Chapter 196 – Screams of Exceedingly Deep Forest and Ground [Continuation]


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「As I thought, they possess the minimum passable strength. However… If that’s all they have, then I won’t lose even if I were to fight them both at the same time.」

「Kyh…」 「I knew that she is taking this easy, but…」

After the battle started, things went completely in Lilia’s favor for a while.

It’s not like it was an easy battle for Lilia, but even so, she isn’t as badly injured as the two.

(Mai and Yuuto are doing their best… But at this rate…)

It looks like I took more damage than I expected. I’m in no condition to participate in this battle.

I have to consider what is coming next. I still can take the two and escape.

I was planning to teleport from here at the last stage of my revenge anyway.

I already secured means for that by using the Spirit Sword to infuse a magic stone with the teleportation power.

Using it, we will be able to escape, but it will certainly mean that our revenge ended in failure. But…

「If we survive, there is a next time」

I tried to activate teleportation…

「Not yet, Nii-sama!!」

Mai’s voice resounded through the forest, stopping me.

「I’m… I didn’t come to this world just to hold you back. Nii-sama!!」

Mai stood up with a vigorous shout.

「Yuuto-san, 30 seconds, please stall Lilia for just 30 seconds.」

「30 seconds… That’s some absurd request.」

Yuuto replied to Mai’s words. But contrary to his words, he seemed fully intent on carrying it out.

「But, well, I also don’t want this to end with simply stalling for time.」

Getting back to his feet, Yuuto took a green magic stone from his breast pocket.

Then, with a loud cracking noise, he crushed it with his teeth and swallowed it.

「『Amaliaplant・Full Body』!!!」

The next moment, Yuuto’s body swelled up, turning into the highest level plant monster that could be found in 『Dicey Armed Troops Arena』.

At the same time, Mai began chanting.

「Forth and forth, akin to a begrudging voice, akin to a demon chained to the darkness.」


An ear-shattering scream resounded through the area.

The monster with the torso looking like moss, leaves, and dirt merged together, surrounded by countless sturdy ivies.

The ivies, wriggling like tentacles, rushed towards Lilia.

「Forth and forth, akin to weaving a curse, akin to remains of ancestor cast aside」

「Tch, so annoying!!」

Lilia, being skilled at sorcery as one would expect from a demonfolk, used magic to fend off those countless tentacles, putting emphasis on speed rather than power.

Though not as good as Leticia, who used magic as naturally as she breathed, Lilia is still a skilled mage.

While being an inferior version of Leticia when it came to magic, in combination with her unique skill 『Magic Vision』 which she used to see through opponent’s magic attacks, she had sufficient ability for magic combat.

「This much is nothing! Even if you press with sheer numbers!」

「『Gieea?! GIGIGyu! GyuAAAA!!!』」

A number of ivies were torn off and sent flying, each time echoing with Yuuto’s agony-filled shouts.

「Forth and Forth, akin to a sacrificial lamb, akin to a rotting purlin.」

Though her technique as a mage was not on par with Leticia, the battle prowess she displayed when defending herself by reading the signs of an incoming attack before it was launched made up for this.

Even so, the number of vines wielded by Yuuto didn’t diminish.

「Tch, kuh, such a thing!!」

The relentless onslaught of ivies that just kept regenerating after being cut off or blown away continued.

While they couldn’t land a decisive hit on Lilia, they still were very effective at restraining her actions.

「Forth and forth, akin to gazing into the abyss, blind, akin to rotten eyes.」

After losing all of the vines precisely 30 seconds later, Yuuto, all covered in wounds, morphed back to his original form.

「That’s 30 seconds, I leave the rest to you…」

「Forth and forth, akin to taking down a god, akin to eyes filled with pus.」

All covered in blood, Yuuto leaned on the nearby tree and sank to the ground.

「Thank you very much, Yuuto-san, this is all I need.」

However, that was enough, Mai’s preparations were over.

「This is…」

I’m quite positive I heard the sound of Lilia nervously gulping.

The black wind was swirling around Mai, who until now was accumulating power, hidden behind Yuuto’s giant body.

The cracking sound similar to that of electric discharge made evident the volume of the magic power that Mai managed to gather.

「Come forth 『Breath of the Princess of Rot』」


Lilia, who has the『Magic Vision』skill, probably judged that the magic power poured in there was enough to deal a fatal blow.

Mai raised the naginata overhead and then swung it downwards, drawing a 180-degree arc, at the same time, Lilia, tried to put as much distance between Mai and her as she could while keeping her guard up…

「Pointless, it won’t save you from this wind.」

The next moment came a sound similar to that of flowing sand.
As if beckoned by the black wind created by Mai, an overwhelming black storm covered the dark night sky.

And like a swing from a giant hammer, black wind poured from above.


Lilia tried to defend from that wind by erecting a barrier with her magic power.

She dug her feet into the ground, trying to hold the storming wind back.

But outside of her immediate vicinity, everything touched by the black wind, be it grass, tree or anything else turned into black sand.

Lilia may be an outstanding mage but her talent lies not with the use of magic itself. Her forte is in magic duels, which she can play like chess, relying on her Magic Sight. Her power itself wasn’t that great, so she had trouble dealing with great sorceries with high magic output. In that aspect, Mai’s attack, in which she poured everything she had, was precisely that.


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