Chapter 192

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Chapter 192 – Screams of Exceedingly Deep Forest and Earth [Continuation]

However, the battle was nearing its conclusion.

「『Heavy Destruction・Fang Set Striking Fist』」

「Ku, gaa, ughh!!」

Originally, I had been incessantly attacking with my sword execution capable of ever-changing and unpredictable trajectory, but Leon with his overwhelming sense of combat, gradually began to get accustomed to my attacks as the battle continued.

His strengthened reflexes gradually became optimized for my attacks, and my attacks gradually began to be ineffective.

The leeway Leon got from just that empowered Leon’s attacks with astuteness and sharpness, and the battle scale was beginning to tilt toward Leon’s side.

(But of course, not yet……, I can’t afford to lose just yet!!)

I need to come out even stronger, and give my best in this fight.

I need to exert more power beyond my limits in this battle against Leon.

That is why I chose this place as a starting point of my revenge where the magic power to activate the Divine Beastification that Leon possesses overflows, and also to get him as he is slowly turning into a fairy, in front of the fairy tree in the fairy forest so he could exhibit his maximum potential.



Only for this moment, I will forget and leave everything behind.

Despair, anger, disappointment, suffering, hatred.

And only think about cutting down my opponent.

Putting a lid on the thought that, if I kill him, I will not be able to exact revenge anymore.

First stroke, second stroke, third stroke, fourth stroke, fifth stroke, sixth stroke, seventh stroke, eight stroke, ninth stroke, tenth stroke.

Fire, wind, water, earth, ice, lightning.

I repeated the attacks heavier, faster, and much more excessively.

I swing my sword so as to sink deep inside his whole body, and released the power that dwells inside the Spirit Sword as if entrusting the entirety of my life to it.

「Gh, ugh, you still had such power!!」

Blood droplets fly and the turbulent attack hits Leon.

Leon probably realized that the flow of the battle was leaning in his favor.

That is why Leon, who was watching carefully, struggled in responding to my increased aggressive attacks. But, if he had stayed calm and parried it instead, I’d have probably been in trouble.

Just a single blow, my sword vigorously repelled Leon’s carefully aimed blow.

「!, shit!!」


My posture collapsed unexpectedly by strongly repelling the blow, Leon’s carefully aimed fist sharply approaches.

Seeing the blow that’s most likely going to be the decider of the battle, I took a step further in faster than I could process my thoughts. There was no hesitation whatsoever, because I’ve structured my attacks to play out in this manner.

Leon too, only jumped at the chance because he was cornered, but soon realized that this was intentionally fabricated by me. However, he couldn’t pull back anymore at this timing.

Whether my slash attacks reaches Leon first, or Leon’s fist reaches me first.

(Kill you, kill you, kill you, kill you, reach!!)

Experiencing a sensation that seems like one second is infinitely stretched, the slashing and fist attack intersect.

And then,



The splattered blood came from Leon’s arm.

After barely avoiding his left fist, the Spirit Sword in my hand severed Leon’s right arm.

But, the victor of this battle was…….


He opened his mouth snarling, and even as Leon was still snarling, he regenerated and tied his supposedly severed arm even faster before it hit the ground.

And, having exhausted my body an unable to move from swinging the sword with all my might, Leon’s fist caught me.

Barely able to put up both my arms in time, still was blown away along with a bang sound I heard over and over baki baki bakyuu.


My mind went blank from the impact.

It was most likely for about two to three seconds, but I was completely knocked out.

「Dear brother!」「Kaito!!」

The two who as instructed were to watch over my battle with Leon involuntarily raised their voices.

(I know already……, there is no need to utter such anxious voices)

By the time I regained consciousness as if drawn to both their voices, Leon was standing dauntingly in front of me.


It was almost a decent direct hit, so the magic power contained in his fist flowed directly into my body. Because of it recovery isn’t functioning properly.

Even if I focused solely on recovery, it doesn’t seem like I will be able to get up in a few minutes.

「It is my win」

「Ha, I expected as much, I should have known this is what would happen if I face you head-on」

Despite only regaining abilities close to what I had in my prime, if I could still win in a one vs one after even making it so that Leon’s power is drastically increased…….

Then all my ploy till now would have been meaningless.

「That’s right. It’s your win. It’s a pure one-on-on battle」

「……You bastard, what are you thinking of」

Probably maybe because he sensed something, Leon frowns his face while keeping vigilance.

But, it’s too late.

「Hahaha, instead of you to just immerse yourself in the feeling of victory a little more! You came out victorious!! You polished your own strength, and just like I desired, I made it possible for you to wield an even greater power using my power, the power of a hero who has regained almost the same power as the one he wields in his prime!」

「What, did you say the power of a hero!?」

You can no longer reach me.

「Now then, Leon. You displayed your power and won the fight. So, you’re going to vanish right here in this place amidst suffering as compensation for the power!! Maiiiiiiiiiiiii!! Yuutooooooooooo!!」

「S, so you’re going to set me up now!!」

Leon turns his vigilance towards Mai and Yuuto, while keeping his attention on me.

「……Any enemy of dear brother dies」「Finally, I already got tired of waiting」

However, sooner than Leon could do anything, Mai and Yuuto damaged the fairy tree with a naginata clad in poisonous wind, and the claws of a sinister monster.

In front of Leon, who has been directly absorbing the magic power that is being emitted by the fairy tree through Divine Beastification, where most of his body has been replaced with that of the fairy species.


Leon screams in a voice I have never heard before.

「Hahaha, ahahahahaha!! You’re so done, even though you won, even though you came out victorious having stared death in the face in the mortal combat between us!! Despite obtaining that much power, Mai and Yuuto both whom are far weaker than you won’t even have to lift a fingers, while you lose everything you hold dear right in this place!!」

「This is, this……」

Leon, who grabbed his chest gasping as if in water fell on his knees, turned towards Mai and Yuuto and was about to unleash an attack.

However, magic power quickly dissipates from Leon’s fist as he attempts to unleash gravitational waves.

「You sunnava bitch, what have you done to me!!」

「I used 【Induction Blade of Genus Metamorphose】, that’s what」

「What are you……, guggigigigigigigyuu!?」

I stood up staggeringly. My whole body is screaming of pain, but it didn’t matter anymore.

「You are confused right? Don’t worry. I will jog your memory soon enough」

In front of Leon who is suffering on his knees, I raised the 【Eight Transparent Sword】 overhead.

And then thrust the sword deep into Leon’s shoulder.

「Arghaa, gigyaaa, gubyugigigii!?」

Leon who was in pain, further squat holding his head.

「Hero? Where is this, who I am, no wait, Ughuaaah, what’s happening, what’s this!!」

「Ah, that’s right, Leon. It’s exactly as you say. It’s me, It’s me, the hero. I was forcibly summoned into this world, the hero who you guys killed off for your convenience」

Leon’s face was even more distorted by the memories that he had no recollection of, but realized were his own.

「Kaito……, ahh, Kaito Kaito Kaito, you bastaaaaaaaaard!!」

「Ahahahahahaha! It’s been a while Leon!! Aaaaaaaahhh!! Why is that this so called reunion moments always tend to be so exciting I wonder!!」

「What did you do! What the hell is with this situation, you, I believe I, no we GYAAAAaaaAAAaaAAaAAAAaaAAHHHHHH!!」

Once again, Mai’s Naginata, and Yuuto’s monster claws damages the fairy tree.

「Gyuujyaaaaaaahh!!」「Gafii, gafii, gafii, gafii!!」

The monsters surrounding the area are also making a stir in excitement.

「This pain is……, I see, the 【Induction Blade of Genus Metamorphose】……, the reason why I was in great form in places with high concentration of magic power, was because my body was changing to that of a fairy Gigigigigyu!!」

The fairy tree is eroded by Mai’s naginata, and pieces of wood scatter about everywhere. Yuuto, who took in the power of a monster with dozens of heads, chews the branches and leaves into pieces.


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