Chapter 201: A forcible end to the stalemate [Continuation]


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I’d like to at least somehow let Lilia escape…

(At the very least, it doesn’t seem like they are intending to immediately kill us. They probably want to enjoy their revenge… For now I should observe the situation while looking for a chance.)
A sudden desperate attack certainly wouldn’t work against them, but at the same time, simply waiting surely wouldn’t improve our situation as well. While I was wondering what to do, Kaito clapped his hands.

「Then, let me first explain the rules to you. Leticia, you will explain rules to Lilia.」

「Umu, leave it to me. First, let’s create the stage. For starters, I guess it would be nice to get more space.」


After she spoke those words, a red flame burst out from her hand and, in a blink of an eye, incinerated a part of the forest. In less than a few seconds, everything in the direction where Leticia pointed, from grass to the broken trees, turned to ashes, while the ground melted, becoming blazing red magma. With the next wave of her hand, that magma sunk down as the soil moved to cover the hole.

What remained after that was only an empty and barren land.

「As expected, a place this rich in magic power makes things a lot easier. Then, this.」

Leticia snapped her fingers and the earth around me greatly swelled, forming something akin to walls, encircling a large area.

「This is…」

It’s like an octagon shaped arena. The size double that of the training grounds back in the city, the arena was stirring uneasiness with it’s empty spectator seats.

The part opposite of me was made clearly different from the other spectator seats, raising one level above them, likely intended as VIP seats.

「And now, we only have to erect a barrier and we are good. Well then, I guess this is it.」

After a short pause, Leticia raised her hand, and a pyramid shaped barrier emerged on that cue.

The barrier had unthinkable strength for the one created by just one person. It would be hard to breach.

Moreover, around the VIP seats was another barrier.

「Looks good.」

「Of course it does. Now, sister, you come here. You are getting a seat of honour.」


Grabbing Lilia by the hair, she then dragged her on the ground.

Everyone else, aside from Kaito, also followed her.

Only Kaito and I were left here.

「…You mentioned rules. What are you trying to make me do?」

「What? Can’t you guess by seeing what’s around you? This is an arena. And talking about arenas, there is only one thing you can do there, right? We are going to have a sword duel. It’s a special structure meant to give a reckless challenger hope.」

Kaito said with a pomp, grinning from one ear to another.

「Hope, huh…」

「That’s right, an arena is a place where one can get what their desire though their strength alone.」

He looked like a clown, waving his hands as he spun around.

「From now on, you will have to face ferocious monsters, solo. Nothing complicated. You just have to keep killing the incoming monsters.If you manage to defeat all the monsters that we throw at you…」

Driven by hatred, the ex-hero turned into a monster.

「…You will be able to save Lilia’s life in exchange for your own.」

And said such accursed words.

「The barrier surrounding this place will disappear with the death of every living thing in this arena. This, of course, includes you as well. If you manage to overcome this trial and then die, I promise that we won’t touch Lilia.」

「…And I’m supposed to believe that?」

「It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, the game will start regardless… But to be honest, I really want to see how Lilia will suffer after surviving through your sacrifice.」

「…I see, you have become quite scummy, Kaito.」

「You have no one to thank for this but yourself, no?」

A painful reply to my remark.

Now, thanks to having memories from the first world, I understood his words, and though I did what I’ve done for the greater cause, I still was aware of the gravity of my past actions.

「You are going to die in any case. The only possible difference is either you will fall in battle and go to hell along with Lilia, or you will overcome this trial and die after, allowing Lilia to get away with her life.」

Deep darkness was festering in Kaito’s eyes as he said that.

A strong intent to most certainly see me dead was there.

「That being said, this is a game. And it wouldn’t be interesting if you had absolutely no chances of victory.」

With those words Kaito pointed to his right, urging me to look there.
Repulsive monsters were appearing there one after another. The unfamiliar monsters that I saw not so long ago.

At the first glance, they appeared like a variant of ogre or something similar, but they clearly were something else.
Transparent liquid was dripping onto the ground from their blackish-green skin, while from their heads were sticking small humanoid torsos. These probably belong to fairies. On their neck they also had bodies of fairies, hanging there like a scarf. Their whole appearance could be best described with just one word – vile.

「Do not fret. Those are not your enemies. On the contrary, they are you dear allies.」

While I was cautious, wondering if it’s fine to kill them, Kaito said such words with a smile that surely couldn’t mean anything good.
「They are your healing, power up, and punishment device at the same time. You look like you have no idea what I’m talking about. Well, I’m going to explain it now, so just listen, kay?」



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