Chapter 185 – Screams of Exceedingly Deep Forest and Ground

 Translator: Jay_Samuel

Chapter 185 – Screams of Exceedingly Deep Forest and Ground

It’s only been a few days since we became S-Rank Adventurers, we were inside the room of the inn discussing plans.

Leticia and co left for town soon after the mock battle was concluded. They are probably heading to the battlefield, carrying the letter of introduction from Leon.

In addition to that, Leon is gradually bringing his body closer to the fairy species without any awareness through the use of the 【Induction* Blade of Genus Metamorphose】. (Lit. Alluring)

Although the plan was already in motion, in order to make it run even better, as well as the revision of subsequent movements in the meantime, modifications were made over and over again.

「Say, Kaito, I’m thinking if you want to make him go wild, won’t it be better if you made him do it in town. If he really is a noble, I think he would be more productive that way though……」

「No, no can do. I am not saying that it won’t be effective, but it’s also not cost-effective at all, and the number of uncertain factors increases as the number of people increases. Now that I can no longer rely on my knowledge of the future, I have no way of knowing what obstacles we may face」

My target* is Leon alone. Once I am through, I am pretty sure a lot of people will be caught in the crossfire. (TLN: Lit. To kill)

「If were are talking about the strength to defeat him in a split second then there is no question, but Leon is strong. To the extent that if it comes down to a good old-fashioned dogfight with no holds barred, then the fight could go either way. Should that happen, no matter how sweet out tongues or lightly evaluated as threats, we’ll be decorated criminals. And after we went through all that trouble to become S-rank Adventures, it’d be pointless」

Well, in regards to that true enough it will no longer have much use.
Seeing as it was all so to obtain authority within the army which would make it easier to grasp the movement of Leticia and others, who were originally thought to be hiding as they infiltrate into town, oddly enough we somehow managed to establish connections with them.

On top of that, maybe because I am not the hero, he is in such a conspicuous* position as an S-rank Adventurer. (TLN: Limelight)

「But, that is in the first cycle right? Right now, he is not yet……」
「More like he is gotten even stronger. Probable because he didn’t accompany me on my journey」

It is ironic, but this is probably the result of him doing nothing but focus on only trying to increase his strength, instead of following me everywhere in my 『Hero’s Responsibility』 journey.

In the second cycle, Leon too must have trained to suit* himself instead of me. (TLN: Probably meaning for himself rather than as a follower of the hero)

「Well yeah, you’re right, it does certainly sound less fulfilling right……. It would be nice if I could somehow make him suffer even more」

At that moment, an idea as if I was possessed by evil flashed through my mind.

If I can bring Leticia into our group, the revenge is sure to become even better.

If Leticia cooperates, and I kill Leon along with Lilia, who seems to have a deep connection with him in one fell swoop, it would be even…….

(What the hell am I thinking? When I am trying to kill Leticia’s sister, I am contradicting myself)

At that time, I heard a wooded creaking sound, and the door opened.

「Dear brother, Yuuto-san, food is ready so I brought it」

Mai came back to the room with a big platter dish on a tray.

It’s just an inclination, but beastkins prefer bland- tasting food in large proportions. Because of this, if we try to settle for food from a stall, every food stalls end up having nothing but unsavory, dull-tasting servings.

Because of this, we got sick of street foods*, so we decided to each take turn on cooking duty. It was Mai’s turn to cook today, so she temporarily stepped out in the middle of the conversation to go make lunch downstairs. (TLN: from stalls/ stand)

By the way, the menu was an imitation of Mapo Tofu utilizing several spices.

「So, what were you talking about?」

While eating, I gave Mai a brief gist of what we talked about when she was away.

「I see……, I guess it’ll come to that, dear brother, can’t you use your Sword of Deadly Sins. It is dear brother’s trump card isn’t it?」

「Currently, it’s difficult. The lion beastkin have quite a keen nose, so the prerequisite of 『Jealousy』 which requires the target to ingest blood through sneak attacks is very unlikely. And I don’t have the cursed weapon that would allow me to wield 『Sloth』. As for 『Lust』, at Leon’s level, he could probably avoid being trapped inside the box. 『Pride』 has a heavy penalty, and is likely to hinder future movements. And 『Gluttony』 is not suitable for anti-personnel use」

I briefly raised the issues concerning the Spirit Swords of the Deadly Sins series that I use.

Perhaps the Spirit Swords of 『Greed』 and 『Wrath』 that I have yet to obtain may have the abilities to match this situation, but just because I’m having such convenient delusions doesn’t mean I will obtain the power at this time.

(As expected, being unable to link up with Minnalis and Shuria does leave a hole. Minnalis who uses poison and illusions*, and Shuria who has Neko that can interfere with magical bodies and Kuma that can interfere with the reality inside dreams. How reassuring it would be if only I could get together with them……) {TLN: Sorcery}

I know they should be safe.

There was no news about Minnalis and Shuria among the information accessible to S-rank adventurers. There was no information about Minnalis and Shuria within the scope of this city.

Still, ever since I came back to this world, I could feel the contract binding me with Minnalis and Shuria regaining its power every day.

If the two of them are nearby, I just have to wait a little while for the power of the contract to become strong enough, then I should be able to get in touch with them through 『Telepathy*』. (TLN: Mind/Soul conversation)

(First I carry out my revenge against Leon. Once I complete that, the revenge contract should activate too. So, I just have to concentrate on the task at hand)

「In the end, when carrying out the revenge, I guess there is no escaping a dog fight. Simply neutralizing him without killing him is a tall task, but f*ck it, I will do it」

The spoon placed on an empty plate made a clattering sound.

「Now then, I guess I will have a short nap for the time being. Tonight is a full moon. Valeria too should soon start making a move」

I couldn’t find not even a glimpse of any links until the last minute so I was in doubt greatly, wondering if there indeed was any connection between Valeria and the Fairy, but it turned out just as I thought.

「I will enjoy killing him too gruesomely」

After passing through the underpass illuminated by the Hikarigoke*, we came out to the night forest illuminated by the full moon. (Luminous Moss)

Inside the forest giving off a dense concentration of magic power, the trees bathing in the light of the full moon emits faint glows of magic reaction.

The forest, which changes its color little by little every few seconds, was quite the spectacular scene that could even be said to be mysterious.

「Fuu, no matter how many times I come here, this forest at night on a full moon is always so beautiful」

If not for the mischief of the fairies or the fairy queen’s unreasonable orders, it’s a place where I would very much love to revel in while drinking alcohol with fish on the side.

「Sister, where are we going……?」「I feel sleepy……」「Migyaa, migyaa!」「…………」「My legs are numb……」「Come on now, just a bit more」

(Aah, also, if only these kind of children aren’t here)

There are thirty figures around me that are not even up to ten years old. The small figures are mixed with various races, including the babies they are carrying, and all of them looked shabby.

(Good grief, with this number, just bringing them along alone is bothersome in itself)

The secret route connecting the town to the forest that was built secretly for the 『Demands』 that the Fairy Queen Berry Bell requests irregularly.


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