Chapter 199: A forcible end to the stalemate [Continuation]


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「uuh… Guh…」 「…hah…」

With a snap of Leticia’s fingers, the ice spears that pinned Lilia to the ground disappeared before both Leon and the now freed Lilia were levitated and moved onto Mai’s conjured black sand.

The next snap was followed by a loud clang, as the two became trapped in a crude metal cage.

「And then, we have to heal you.」

「…Ah, so warm.」 「The wounds are closing… And my strength, and magic power, they are returning…」

Leticia walked up to Mai and Yuuto, who were lying on the ground, and lightly touched their shoulders.

Just as with Lilia some moments ago, ripples spread from where Leticia touched them, and the wounded two began rapidly healing.

Not only their wounds, but even their stamina and magic power were recovering.

「And lastly, Kaito, a special recovery spell for you.」

「No, I’m…」

Returning to my side, Leticia wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me before I could even say anything.


「Mguh, mhuah.」

That moment, a faint golden light enveloped both Leticia and me.

「Ah-ah-ah! Again!!」


「Mai-chan, calm down, calm down.」

With the eyes of our accomplices pinned to us, we took our time, and only after ten or so seconds had passed, finally pulled away.

「Phah, you were too rash. This took a lot of magic power.」

「Nonono! You told me to be serious since this is a revenge, and now you are doing this!!」

「What can I do。This idiot was so reckless that he was utterly trashed on the cell level. And on top of that, it required even more mana since his stats are so high. So the most certain way to do this type of healing while collecting information was through mucous membrane contact.」


Is what she is saying, but I knew that in Leticia’s case, it wouldn’t have made any real difference.

But I wasn’t planning to say anything unnecessary, since the surrounding gazes hurt despite my wounds already being closed.

「Now then, I set a barrier to protect us from being overheard.」

Leticia twirled with a finger, and a rectangle rose up around us.

Recovered, Mai and Yuuto walked up to us, and stopped near me.

「Then, let’s discuss our plans.」{tl: let’s talk about the plan?}

「Yes, sure.」

Coughing once to clear my through, I change my gears.

All this time, I was assuming that in the second circle Leticia will be hostile to me. That she will come to hate me for killing her sister.

To be honest, I can’t say that I was fully prepared for that. Even though I understood that this is the best course of action, I knew this will be all the more painful for all the love that I received from her in the first circle.

The number of times I jumped off the bed during the night as I saw Leticia in my dreams, looking at me with eyes of pure hate as she threw her curses at me, cannot be counted with just the digits on my appendages.

That is why, this situation, which could not be described as anything less than a miracle, a fool’s hope, granted me so much joy. I wanted nothing more than to just celebrate here and now but I must refrain. After all, we were still in the middle of our revenge.
The confusion from the surprise dissipated. There also were no more obstacles to the revenge.

Just for now, I had no use for this joy.

What I needed now was the pitch dark cruel heart of a demon.

Just until I’m done with the revenge. Just for now, I wanted to remain a monster crawling at the bottom of the abyss.

Otherwise, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to properly finish this.

「Though I said discuss, I wasn’t able to come up with any elaborate revenge plans. My idea was to repay them by doing exactly what they did, and then have Nonorik help me torture them before killing. So I didn’t do anything apart from gaining their trust.」

「Is that so? I see…」

After somehow switching my gears, I thought about what Leticia said, and realized that this is quite convenient for us.

Two valuable pieces can now be used in our revenge plan, Leticia and Nonorik. On top of that, Lilia now joined Leon on the stage.

The same goes for Leticia, if she had some kind of plan, she now has a lot to reconsider.

I was contemplating on how I could incorporate Lilia into the revenge, if Leon and Lilia turned out to be lovers and I get to pull her onto the stage.

Since I realized that there is Leticia and Nonorik to worry about, it was nothing more than fantasies, but in this last crucial moment, the pieces I needed to make the plan perfect simply rolled into my hands.

「It seems you already did something to Leon, so I’m fine if you just leave the finishing blow on Lilia to me, and also… 」

A faint smile appeared on Leticia’s face as she slightly tilted her head.

「This way, the revenge will play out in a much more satisfying fashion. A much deeper and fulfilling one than I can get myself, right?」

Corrupted, distorted, eventually forming a concentrated lump of darkness.

To me, Leticia’s dark crimson eyes now seemed to be stained with darkness. When I saw such eyes of hers in the first circle I couldn’t say anything. Back then, it felt like there was a wall the size of a whole world between us.

But now…

「Sure, leave it to me. I will present you with the best revenge possible. 」

…My eyes most certainly were just like hers.



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