Chapter 191

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Chapter 191 – Screams of Exceedingly Deep Forest and Ground [Continuation]

The body, which breaks apart with each sword swing, however in the next moment, releases a powerful blow that would reap the life off the opponent.

He seems to have removed the limiter in his body which was restricted by instinct to protect the body, and forcibly drawing out power.

Naturally, the body that cannot withstand the backlash is destroyed with each blow, but he is fighting while constantly recovering it.

(I understand the logic, but are you telling me that a human is capable of something like this!?)

「!! Shit!」

The clash, which began with an unfavorable first attack, which seemed to have caught him by surprise at an unexpected speed, left a fatal gap due to the enormous variations of power, speed and number of concurrent moves which left me unable to readjust my stance.

I was struck in the abdomen with something like a hexagonal stick with thick splinters and then dogagoo!! I was blown away with such impact sound that one wouldn’t believe came from a human* body. (TLN: Or beastkin ^ -)

After being blown away nearly twenty meters, I hit and broke a tree trunk, then finally stopped.

「Did you think that you were the only one feeling he’s in top form?」


I gave no reply to Kaito who uttered such in a contemptuous manner,

I spat out the blood oozing inside my mouth, and get back on my feet.

「Such trivial matter, would heal in a matter of seconds」

It is not a bluff, the recovery speed in the Diving Bestification state also increases explosively.

If it’s on such a level as a scratch, it won’t even take seconds till complete recovery.

「Thought as much. Getting done in with just that would have been utterly astounding」

A blow he managed to inflict on me while his body was breaking apart. The man in front of me did not break his eerie smile, despite the fact that it only ended with me suffering a bit of pain.

「That is not all you have got right. This can’t be all you got right. Come on, come on, come on, come on, get serious already, give me your best, and draw out your power to the extreme limit. Show me your maximum potential. Otherwise, this will be meaningless!」

Kaito sings as if making a gesture that he could care less about such a thing.

「LA LA LA la LA LA la la la laa! That so called 『Power』 that you desire so badly, I will conclusively look down on, defile, trample and crush it, then finally, kill you so miserably!!」

The voice sounded like bubbling coming from the bottom of a lava swamp.

Even the light green light enveloping his body seemed like a ghastly poisonous mist.

His perseverance in the face of pain, and bizarre mentality that sees his body as a tool.

Although the one before me appears to be a human, but he is no longer one.

He is much closer to a hideous monster than a human.


「Quit barking you greenhorn」

So, what of it.

「I have a mission that I must fulfil. Along with the resolve to accomplish it」

This guy is a monster that begets calamity.

A monster that brings along disaster.

「We are fighting to protect this world and our future. No matter the opponent, we cannot afford to lose」

Such a thing, I already resolved myself to fight a long time ago.

I am striving to kill an existence that is in god’s position. Where you in front of me with tangible flesh and blood, what is there to be afraid of.

「I have no idea what your grudge is, but you can’t hope to compare the weight of what you bear to mine……! I, who is fighting for the sake of thousands of lives, I am not about to lose* to some delusional opponent!!」 (TLN: Lit. Saying that there is no logic or justice in losing to someone delusional like him)

I will achieve the god-killing whatever it takes. Otherwise, the world will be destroyed.

There is no way you could have any greater cross than the one we bear.


「Ahh, right. That’s what I am talking about」

However, like I thought, a monster will forever be nothing more than a monster.

「We were killed because of those very eyes. Unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivable, absolutely unforgivable. To hell with the world, to hell with the future」

The man enveloped in emotions of hatred so much that, it couldn’t get any thicker, drew the hatred so close to him, so he could fall in even deeper.

The coagulated deadly black-colored emotions are so dense that they almost dissolve everything they touch.

「Alright then, the time for chat is now over. The night seems long, but actually short. Now let’s continue where we left off」

The purple twilight turns into night, and the sun sets into a cold moon.

Together with the faint radiance reflecting off the water rich in magic power, the space was very bright.

……Which is why that shadow emerges even more deeply.

A black flame erupted from the sword Kaito had in his right hand whose blade was undulating blade.

And a blue lightning bursts from the sword with dozens of blades in the shape of a crescent moon held in the other hand, sizzling and tearing through the sky.

「Good idea, but I won’t let my guard down anymore. I will destroy you with all my might」

The magic power that surrounds my whole body is circulated at a higher speed to prepare for battle.

When I strike my fists against each other, a purple spiral appears around both arms.

「『Heavy Destruction・Lion Brutality』……」

Originally, a beastkin in Beastification mode cannot use magic, but Divine Bestification through the power of god breaks through that restriction, facilitating the use of abilities outside their realm.

Since I am not using magic power unique to beastkins, there is no fear of it spreading easily once it leaves my body.

A mass of power in the shape of a lion from my protruding fist is released while crushing the air.

「『Unison・Black-flamed Blue Thunder Slash』……」

However, about the same time as I dispatched my skill, Kaito too swung his sword.

A black flame accompanied by blue thunder, tears through the air and plunges forward.

The forces that collided approximately at the center of the distances between us, imposed a silence like a vacuum on the people present in that place for a moment, after which, then made a roaring sound that echoed at the bottom of my body, causing a large plume of smoke.

And the next moment, the view clears with a loud metallic clank.

A genuine, full-powered fist collides with a slash that does not loose in terms of power.



At the bottom of the hollowed ground, a serious battle was unfolding with a bang.

Ah, he’s quite strong.



In the middle of the sword execution, I switched the Spirit Sword twice, and also changed the trajectory accordingly to match it, but was prevented by Leon’s fist just barely in time.


Leon’s fist, armed with gravitational magic around his arms, is heavy and my body that is constantly being healed is inflicted with fissures around the bones.

The intense pain that I am accustomed to runs through my whole body, but disappears far away as I immerse myself in the battle.

「『Wind Thorn』! 『Ice Claws』!!」

I attack with the 【Wind Thorn Grass Sword】 in my right hand to create countless wind thorns from the blind spot of my opponent, and attack with the 【Snow Leopard Dagger】 in my left hand to create ice claws that scoops up from the ground.

「You’re in the way!!」

However, Leon blew away the wind thorns with the gravitational waves on his back that repelled them, and the ice claws are kicked away with his feet similarly clad in gravitational magic.

I wonder how many of such exchanges have been crossed.

The surroundings are rough from the aftermath of the battle, and the trees are either cut down or crushed.

Both of our power just about rival each other, Leon’s body is scarred with blood marks as proof of cuts, wounds among others by the Spirit Sword, and his equipment left in tatters.

Of course, I was also cornered accordingly.

My whole body has been healed by the ability of 【Immortal Peach Resurrection Sword】 which is specialized in recovery than 【Verdant Green Crystal Sword】, but the magic power consumption wasn’t anything to scoff at, and my armor and clothes are worn out.

And above all, even if I don’t have any wounds, my physical strength is continuously being drained.

Both Leon and I are recovering at constant pace, so even if we are in tatters, neither of us had any visible scars.


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