Chapter 75 – No Matter How Hard, We’re Going to “Heal You”

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「…Here I guess is…where I met Leticia.」

Anyway, after that I was able to get into a party with those idiots again, but I wasn’t able to find an entrance to the dungeon.

A pitfall was the entrance, transportation magic was the exit.

The pitfall was closed, there was no way to use the exit, so we had to put any more searching to rest.

From the beginning, the dungeon had a lot of strange points about it, so it was strange to even call it a dungeon.

After that, there was a lot of things Leticia said as well.

When I was sneaking into the mansion of a royal family, I had met Leticia dressed as a maid, and when I was busy driving magical beasts out of a dungeon, I had seen her in some town competing in an eating contest.

There were a lot of stories of her that emerged.

「Well, that’s enough. Time to go and all, nothing more to talk about as a lot of the stuff really isn’t comfortable to talk about.」

After I had made a large bowl of grateful boar soup and it was eaten dry, I cut off the stories there.

The stories had gotten longer than I thought they would, and I wasn’t able to suppress all the feelings that had welled up inside of me.


「Hey, hey, no reason to just shut up and stare, it makes the mood bad.」

From the beginning to end while we were talking, I was the one dominating the conversation. Minnalis and Shuria had talked quite a bit as well, but neither of them picked up the conversation after I was done speaking.

I didn’t want their thoughts about everything, but at least a response.

I mean, just being silent is embarrassing. No, you’d want to be able to talk with the memory that 『Last night was such a great time, right?』or something, everyone does.

「Well, even if you say that…」

「It’s not like we’re going to say『Thanks for your fond memories』or something.」

Minnalis and Shuria said, looking at one another.

『F, fond memories.』

I know that what they said was true, but being told about it hurts a bit.

「Well, there’s one thing I was able to confirm.」

「Shuria too. I don’t think there’s any problem, but I think I found out something.」

There was their beige and red pupils looking right at me.

「I know that you really love Leticia, Kaito, and your story filled in a lot of missing parts.」

「That’s why you should tell us more. Since this is your second world, can you live here without being with Leticia?」

Seeing those sharp, cold eyes, I saw that they wouldn’t forgive one bit of falsehood or trickery.

That’s why I responded with a light smile.

「Hey, just relax. Even if I meet her, I’m not going to make a fool out of myself again. It’s true that I really do like her. The same way that I think of you two as important, I think she is too. Even if she comes after me to kill me, I’m not going to be able to kill her.」

Yeah, it hurt me to say it.

It was almost like a throbbing, the fact that I was longing for her here was the opposite of what I was saying.


「Even so, I won’t make a mistake. I’ve quit trying to fulfill that dream I had.」

The world was not such a kind place as to let you have whatever happy life you wanted.

A world that was all good for me was now broken and in the past.

Even more, since I was now with Minnalis and Shuria, I couldn’t even make that choice now.

「The road to revenge is one that you can’t hesitate on. It would have been too much to help her and follow her on her path to revenge. Even if she hates me for it or dies from it, I have to keep living.」

If I remember the days that Leticia actually hated me, the reason she thought it fun to do so was because after she exacted revenge against whomever, she thought she could come back to kill me.

However, for me, I didn’t want her to just die from being killed by some demon lord like Leticia. Even if I couldn’t get rid of those days I was hated, even so, I…

And also, now I had accomplices I couldn’t betray. Minnalis and Shuria too, there was no reason for me to die just to make it easier for them.

「That’s why, that’s my answer. I now understand why I can’t stay beside her.」

With that said, once more, no, I still felt a strong throb in my chest.

Even if I still felt the logic, understood and comprehended it all, it still didn’t stop the emotion.

…it really sucks, just this feeling, it will never leave me.

「I…see…. If so, I can’t say anything. I’ll support you with whatever I can my whole life.」

「I’m fine with that too. As long as it’s us three, we can’t be lonely.」

I didn’t think it appeared on my face, but after seeing their reaction, they both acted as if they wanted to comfort me, so their looks changed to gentleness.

After seeing that purely benevolent reaction, I had nothing to say but I was happy deep down.

「I see, thanks, Minnalis and Shuria.」

I didn’t want to just have a fleeting relationship with them. Even if I was alone, I wanted to progress on that road to revenge.

However, it was no lie that doing it alone was hard.

That’s why deeply, deeply, so deep that it was like mixing clay and silt.
No trust, no interests.

Just so there is no doubts, just so there is no back-stabbing, that type of relationship.

(However, I was happy about their feelings, and important those womanly parts that really stuck out of those two were two big melons and two small lemons, if you know what I mean. And it seems they’re indifferent to their own attractiveness in that manner, and that’s strange. No, maybe not indifferent, maybe they just don’t even sense it…)

No, I guess that’s more of a side benefit for me.

I mean, I am a man but it’s embarrassing to have these carnal lusts mixed in with me liking them.

I mean, can I even say this all? If I do anything in an attempt to comfort myself, it ends up sounding like some erotic story from me as a pervert, and if I shut up about it, even then I would seem to be a quiet yet dishonorable lecher.

Then, I noticed a blush come over the two girls’ faces.

…Maybe it’s…a part of what they think is comforting? Maybe they want it to happen, but they’re embarrassed about it. Something like that?

N…no…I’m just throbbing with the want to tease them.

If I say something about it now, I’m going to be trashier than I could ever imagine.

(Well, trash is trash regardless. You’re just raising it to a higher level of trash.)

「Ah, cough. Sorry for making you listen to such a long story. Anyway, let’s go to sleep. We’re getting close to our goal now, anyway.」

Saying that I stood up, and then got into the expensive sleeping bag I bought at Ermia.

In other words, I put my choice command aside.

「If so, perhaps I should exercise off this food with a little hunting of magical beasts?」

「Okay, then take me with you. I’m not tired either.」

「Ok, I see. But, make sure you come back in one piece.」

「I will, master.」

「Roger that!」

Minnalis lifted her skirt in a cute curtsy while Shuria bowed a bit with one hand up in a quick salute.

「We’ll be back soon!」

「See you!」

Then the two disappeared into the woods.

「…did that Minnalis really become a maid? Maybe it’s because of the equipment? 」

Since she changed her equipment, Minnalis’ behavior became more and more like a maid’s. One reason was because her clothes looked like a maid’s, but her attitude, expressions, tone and words she chose also seemed to change to be like one as well.

I kind of understood why, but why she started to talk like one was still a mystery.

I sighed a bit and chided myself for being so distracted with teasing them.

「Too bad, Minnalis. Until I can get Leticia out of my head, I don’t think that I can think straight.」

Not knowing what feeling Minnalis was having about all this made me want to stick by her until I could figure it out. However, no matter what the answer, I felt that I shouldn’t open my mouth about it until I had an answer.

It must be that instead of just acting like I don’t like her or something, I should just be rude to her in a dishonest way,

「…because of that, I bet Leticia would call me a 『wuss』too.」

Saying that to myself, I tried to block myself off from it by thinking it was wrong and so I crawled deep into my sleeping bag.

I should just think about what I’m going to do from now instead.

My goal is the north part of the Empire, the town near the border, Dartras. The president of the Grond trading company that has a deep interest in the place too.

Grond = Goal Dot.

One of the people that stole a lot from me.

The guy I promised to kill.

「Wait a second. …No matter what, I’ll drag you into a place of shadows even the moonlight can’t reach.」

Kill him, like that, KILL HIM.

Shake him down, mess with him, then crush him with self-confidence, faith, and dignity.

Liquidate everything he’d stolen.

Burn everything until it’s all ashes.

「Yeah, really, sounds fun. Laugh about it now, you piece of sh*t.」

I said as I seemed ready to spew out all the pitch-black thoughts welling inside my heart, and then closed my eyes.



We went into the woods leaving the master behind.

「Are we okay?」

「Walking this far means he probably won’t be able to hear us.」

After getting far enough away, I looked at Shuria’s face, and we clasped hands together.

「Hee hee heee! We did it! We finally got the pledge!」

「We did it! Yes! It’s a big step for us!」

We jumped up and down with our hands still clasped.

It was very hard to keep our emotions at bay, but now that we were separate we let it all out!

「We finally heard the master say that he decided to separate from that girl! We did it!」

「It’s totally different if he says it himself, compared to when he was all for her, now he’s proclaimed that he’s done with her!」

Shuria was pretty excited too.

I knew that I was excited, but I couldn’t control it.

「You’re right. Even though that 『Summer Night Lily』 Pyral princess was strong at first, but we got him to run as soon as we asked him to put it into words!」

Of course, that was all a fabrication so it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be, but it was a huge step.

「Not only that! Not only that! He really reacted to our strapped up boobs when we tried to comfort him!」

「Yes, I knew he was trying to avoid looking at them at first, but in the middle, I could see it was making him a bit horny and he was squirming. His heartbeat was getting quicker too!」

「My radar was going off the charts too! I felt that he really had some sadistic thoughts going on there!」

「I don’t have a weird radar like that, but I knew what was going on. He had the same proud face as when he proudly tries to tease us.」

Normally, him making a slightly malicious smile and tease us at a small mistake, is how we felt he would act.

Even though we thought it was embarrassing that it seemed he learned a lot of this stuff from a book called 『Verbal Abuse』it seemed, now we kind of were happy about it.

When I asked, it seemed like Shuria was pretty happy about it all too. I mean, it seemed she reached the point of saying『I want to have a relationship like that.』

She said she was happy to experience something like that first.

Shuria and I began to understand our different interests and peculiarities and learned a lot about each other.

Shuria thinks that the thing she loves about master is 『I want him to step on me, give me pain, and to humiliate me.』I can’t understand why she would want that, but, I can see how this is kind of like 『I want him to love me so much I can drown in it.』

Instead of wanting, I‘m more the type who wants to be wanted, but a bit the same as Shuria,

『I’m a soft masochist. But if I was enticed, I would like all my avenues for escape to be cut off, so it’s kind of sadist too…maybe an indulgent-soft SM type? 』was Shuria’s self-evaluation.

I had no idea what she was talking about.

Of course, my opinion about Shuria is just 『Getting nasty things done to her out of love, so a shadowy-dark masochist.』

…well, there are different ways to get what we want, but you can’t be happy all the time.

「Getting what you want is good, but I think that’s kind of a harsh relationship.」

「I didn’t think I’d talk about it like that with such a huge aura of loving it. I’m not much for the sweet stuff, but even my way involves a lot of fooling around.」

Remembering that, I started to feel my interest fade a bit.

Seeing that we too were connected by something deeper than blood, revenge, seeing someone like Leticia have the same thing in mind made us feel a bit envious.

We don’t know if master noticed or not, but we could tell that he was earnestly yearning for her above everything else.

It was an expression of loneliness like someone watching but not touching a treasure because it would become dirty.

「But, that’s why we both have to help him. Because of that strong yearning, it must have really hurt him to have to leave Leticia then.」

If we were to make master compare the two things he really wanted, the important one wouldn’t be to just forget about Leticia.

From that situation, it might be best just to avoid being killed by Leticia.

In order to make master not be sad about Leticia, we just need to work so that he can live without becoming hated by her again.

In all the excuses, all the reconciliation, we couldn’t stop him from the atonement by being killed.

That’s why we can’t let our master’s feelings·be taken by Leticia.

Just like calming the pain that’s in one’s heart, by cuddling up close to him, perhaps we can work to heal his heart.

With our own desires aside, we really hope to do such a thing. From now, we don’t want him to have these terrible wounds.

…Of course, our own desires are usually intermingled in the desires of our own master, which also could be a good reason.

But that and this are two different stories.

「When he really did decide to leave Leticia, that must have been the deepest wound. We must then continue to beat that unhealable wound ourselves. This is the true battle we must face.」

「I will work to heal the wound in Kaito’s heart, no matter how resentful his words are, I have to take all of his abuse, pant, pant, gulp.」

「Right, we have to treat him sweetly after he received that wound, then maybe if master chooses to do what we want, hee hee, hee hee heeee!」

Just imagining this filled our bodies with ecstacy. Certain unspeakable places started to become wet.

Just sitting there and watching master in pain, we couldn’t just leave him like that.

Get yourselves ready. No matter how hard, we must be the ones to heal him.

「Well then, let’s study what we should do until that fortunate day arrives.」

「Right. I think that master’s guard has weakened quite a bit, so let’s fight until the end.」

「You got it! Onward to the orgy!」

So just like usual, we got out one of our teaching materials.

…that material was, compared to all the former ones, decidedly perverted.


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