Chapter 73 – Story 10 – Adventurer and Demon God, Covered (gasp) in Pieces of Flesh

 Translator: Ranzan      Editor: JackOFallTrades

「Gahhh, die, bugs!」

The horns, bones, and shells which had been filling in my bag were thrown at the bugs with my full strength.

The scene in front of me right now is even worse than when I first entered – a grotesque visual.

It was already rustling and mucky, but now it was covered with blown up body liquids and blown up pieces of flesh and glistening, slimy compounds added to them.

You could see how lame the guy that intended this to happen was just by looking at it is.

「Hah hah hah, the bugs are all in pieces!」

I had no idea what I was saying, but once I calmed down and looked at it clearly, it made me crazy again, and so I maintained that mentality of feeling absolutely insane. Being freaking insane makes you invincible!

Wait, what the hell am I thinking?

「Gyaaaaaa, yuck! Disgusting! No closer, these freaking bugs, I don’t want any bugs for breakfast!」

What the hell, she ate bugs for breakfast before? She seemed more disgusted by it than I was.


「It’s rattling about, twitching! Disgusting!」

The redhead was screaming and running around like crazy shooting off magic everywhere.

Yeah, the same crazy tools as I have. Wait, if you’re crying does that mean you’re not running crazy anymore? Maybe the redhead is completely resisting doing an attack out of confusion?

「Whateeeever! Look, look, let this sink in! Ahah hah hah!!」

「Dammit, I’m the only one firing with a clear mind! Why is it that only I’m the one that’s fighting without going nuts? It sucks that you’re the first person I hate for having too high a magic resistance!」

「What did you say? I have a clear mind!」

「Shut up, baldy! You’re just making your eyes spin around, stop that and come to your senses! 」


Slissshaaaah, a water ball suddenly fell on me and covered me with water.

It seemed to melt my slightly strange status of confusion.

「What are you doing!?」

「Since you have only a little endurance, you’ve gotten confusion so I’m trying to help! How long are you going to trip out like that?!」

「Stop bugging me! If you are telling me to fix it, I can, so just leave me alone! That disgusting clear-mindedness of yours is disgusting! Bleh!」

Now that I had a hold of the situation again, it was more disgusting than I could ever imagine. It was a scene you’d wish you could fast forward through if it were on the TV or in a movie, and had a destructive force if you were forced to watch it clearly all the way through.

Maybe it was me, but it seemed like everything around me was stagnating. I mean, I was tripping out so maybe I didn’t notice, but because of the exploding bug juice, the glistening mushroom-looking like spore that began my confusion, and the worm-like bug spewing compatible dragon breath – I was trapped in a bunch of smells that made me want to puke.

Even though I had some endurance skill against abnormal statuses from leveling up, I didn’t get confused from all these remaining things that were around me, but it wasn’t like I could just ignore the smell either.

「D, dammit, this stinking smell from all that slime made me lose it…wait, bugs are cold-blooded right? Both their blood and internal fluids are cold right? Why?」

My five senses surged back as I ignored everything right up until I was clear-minded again.

I could see everything in this grotesque picture before me, things like flying bugs filling the room with buzzing sounds, and that nasty stench from before.

Also, it seemed like the temperature was rising as well, and it was getting more humid. Maybe that was because the redhead was using some fire-based magic or something.

Also, the redhead in question had placed a half wind sphere around her as well, so all the air was being cut off by it.

「Redhead! Stop keeping that all to yourself! Let me in too!」

There was something like an Iron Garm fang crawling closer with something like a centipede stabbed through it and two things that looked like flying ants that flew closer that got thrown by me as I got closer to the magic circle that redhead had set up.

「Wha? Don’t come closer! I don’t want any of that disgusting stuff near me! All that disgusting smell is all over you so don’t come closer!」

「You just splashed me with that ball of water though!」

「It still stinks though, here! I’ll wash you again!」


An appearing ball of water covered my body again. This time it didn’t fall and drench me but spun in my location like a whirlpool.

(Whoa, a human washing machine.)

Redhead’s stone spear again stabbed through several winged bugs as they crawled over the floor. During that, the water-whirlpool spinning below my neck for 10 seconds ended with a mighty SPLASH which covered the floor right below me.

「Hey! Are you just going to leave me drenched?! I mean, this is how I was before!」

「Don’t ask for too much, you didn’t get hurt so you’ll be fine!」

「If I’m wet, that spore looking thing and all those flying ant scales are going to slime me all over again! You turned a minor problem into a disaster!」

「Don’t mess with me! There’s no way I’m letting you inside this wind zone looking as disgusting like that!」

During that conversation, in order to crush the five or six bugs that drew near during that 10 seconds I was being “washed,” I tossed the remains of a 10 foot stone golem on them and crushed them.

It was a weak dungeon boss meant for a novice player, so I killed it without really receiving a scratch.

The usually calm Yumis excitedly fought it and beat it as it was an important experience seeing that Aurelia Kingdom didn’t have many magical creatures like golem.

We had planned on sending it to Yumis’ lab in the next town we arrived at, Ermia, but it was a “Yumistake.” In emergency situations like this, you wish she’d lay off.

If you get a bit of bug juice on it, it’s going to mess up your research, right? Yeah, and if we can’t use it, we’ll just have to find another sample to use.

「Dammit, it’s stuck on my clothes and kind of disgusting.」

Not only did I not want to fight the bugs, but unlike the world I come from with decent clothes to wear, the clothes of this world really have a nasty feel to them if you get them soaked.

Your body heat will dry it off after a while, so I prayed that would happen quickly.


「Kishaaaat the f*** up, you stupid bugs!」

I was pissed at this nasty slug-like thing crawling up at me while making a high, squealing sound, so I started tossing stuff around again.

After the battle continued a bit…

The immense numbers of bugs had been decreased to quite a smaller number.

After a little more, these bugs should all but be destroyed. As our view got clearer and clearer as we wiped the bugs away, the door being in the direct opposite from the door we entered had the same design but a different color of green. Maybe that’s the real goal, after all.

However, on the other hand, Redhead and I had a bad feeling about what was coming.

「…Don’t say it, I know.」

As the bugs were lain low, we glanced over and saw a shiny light pink egg looking thing, There seemed to be blood vessels running over the surface, and we could see from afar that it was twitching strangely.

I thought we were making it because the bugs numbers were decreasing, so I didn’t just fight with whatever but properly threw my throwing knives at it.

「Damn, still impossible.」

However, before the knife hit its target a wall of bugs flew in front, creating a defensive wall. Not only that, but the big egg-thing was sitting right in front of that green exit.

We knew it was something important, as the egg became darker and larger.

「Hey, I…I have a bad feeling about this.」

「Yeah, it makes me relieved that I’m not the only one thinking it.」

「That’s a bad feeling of relief, like a joke that goes too far.」

The redhead started to slowed down shooting fireballs as if she was getting used to this.

No matter the opponent, as soon as you figure out if the fire works on them then you can shoot away and kill the bugs.

There was a lot of smoke all over the place because of this. The smoke didn’t cover everything because it was bad to not be able to see all around you, but it was one unearthly scene.

(If we blow through them all, will they let us kill them? Or will they run out.)

Because of the redhead’s wind-field, the air around us was pretty normal, but if you walked outside of it, I bet the stench would assault you. Well, since we’ve beaten so many, and used so much fire magic that the room itself has gotten uncomfortably warm so it was already pretty nasty.

Redhead was carefully maintaining her MP while checking around her, and the amount of magic she was putting into her shots wasn’t that much.

There just wasn’t enough power to pierce that wall of meat…or…bugs.

「Geez, it’s unlike bugs to be that strong against magic.」

As we ground our teeth, the egg-thing’s appearance kept changing.

In contrast to the decreasing wall of bugs, the color of the egg continued to darken while it grew larger and larger.

Now with only a few bugs in the room, we could see that they were all soon to be vanquished. However, We saw the bugs surrounding the egg thing effectively resisting our attacks.

Finally, the result of our bad premonitions came to blossom.

After a final step, the change of the egg-thing suddenly increased. It seemed to break open quickly, and the skin color that was pink at first, had now changed from red to a deep red that was almost close to black.

The throbbing of its blood vessels got faster, finally reaching its quickest pulse.


If only we could clear them all away, but it just wasn’t that easy.

In desperation, I took the five knives in my hand and threw them all at the egg-thing.

Hwooooosh, the knives broke through the wind and struck the still remaining bugs in front of the egg-thing. One knife, however, went threw the bugs but ended up under the egg-thing.

(Wait, did it hit it? No…is this enemy flagged?)

But, right before the knife hit the egg-thing, it seemed to swell with fervor and then broke open.

It opened much like the blossom of a flower as it revealed a deep yellow opening and shot a thick, slimy blob into the air around it.

That blob hit the knife and it quickly fell to the ground.

「Wah, aaagh, dammit, now I gotta work so hard to get it back…I mean, that’s disgusting!」

「Eeeeeek, ah, ah, that’s…nasty!」

As we were mouthing those words to ourselves, what emerged was a bug much like a 「Giant Isopod」that one would see in a documentary.

It was a massive 20 footer bug that made one wonder how it managed to fit in such a small egg. If you looked at how big the beast was now, it seemed to be the size of a normal house.

It’s body shined in the glimmer of slimy liquids, and it slithered around in armor plating much like those of crabs or shrimp. It made a sound like it was searching for prey from a face with the same shape as a centipede’s.

Yes, it’s shape seemed like the one from the movie A_IEN. Yes, much like AL_EN.

It was absolutely horrific. The bugs we encountered before this were foul, but this one was incomparable.

It’s body was almost translucent and that made it even more reprehensible.


It’s cry was split into a screeching soul-splitting cry and a deep, undulating growl. The dissonance between the two seemed even more unsettling to the ear.

This beast that seemed exactly like a real boss now began flailing around while eating the bugs flying around it.

It bit right through the carapace of the bugs around it, managing to crunch down several flying bugs as well, wings and all. It also ate the slugs’ deflated, smaller bodies after it bit through the slugs and sucked out all of their internal juices.

All of the remaining bugs quickly filled this last boss-looking bug’s body.

In other words, this is probably the last boss. This seemed to be the trump card that stood out over all the rest.

「Dammit, who made this dungeon, after all? There’s no way this is natural.」


Then, before I could shout, something beside me went clink.

「This freaking succccckkkkksss! I’m gonna killlllllllll youuuuuu!!」


Redhead started screaming suddenly while preparing some magic as quickly as possible.

Within seconds, dozens of fireballs began dancing in the air, and almost seemed to surround me at a distance.

「Y…you idiot! Are you going to use explosive magic on a thing that big?! Wah!」

Maybe she was only trying to finish this battle as quickly as possible, but the quick creation of these fireballs caused the air around Redhead to radiate with heat.

Because of this, maybe because Redhead had lost all reason and thus all control, the heat burned away all of the wind-barrier, and we were suddenly attacked by the intense smell of steaming bugs and their disgusting, burning protein and fat.

For that reason, I reacted by clamping down my mouth and breath while not trying to speak.

Even if I had continued and Redhead had heard everything I was about to say, I was already too late in trying to control her as she shot her curtain of fire forward.

「Let’s ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!」

「Wait a second?!」

Almost as if it was erasing my questioning shout, she flung almost one hundred fireballs at the massive beast.


All of the balls had the same strength, and perhaps because the beast was so large, they all struck with a massive amount of power while being elaborately controlled.

Then, the giant isopod-like thing was suddenly hit and in reaction, screeched in the agony of death in a massive explosion of fire all around it.

However, the explosion and destruction of its body resulted in a rain of body fluid and slimy carapace coming down all around us.


Gyaaaa, with the fall of gravel-like pieces of nasty stomach acid-smelling blobs that made one nauseous falling all around us, we were also hit with insect meat the size of a fist covered with a slimy texture like gelatin.

The amount was enormous, and since the effectiveness of the explosion was so enormous, as a result, our bodies were covered with all these repulsive things instantly.

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