Chapter 76 – Prologue

 Translator: Ranzan      Editor: JackOFallTrades

The flickering flames quickly burned up the building I could say was my mistaken symbol.

After angrily cutting down over 30 low lifes among the humid lumber that was burning, it all crackled and everything was burning from a bright red into an ashen black.


I was covered in clothes that had their blood painted all over it as I silently watched the scene.

The angry slashing about that stemmed from my chaotic heart had now calmed into silence that made it all seem like a joke, but, I just kept thinking the same thing over and over.

Nothing about this is really a big deal.

There were many things like this in the world if you just looked around.

And in my original world, even in an especially peaceful place like Japan, it wasn’t rare to look around and see it occur. Some family sitting around a kotatsu eating clementines, watching what is happening on the television, and seeing all those horrible things being talked about without any responsibility for them on the news.

On the TV, in the newspaper, on the internet, there’s no doubt if you look that you’ll find them, all those unsurprising things.

Then, ignoring that world and thinking about this much more dangerous one, the stories become even more common. Even a very exaggerated story seems to be a commonly occurring thing in this world.

That said, even if I’m not involved in it, it still seems very possible.

However, the truth is that there was one fragment about it that wasn’t.

Anyway, even if I didn’t make the mistake, I couldn’t prevent it. I was only able to say four words before I was attacked.

Even with a power of a monster, it still had no use for me.

Even with self-satisfaction and benevolence, it just becomes a sword that wounds you.

No need to lament. No reason to cry out.

All the people I’ve really wanted to kill wanted to be rich.

The guys left here were abandoned by him, no, I know that he actually wanted them finished off.

Knowing that, this killing was only just a little bit of settling the balance of the terms between us.

「Heh heh, ahah hah hah hah hah haaaaah!」

It was all so comical, but it was a horrible truth that made you want to vomit.

「What’s a warrior? What’s a monster?!」

Not being able to protect the woman you love, her choosing to be a self-sacrifice for you.

Though I had worked to improve my level and power, I wasn’t able to get revenge for the disaster that befell me.

「Hah hah hah, AHAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!」

Strange, strange, too strange.

I only could cry tears that I thought had already dried up and laugh crazily.

That was the memory I’ll never forget.

My cheek of blood, maroon mixed with tears that had fallen as result of today.

The blood that was spilled on my hand because of my uselessness, and on that day, it will remain wet until I will spill it again.

The blood today can only be washed away by his hated blood alone.

Almost like a blessing, or a curse, or the blood of our connected guilt.

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