Chapter 203: A forcible end to the stalemate [Continuation]

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「You think you would retain the power you had before being fully transformed into a fairy after losing the Faerie Tree? At least check your stats first.」

「…This is.」

「Well, but do not fret. We took that into account when we concocted your『Medicine』. They will supplement for your lost power.」


「Ah, which reminds me, I forgot to mention one more rule. The time limit to save your princess. An ending with both of you dead is also possible. The first one, Leon, is if you will be defeated by monsters after using up all of your extra lives. In that case, you will become their feed, and Leticia will behead Lilia.」

After saying that, Kaito slid a thumb across his throat.

「And another option, is if Lilia gives up.」

「What did you say…?」

When I heard the second condition, my heart throbbed with a bad premonition.

「Yees! Nono will begin!!」

Nonorik jumped forward, happily swinging his sword.

「Mufufufu♪ I finally get to shine! I grew tired of waiting~. Then, for an enthusiastic opening…」

「Hey… You aren’t going to… Hey, stop! Don’t touch Lilia!!!」

Seeing Nonorik raise his prized white blade, I shouted at the top of my lungs, but…

「First, let’s take a look inside!」

「Hiii, HYAGH…!!!」

It didn’t stop the blade which then sliced open Lilia’s abdomen.


With an agonized shout, I looked at the projection on the pyramid, which showed a bleeding Lilia.

「We are going to entertain Lilia while you are fighting. When Lilia gives up and asks us to kill her, she is going to be beheaded, while you will become a feed for monsters.」


「Ahahahaha!! Hey, we finally got some human-like reaction from you!」

Kaito’s ridiculing voice echoed through the place.

「Did you think Leticia and I will treat Lilia courteously, without actually doing anything to her? Nooo waaay, dumbass! You will fight while looking at the torture of your beloved one and listening to her cries of agony! Ahahahahaha!!!」

He laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

He laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world.

「Of course, simply torturing her would be boring. So we are going to make her body a part of the game. We will work on her in turns, switching every five minutes. Lilia also will be given a magic stone charged with mana, dropping which will activate a healing magic circle. 」

Kaito tapped on the floor a couple of times, switching the image to the view of Lilia’s feet, showing a magic circle engraved on the ground under her.

The magic circle seemed to be sustaining her life as it emitted a faint light, powered by the magic in the blood dripping from a disemboweled Lilia.

「This thing will work even on the magic power from her blood… But it of course will do nothing to suppress the pain. After she uses the magic stone, we will stop the torture for 2 minutes, after she endures 5 minutes of torture from one of us, we will also give a 2 minute break. And lastly, since I’m so generous, we also won’t touch her while you are consuming your 『Faerie Eaters』. However, each time she uses a magic stone, you are going to lose one life. 」

A smile like a crystallization of wickedness.

「Aren’t you happy? You get to truly share the same fate. Leon, Lilia, you are going to challenge this game while sharing the same remaining lives! Or maybe it’s better said, eating on each other’s lives? Ahahahaha!!!」

Kaito was not the only one. The humans behind him were also smiling, as well as Nonorik, who didn’t have any hatred in his expression and seemed to be simply enjoying himself.

As well, as Leticia, who had exactly the same eyes as Kaito and laughed in exactly the same way.

All of them are malicious monsters.

「「Now, resume the game!」」


The orcs that stayed put as if they could read the mood, rushed at me, stomping on the ground.

「Now now, yup, this is disappointing, Lilia-chan, your blood doesn’t taste like that of a maiden.」


Though my stats and skills were greatly diminished, I didn’t lose the fighting techniques hammered into my body.

The incoming enemies are just simple orcs, not variant-types nor were they modified in any way.

Normally, opponents of such level would be nothing, but right now, I’m gradually getting cornered due to their numbers and the difference in stats.

On top of that…

「Mhm, Noonoo, isn’t it about time for the switch? No? No?」

「Fufu, no way, it’s still my happy time!」

「Augh, ghugh, fugyah…!」

「MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGH! Say, Kaito, isn’t this turn system a pain?」

「Nope, If we go at it all together then no one will be able to enjoy it to their heart’s content. Just wait for your turn, Leticia.」

「Twist and turn?Twist and turn?Twist the guts and then turn them~」

「Haa, Haa, HiGAAGGGAAaAaaAA…!」

Lilia’s cries of pain from the insane torture, that they treated completely like a game, were distracting me.

「…How can they do such a thing.」

Catching a glimpse of Lilia, I freeze in place.

With her stomach split open, Nonorik was twisting her intestines with his bare hands.

Strangely enough, that sight reminded me of the dead children that were sadistically killed by faeries out of spite.

And the monsters didn’t miss the weakness I showed as the result.



A heavy hit with a club to my shoulder breaks my stance.

Using their numbers they continued their attack, battering me with clubs from all sides, leaving me no chance to respond. The only option was to endure.

By the time I couldn’t tell anymore if the screams that I heard were Lilia’s or my own, the beating suddenly stopped.

「Buuoo」 「Bububu」 「Bruuuuah」
Just like well trained dogs, the orcs were just staring down at me without doing anything.

「Here you go, your first 『death』. Ending, you both were simply tortured to death. What are you going to do? Give up? Continue?」

As Kaito spoke in high tension, one of the chimeras that they called 『Faerie Eaters』 stepped out from the barrier.

(Are you telling me to eat this? Such a vile thing?)

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