Chapter 183

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Chapter 183 – Unfolding Revenge [Continuation]

「……In the middle of a meal I see?」

「That’s right, I just had a nice exercise afterall, So I am refilling my fuel. You two can sit down over there too. This dish* is quite something I tell you」 (TLN: Lit. Fuel)

Leticia-san laughed heartily as she swings around the meat with the bone in her hand.

Oh, the nice smell of spices and slightly burnt sauce……

「Nah, the food will have to『Grrroooowwl』, ……I guess we’ll have some」

Waa, my stomach didn’t just growl. That’s right, this sister has no idea whatsoever what it was.

That being said, time-wise, it’s just about time for lunch.

As dear brother and I took our seats after ordering a set of meals for two, it didn’t take long at all before the meals were ushered out.

「Sorry for back then. Towards the end, I may have gone a little overboard. Although it shouldn’t have caused any serious injuries enough to leave a scar, I hope everything is alright?」

「Y, yea, I lost consciousness, but with light bruises and scratches only……」

「Are you sure. Please excuse me」

「Oh, this is……」

Then, a jade-colored light ran through my whole body.

Within a few moments, the pain vanished from my slightly aching body.

Not only that, I feel that my smooth skin has become more beautiful…….

「Now you’re good」

「Aah, that’s unfair! Cast it on Nono too. When you do that, the feel on my skin becomes different」

「Whoops, would you not stretch out your hand so suddenly! I will cast it on you so calm yourself already」

「Un- un, love this feeling ♪」

「Sheesh, good grief」

The same jade-colored light was coming from Nonorik-san too.

「So, what do you guys intend to do from now on? We intend to head to the battlefield as soon as we are done collecting necessary supplies though……」

「We intend to stay a little while longer in this town. From our little scuffles with you guys, I realized we are still lacking in manpower」

「I see, well, I though since we just obtained the green* plate, we might as well head out together. However, if that is the case, then I guess it can’t e helped. Kepuu, I’m stuffed」 (TLN: S-rank badge)

The empty plate made a clang sound as she dropped the spoon on it.

「Now then, we will be taking our leave here. If we do end up seeing each other on the battlefield, I look forward to your assistance then. Hey Nonorik」

「Eeh? Nono doesn’t feel like moving yet」

「No, can’t, do. I just received a『Telepathy』 from my elder sister who stepped out to run some errands. We are leaving now」

After dropping several coins on the table, Leticia-san stood up while practically dragging Nonorik-san along with her.

「Alright then, so long」

「Bye byee♪」

Dear brother raised his hand lightly in reply, so I hurriedly followed suit and waved my hand lightly.

The doorbell rings, and the two left the place.

「……Fuu, I understand why we need to remain here, but to think that they would choose to engage us on their own」

「Nonorik-san is also an acquaintance of yours right, dear brother」

「Yeah, ……I am pretty certain I killed him with my hands, or so it should have been. How he is still alive I am not sure. From what I understand after crossing blades with him, he also doesn’t seem to hold a grudge against me」

「What are you going to do from now on, about Nonorik-san, Lilia-san, ……and about Leticia-san」

「……There is not much to do. We don’t have enough fighting force to take on both Leon and Leticia’s party at the same time. Since Leticia’s party is leaving town first, then we wait for them to leave without doing anything unnecessary」


「Today will light the spark on the operation*. By the time Leon notices the rising smoke, Leticia’s party will no longer be in this town. I can focus on what to do about Leticia and the rest after that. There are lot of things I need to deliberate on afterall」 (TLN: The long preparation)

After saying that, dear brother placed his spoon down.

After that, he continued his meal, and after a while when his stomach started protruding, the plates on the table in front of him had become empty.

「Now then, shall we take our leaves too. Also, it seems like we just got hold of a good at the right time too」

「Good gist?」

「Once we get back, we will talk about it together with Yuuto」

After finishing our meals, we stood up and headed for the exit.

「? Dear brother?」


However, dear brother stood still after passing by an elderly man by the entrance.

「Old man, you are here again?」

「……The request」

After passing by us, the elderly man headed to the counter where requests are made.

「Has anybody accepted the request?」

「Not at all, it is still hanging on the wall over there」

「Is that so……」

After saying that, the elderly man headed to a seat at the corner of the bar*. (TLN: Tavern)

「Is there something wrong with that elderly man, dear brother」

「……Nothing, there is nothing wrong」

After saying that, this time dear brother proceeded and exit the guild without looking back.

「Phew, oh dear」

The guild master’s office on the furthest part of the second floor of the adventurer’s guild.

Valeria sighed, sorting out the paperwork accompanying the new registrations for the six S-rank adventurers.

「With this, the basic processing is over, I can finally take a breather」

Valeria, whose work had double in this special circumstances of warring times, along with the additional task dropped on his plate, he seemed to feel more liberated only after he was through.

「Now then, I guess I will have lunch」

And then as he proceeded to stand up from his chair, that was when it happened. The figurine of a bird placed on Valeria’s desk falls off the pedestal.

「……Good grief, here comes another troubling matter」

Valeria sighed once again.

At the back of the drawer, I took out a magic tool from inside a box that isolates magic power.

It looked like a crystal ball with a pedestal, and emitted a faint glow.

『Valeria, Valeria. Would you reply already』

「Yes yes, I apologize for keeping you waiting, Fairy Queen-dono*」 (TLN: Or simply your majesty fairy queen)

A voice resounded from the magic tool, and Valeria focused on the magic tool and replies.

『I need you to prepare some sacrifices for me. Ones with high magic power capability, as many untainted* as you can find』 (TLN: Lit. meaning pure, guessing she meant virgins)

「I understand. So, how many are you looking at this time? Is five persons same as the last time alright」

Valeria replied while thinking, I knew it would be something like this.

The magic tool was handed over in order to make contact with the Fairy Queen.

『Prepare about thirty bodies*』 (TLN: Lit. She referred to them like they were animals; Rotten cunt)

「T, thirty?」

However, Valeria voice stuttered as the number demanded was much more that what he was anticipating.

『Yes, that’s right』

「Do you absolutely need that kind of amount? With that kind of amount, it is not going to be easy」

「I do. However, for what reason exactly, you don’t need to know. Bring them to the forest in the evening of the next full moon. Till then」

Like usual, she just makes her unreasonable demands and then cuts the transmission as soon as she is done.

「HaaAAAAAaA, I am going to be busy again. By the evening of the next full moon, that leaves almost no time at all. Prince Leon is busy negotiating with the stupid nobles to send out their soldiers, which means this will spell more overtime for me」

While sighing deeply, he put the magic tool back while feeling dejected, and after which Valeria leaves the room.

Without even noticing a single mouse that was peeking in on the situation, he headed downstairs to the bar to grab lunch.


  1. Oh, boy. The thirty bodies she’s gonna get are going to be all fairies. Courtesy of Kaito, with vengeful intentions.

  2. Next target Valeria.

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