souls from Earth were used in the ritual, implying that maybe there were 14 lucky people.

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