Chapter 187

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Chapter 187 – Screams of Exceedingly Deep Forest and Ground [Continuation]

「Even if nothing remains of us, at the least the power to take away everything that belongs to our opponent who so unjustly took the same from us. These guys are not undead. But, in this moment, at this time where they possess temporary forms with the power that I lent to them, they are the very embodiment of their grudges」

「Wraiths huh!? I see, but if I wrap myself in magic power and strike!!」

If it is the same Wraith, which is a kind of magical body, I can just blow them away to smithereens by applying magic power to my fist through body enhancement.

That’s what should have happened……

「Ugggghhh!! W, why is this happening!?」

However, no matter how much I swing my fist possessing the water attribute which is my specialty, only the same feeling of fanning through the air as before and the freezing pain that resonates along with a dull red water splashing sound are what I feel.

「Don’t lump these guys together with some lowly Wraiths. It is not like they are still attached to the idea of living. They are merely grudges that genuinely wants to completely and utterly devour their hated nemesis」

「―――――~~~~!! Don’t f*ck with me, you damn brat!!」

After coming this far, finally, genuine precognition of death began to permeate through my body.

The feeling of being drunk in a peaceful environment after leaving the battlefield, was blown away in an instant.

The experience of having gone through the abyss of death and rage, completely burns through my thoughts, so much that it temporarily made me numb to the pain.

Spreading the magic power within me throughout my entire body, to activate every cell in my body. It is a secret move devised by the beastkins who are handicapped in magic, to compete against other races.


It gives overwhelming combat power to beastkins.

Huge enhancement in physical abilities.

This seemingly ordinary ability, is just as powerful, that it has saved my life countless times over the years.

No matter the predicament, there hasn’t been any danger which I haven’t been able to crawl my way out of thanks to this ability.

(As long as I have this power that I obtained from the contract with the Fairy Queen, this situation can easily be!!)

My involvement with the fairies in spite the many perils that comes with it, my current social status and relationship with Prince Leon, and more importantly, being able to sit at the summit of the beastkins, is all thanks to this power.


「Ah~ah, you have gone and done it」

That sardonic sounding voice, was almost like that of a brutal monster tormenting his prey.

And that voice once again, obstructs the path that I intended to proceed.


「Ughgagaga!? W, why is it!?」

The power that was puffing and swelling, for some reason started disappearing as if it’s being sucked up by something.

The skeletons started raising voices that sounds like rejoicing, anger or sorrow

「You see those guys, the deeper their grudge, the more they hate their enemy, the more their power increases. You see, because you went ahead and did something dumb like using the fairy’s power to imitate a fake beastification, their grudge has grown even stronger」

The words came out of his mouth while grinning as if having fun.

「「「Gera gera gera gera gera gera gera gera!!」」」

The loud laughter of skulls filled with joy overlapping each other.

They devour my body, and the white porcelain bones started taking on reddish black colors as if taking in the blood and flesh that was eaten.

「W, what the hell is that!! What did you do, what did you do, what did you do! There is no way an unreasonable ability like that could possibly exist! 『Beastification』, 『Beastification』, 『Beastification』AaaAAAAargh!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY」

Power. The power I gained at the expense of many sacrifices.

And now, it’s been sealed without even as much as a chance to display a glimpse of it, no, I’m being devoured.

No matter how much I struggled, I couldn’t shake off the hands of the bones extending from the ground, and the skulls whose number only continued to increase, finally covered my body from my all the way down.

What’s more, around halfway through, as if to torment me, they started scraping off the surface of my body little by little with their teeth.

「Don’t fuck with me, do not fuck with Gigigiigigigyuu!! Ugha, h, hey, save me you bloody fairies!! This is a violation of our contract, I have come through and accommodated all your whims over and over again haven’t I!! Grant me, po, wer……」

The shadow of death that I struggled and struggled and struggled desperately to try and shake off.

Is now gradually creeping in and drawing closer, with pain, fear and confusion bleaching inside my head.

But, that too will end soon. It will put an end to it.


A gigantic skull crawled out of my body while making a gnawing sound.

It is even more ominous and reddish black than the other skeletons, with something bluish purple pulsating and crawling like a blood vessel.

「S, stop it……, n, no way. Why me. What did I do to deserve this」

A condensed mass of death opens its mouth wide.

「Wait wait wait wait, y, you guys, save me, please save me!!」

Without caring much for appearance, I beg for pardon from the people who seem to have triggered this situation.

「I accommodated you during the rank examination right!! I will even arrange for the fairy’s blessing* for you! If there is anything you would like me to do, I will do it, I don’t want to die, I just don’t want to die!!」 (TLN: Sometimes written “Divine Protection”)

「Well you heard him, what do you think guys」

「I see no reason to show compassion」「I agree, everybody in this world should just drop dead for all I care」

Each one of them cast aside the idea with their words.

「There you have it, too bad」

With a cold smile on his face, the man too cast aside the idea with his words.

「Besides, you are barking the wrong tree for forgiveness don’t you think? We are not the ones you should beg for forgiveness right?」

「Y, you kidding me, that thing, there is no way I am getting through to that monster」

「Oh, so it seems like you’re not completely dumb afterall」

GUOOOOH, and so the gigantic skull raised a voice that sounds like a growl, and swallowed me.

Then the man deepened his smile even more.

「You see, it is a monster that you cannot apologies to. A person who doesn’t mind being a monster. So, …………you should just die while serving as nourishment for the monster」

「The fuck, like hell I will! I am, I am a friggin guild master you know! Somebody AAaaarGgghhhhh Gabyuufuu!!」

The last thing I heard, was the squashing sound of bones, and the crushing sound of flesh and blood.

And lastly, a clatter of overlapping voices laughing out of nowhere from god knows who.

「Well then, I guess it is about time for some pest extermination」

Having ascertained the remains of Valeria after getting devoured, I called out to the presence who started peeping through the situation halfway.

「…………How foolish」

What appeared as if descending from the sky, was a single fairy that was out of the norm.

A little girl, about five years old with moles under both eyes, holding a crystal swirling in black and white colors.

Without the long white hair shining under the light of the moon and the wings spreading widely from her back, she looks just like a normal girl.

「Yo, long time no see. Berrybell」

「That thing is the……」「Fairy Queen」

However, the atmosphere around her is clearly different from that of a human.

A resident of a different world, the queen of a world of cruel hedonism.

In the first cycle*, I cut off one of her wings, but she escaped by taking advantage of the turmoil of battle after getting worn out. (TLN: The First World)

「Although, I doubt you have recollection of what I am talking about……」

「No, actually I do remember. Oh rebel* of the world」(TLN: Literally rebelling against the world)

「Huh? ……What do you mean by that」

I squint my eyes to the unexpected words.

「Nothing exactly, no particular reason. At any rate nothing can be stopped at this point. The day I make my move is finally here. Ahh, finally, finally, finally finally……」


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