Chapter 195 – Screams of Exceedingly Deep Forest and Ground [Continuation]


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That is the obvious function of the Demon Spark Tree.

However, experiments have shown that most of the magic power absorbed by the Demon Spark Tree are broken down into the 『Power of the World』, and are being sent somewhere.

As time passes, its leaves wither and fall and it ceases to bear fruit, resembling a dead tree, and yet it’s alive, continuing to perform its task.

Considering that fact that the hero the oracles speak of would appear to counter the Demon king at the behest of the god that sent the edict, it would be more than likely that the power converted by the demon spark trees are sent to the god’s adversary, the Evil God.

In other words, the ever-repeating fight done by the Demon king and the hero…no, the whole of humanity versus the demons is but a proxy war done by the gods.

However, that is not the important part.

If the Demon King were to win, the Demon Spark tree that he will become would send the Power of the World to the Evil God.

On the other hand, if the hero triumphs over him, said hero will return to the world from whence he came with the power of the world he had accumulated and used to defeat the Demon King in this world.

Meaning that, the 『Power of the World』 will be gradually drained from the world.

At this rate, this world will eventually lose all its 『Power of the World』, and die.

That was what was recorded in the research notes.

The elderly mage tried to prevent this by obtaining a power that could reach the gods but died in the process.

Since neither of the two gods had any intention of protecting this world, at the very least, as the only one who inherited what the elderly mage was trying to accomplish, I shall obtain that power in his stead.

To that end, I not only incited the Explosive Flame Demonkin・Ardee Reuis, who had been passionately advocating going to war against the humans, but also solicited the evil dragon and even killed Leticia’s elder brother to obtain the Demon King core.

(In the end, in part due to the intervention of Leticia’s brother, the core ended up with Leticia…… however, the Demon King core and the power of the Hero, these two must certainly be powers of god, meaning, they should be effective against them)

Although I made a reliable companion named Leon, we have yet to grasp a lead to the gods.

On this revenge journey, I cooperated with Leticia even at the risk of divulging about the world crisis. Of course, I kept the fact that I instigated Ardee Reuis and the evil dragon to myself.

And the fact that I tried to take Leticia’s older brother’s, the former Demon King’s very own magic power core for myself.
(Besides, right now……)

The sacred crystal in the Theocracy.

There is a high possibility that the object too has the power that is effective versus gods.

(I guess I will be using you once again Explosive Flame Demonkin・Ardee Reuis)

Sitting alone on a chair in the inn I stowed away another research note, and smiled to myself. How the next plot would play out as Leticia closes in on Ardee Reuis, her brother’s killer

I have to take advantage of the situation to somehow obtain the sacred crystal.

Then, I heard a knock on the door.

「Oh my, that was faster than I expected」

Leticia and Nonorik are shopping around town, saying, 『Eating around is the real pleasure of visiting a town for the first time』. It would take them a while before coming back. Who could it be…….

「? There is no one…? What is this paper…? ah!!」

『The fairies are being targeted. If you won’t come to the rescue, they will die.』

The picked up piece of paper had a profound message. Normally, I’d just just laugh it off, but this letter had a fairie’s wing pinned to it.

(Notify Leticia… Telepathy won’t go through, huh. There is also a weird magic swirling around Nonorik. They are probably killing time at a magic tools store… Can’t be helped, I’ll go alone and leave a note for them.)

I hesitated only for a moment before making up my mind. I can’t just ignore this.
Leaving a note stating my destination for Liticia, I left the inn.
Without noticing that there is someone watching me from the shadows.

「Leon, are you… Well, you don’t appear okay.」

Arriving at the faerie forest in rush I discovered a situation far outside my expectations.

Surveying the surroundings with Magic Sight I saw no fairies, but instead, found Leon, about to be killed.
I hurried to his rescue, but I don’t understand the situation at all.
I wouldn’t believe that Leon can be beaten in his Beastification State, unless I saw it with my own eyes.

「Why, are you here…?」
「Explanations can wait, first, we have to get through this somehow.」

There is a man, though heavily wounded, glaring at me, without even trying to hide it.

If I remember correctly, he was called Kaito.
「…But even if we want just want to escape, it doesn’t seem possible without a fight.」
The kids called Mai and Yuuto began moving to cut off our path of retreat in an experienced fashion.

「Be careful…」

「Yes, I understand that these are not opponents that can be taken lightly.」

Perhaps it was a mutual defeat, but Kaito, who appears to be their leader, was trashed so badly that he didn’t pose any danger. The other two, as far as I could tell, didn’t have any wounds at all.

「They… are dangerous. Don’t… underestimate them…」

Looks like Leon didn’t have any power left, as he finally lost consciousness.

After laying down Leon in a shadow of a tree, I face the two, who kept observing me in a cautious manner.

「『Earth Dragon Slam』, 『White Flame Wave』!!」
No holding back this time. As a pure mage I made the first move.
The staff I had this time increased one’s casting speed rather than the type used by vanguards in melee combat. The mass of earth shaped like a dragon burst out from the ground, followed by a wave of white flames.
「『Giant Arm』!!」「『Storm Wind』!」
But the earth dragon was crushed by Yuuto’s gigantificated arm, while the flames were extinguished by a wind infused with the water attribute.
This was the opening for our fight.

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