Chapter 202: A forcible end to the stalemate [Continuation]


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In front of the monsters marching in an orderly fashion akin to military troops, Kaito began talking in an exaggerated fashion, like an actor in a play.
「Right now, due to the power of my spirit sword, your body has been made similar to the fairies of this forest. The very same fairies we have used in making those creatures over there.They might look like that but their bodies in fact lack substance, since those bodies are composed of magic particles that make up fairy bodies.」

「…How foul.」

I expected something like this from their appearance, but it turns out that they are indeed chimeras, made with the use of fairies.

「Why, thanks. Hearing such a praise from you means it was worth making them.」

Kaito happily laughed, despite creating monsters that could be called an insult to all living things.

「Let’s go back to the main topic. In other words, what I’m trying to say is that, they are the medicine meant to help you challenge this stage.」


「That’s right. The minor wounds on your body seemed to have healed and have somewhat recovered. you can now move to a certain degree, but even so, you are still in crappy shape, hm? Having you just up and die on us would make all of our preparations pointless. So if you ever get close to dying, you can just eat them. If you do so, the magic particles making up their bodies will heal your body and give you strength.」

「Those 50 creatures are your remaining lives. We ordered the monsters that you are going to fight to not to finish you off while they still remain. We also ordered them to not to get in the way of your meal. So every time you get beaten up by the monsters, you will have a chance to eat them.」

How fun, how fun, how fun, how fun.

Kaito was brimming with such emotions.

「Unlike healing potions, there is no worry of getting drunk on them from repeated consumption, and since they are basically just particles of magic, there is no chance of getting your stomach full. For the current you, who is almost a fairy at this point, this healing method is fantastic, right?」

Although it were us who twisted them like this, can humans really turn so wicked?
「Fight, fight fight to your heart content and then…」

He changed in tone and, as if in prayer, pleading to some higher entity, yet filled with the utmost malice…



The next moment, a sound of stomping resounded.
The monsters lined up along the wall stood at attention, letting out groans in unison, making the whole scene even more unpleasant.

The moment after, a barrier like the one that protected the arena, covered the monsters, leaving only one area exposed.

「Well, I’ll be observing your fight from the seat over there. I suggest you eat at least one of those while I’m leaving the area. Ah, which reminds me, I completely forgot about the remaining [Faerie Eaters]. There should be around 200 of them. Well, I guess we can have them work to liven up the atmosphere.」

With those words, Kaito swung his spirit sword and the audience seats that only a moment ago were completely empty were filled with the same monsters as those standing behind me.

「Well then, I hope to see a good fight.」

After saying that, Kaito left for his seat.

The hole leading outside, from which the faerie chimeras entered the arena, disappeared, with stairs leading to the audience seats now being located in its place. The entrance to the stairs seems to be protected with another barrier, a faint ripple could be seen as Kaito passed through it. Passing through the audience seat, Kaito headed for the area where Leticia and others were waiting.

Meanwhile, changes continued to happen to the arena. The opposite side from the faerie spring, a dazzling light came from the direction of the seats where Kaito was heading.
The light came from the summoning circle located on the walls beside them.

While closely observing that magic circle, I keep looking for a way to escape this place.

(Breaking through the barriers… Is impossible. It’s one thing if I was in my top condition, but right now it’s very dubious if I will even be able to break them. )

The completely transparent barrier can make one feel that there is absolutely nothing overhead.

But the sheer amount of magic power poured in there creates an illusion of there being something very tangible.

In the end, I could find no other option but to go along with their ideas and wait for a chance to present itself.

Suddenly, a giant triangular pyramid appeared in the air.

Then, the pyramid pointed its tip to the ground, and on the upper part appeared a number, 1000.

On the side appeared projections of Kaito, Lilia and others.


Looking exhausted beyond limit, Lilia was pinned to a cross.

However, in her eyes still dwelled a strong will to do what had to be done.

(Yes, that’s right, Lilia. We have sworn to save this world. We can’t afford to give up no matter how hopeless the situation may seem! )

I once again made a fist.

「Oh my, from your looks, it seems you didn’t eat [Faerie Eater] yet.」

「There is no way I can eat such monsters.」

「No no, you surely can. If you tear into their throats, then the magic power in the bodies will be released and the particles will end up absorbed by you.」

「I have no need for that.」

「Well, fine, if you insist.」

As if any sane person would eat a humanoid monster alive.

Their grotesque look also contributes to that, and there is no guarantee that Kaito, given how he is now, didn’t set up some kind of trap.

「Now, let us begin the show! The total number of monsters to defeat is one thousand! Until the counter above your head becomes zero! Give it your all! Fight!」

With those words, the magic circle on the wall shone even brighter for a moment.

As I was wondering just what kind of monster is going to appear before me, what came from that circle was…


What appeared was a pack of orcs.

In the guild, D rank adventurers would be fighting such monsters.

I anticipated far stronger opponents. Though it felt like a bit of a letdown, I pulled myself together and prepared for battle.

Kaito’s ability is like a surprise box, you never know what will pop out, many abilities are powerful enough to defy understanding. I guess as expected from the power bestowed by the gods.


In total, 20 enemies appeared.

Three from that group slowly approached, as if checking for my response.

While somewhat creeped out by that, I strike with my fist at the club of one of the approaching orcs.

「BUURA!!!」 「W-WHA-T!!」

Losing to an orc in terms of power, I was knocked back.

「Guh, ugh, t-this is…」

「Aah, that’s why you should’ve listened to my advice.」

A voice full of spite resounded through the arena.


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