Chapter 81 – The Hero Party, Begin Wriggling 2

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A certain dark room.
That place with an unnecessary large expanse is more like a hole, rather than just a room where the earth wall is spreading in a circular shape.

This is one of the hidden rooms in the Dungeon. No, since the Dungeon core had already been destroyed by the hands of Kaito-sama and Shuria and the others, so to be more precise, the former Dungeon is more correct.
On the pedestal deep inside the dungeon, there is a fake dungeon core which was made by mixing a broken piece of dungeon core fragment which Kaito-sama and Minnalis acquired in the royal capital with a crystal installed.
Which is why it’s no longer a dungeon.

「Ugh, ……uhh, ah……」

「……It’s just about time, the poison should have circulated around」

「It’s a trance! This makes it easier for Bear-san’s* work」[1. TL Note: the “Kuma” here means Bear.]

In front of me is 『Metal-san』, one of the Shuria’s familiars, which is now in the form of a chair and detaining a certain man
With the poison made by Minnalis, half of his consciousness is being plunged into a dream world. Shuria’s job is to create dreams that make it easier to answer interrogations using Bear-san’s power.

「Now, Bear-san, it’s time for work」

Shuria took out the Bear-san from the round bag that Kaito-sama gave her and held it in her arm.
Both Neko-san* and Metal-san are usually in this round bag. When I can’t sleep in the middle of the night, they often serve as my hug pillows.

「『Kushi, kushishi」』

「It’s no good anymore? It’s punishment time for Mr. sleepyhead」

Children who say 『So sleepy, please five more minutes (free translation)』, or something like that will not be tolerated.


When he confiscates the volume of the MP that he handed over to Kuma through the path connected to Kuma, Kuma hurriedly moves its body in haste. It is kind of cute.

「If you’re truly remorseful, you will work seriously」


When she once again handed out the confiscated MP volume to Kuma, she stroked her chest as if she had been relieved.
As she lowers Kuma to the ground, it began to walk towards the man.



Bear-san too raises up a hand in response to Metal-san who, with an adorable expression, raises its metallic tentacles as if greeting.

「Now, I’ll begin. ――――To the bounds of a fleeting trance, 『Puppet possession · Bear』」

As Shuria muttered the key word, Bear-san’s appearance turned into a blurry black fog as if it had melted into the atmosphere. The black fog drifts as if clinging on the man who is being restrained by Metal-san.


Just as the smoke begins to take shape, the spectacles will be constructed directly in the brain.
What is being imagined is, an unsightly pig, that has been etched deep within his memory.
Grond, a piece of trash much like Elder sister Yumis-Neesama, who sees everything in his surrounding as nothing more than fodders, and does not hesitate to deprive anything whatsoever for the sake of satisfying his greed.

After the image was fixated, the rest of the adjustment was left to Bear-san, and then Shuria took out a wooden table and paper from the round bag.

It is a desk that she normally use for studying with Minnalis-san, and also for forthcoming steamy days of getting laid with Master-sama, but today, she will use it to note down the information she acquires.
Minnalis can only afford the barest minimum of reading and writing, so she naturally ended up with this through the division of roles.

As for Shuria, writing letters to family, writing down and creating fantasy story books that are kept secret even from Kaito-sama and Minnalis-san, are things that she does, so she’s surprisingly good at writing.

「Minnalis-san, the preparations are ready」

「Is that so。 In that case, let’s get started」

Minnalis said that and then began the interrogation.

「Now, once again. Please answer each question, one by one. What’s your name?」


「What is your age?」

「……Thirty, four, years」

「Where do you work?」

「The Grond company’s,……business……」

The reply of the man who at first, was stutteringly replying with a hoarse-like propensity, gradually became clearer.
Minnalis-san’s questions too are also getting a little bit closer to the point.

「What is your specific job description?」

「Entry of transaction register. Records and reports……」

「What do you record in that transaction register?」

「Name of business partners, name and quantity of the goods to be paid, name and quantity of the goods to be received」

As I caught a glance of Minnalis-san, I prepared for the memo and nodded back signaling my comprehension.

「Now then, …………」


「I am back, uh」

It was Minnalis and Shuria’s voice that welcomed me after I had finished a hard job and returned to the hidden room of the Dungeon.

「Welcome back, Master-sama」

「You’re welcome back!!」

He tracked down a peddler who was heading to the town of Dartlas, by going through the highway alone, and slipping a certain letter into the bundle of letters that the merchant carried.

There is a letter sent to the town of Dartras in the cargo, and it was just at the right time when he was having a little difficulty locating a peddler heading to Dartlas, but since it is roughly as planned, there is no problem.

Having fulfilled my purpose, I secretly rendezvous with Surakichi who I had undertake other jobs through another means. After that, took a little detour and bought a few rare potions for Surakichi.

Surakichi seems to like potions, and after giving said potions to it instead of a snack, it bottoms the things up happily.
It wanted to drink various kinds of potions, so this time it was a reward for Surakichi, who was very busy working its best.

Thanks to the two skills of 『Long Distance Differentiation』 and 『Volume Increase』 acquired by Surakichi, seed cultivation has been progressing efficiently. Based on the information supposedly wringed out by Minnalis and the others, it will soon be getting back to work so this amount of reward is not that bad.

「Oh, it seems like I made it at the right time」

It seems like they were just wrapping up the first stage of the information extraction he had entrusted to them, and the accounting clerk of the Grond Merchant Association who had been abducted by taking advantage of an opportunity was tied up shabbily and in a completely unconscious state.

「『kyuri, kyuri!!』」

「『kikii, kiikiki! 』」

「You guys, sure do get along」

Whether there is a part of them as same fluid organisms that makes them understand each other, Surakichi and Metal-san get along well.
Even now, they are still getting closer, and were both doing something akin to a high five with each others’ tentacles.

「Master-sama, we’ve squeezed out the necessary information as much as possible」

「It’s perfect!!」

On the paper Shuria handed over shouting look, look, the names of shops and companies are listed in an endless stream.

「It sure is a big company even though it’s rotten, this number of transactions in this short period of time…………, it’s looking good」

To that fact, I involuntary slant the edge of my mouth upwards.
The accuracy of the operation will also increase, and the more targets, the better. I don’t want to cause trouble to decent places, but for my revenge, I will not hesistate if necessary.

Still, it seems like I will still have to make Surakichi try hard some more.

「Well then, as you can see in this list, while we have Surakichi scatter the seeds, we have to water it so that the seeds can sprout. Whether we ourselves enlist under the groups who plants the seeds, or those who cultivates it, will be determined as we move forward making adjustments, next is if a magical storm doesn’t occur……」

And so “GUuuuuuh” a sound of a rumbling stomach was heard.

「…………I guess having a meal comes first. So should we take a break and return to the lodging for a bit 」

「I agree. I’m also hungry. It’s also about time the medicine on this guy wears off, and if he were to remain missing for much longer it may arouse suspicion from somebody」

Saying that, Minnalis looks down on the man who had remained tumbled on the ground.

「Me, me! Shuria, wants to try an eating tour at food stands!」

「Oh, sounds good. Like a Orc meat’s skewers on sticks, or a hunting-cow’s stew, I’m also curious about…………」

「You cannot, I will not stand for you to eat such nasty thing before revenge!!」

Minnalis rejected the proposal with “Firm Rejection!!” characters floating in her background.


「There’s nothing like Eh-. Why do you both want to stoop to eat such an overly expensive and nasty dish?」

Minnalis made an expression that depicts her exasperation at understanding from the bottom of her heart.
My younger sister also disliked junk food, and she makes the same face when she catches me eating Ma-do or Ken-cken*. TLN: Those names means Mcdonalds and Kentucky. Guess they were shortened for copyright reasons.

After that, she would begin her passionate talk about what kind of health hazards the junk food would cause, and in the end she would be like 「Nii-sama, Do you intend to die first leaving Mai behind?」 With words like that together with teary eyes, she brings it to a close.

Sure enough, after being subjected to such drama, the desire for junk food will be on vacation for about a month, but still, remaining unlearning the desire returns once again, then the scene where my dear sister turns to a professor and scolds me once again is a recurrent drama in our house.

「Well, you see, I mean there is this mysterious charm that stalls give off that is unique to stalls alone, you know what I mean.」

「The fact that it looks cheap, Shuria and the others too knows that. But, that cheap look is also nice.」

In reality, in regards to just taste alone, it doesn’t even begin to compare with Minnalis’ dishes. A dish I would love to eat everyday among the two, is without doubt, Minnalis’ dish.

Even so, occasionally, I desire to eat those kind of crude dishes. Humans are strange, are they not.

「…………Well, I understand. I am sure even if you keep silent, you will still eat it in secret.」


She averted her eyes from the gaze directed towards them with Sanpaku eyes.

「In that case, it is still better if you eat it right in front my eyes」

「「Yay!!」 」

Now that it’s decided, let’s get out of here before Minnalis changes her mind.
He carries the man left on the ground and heads out from the hidden room of the former dungeon.

It is unusual for Minnalis, who is committed to making meals, to approve eating out on stalls. Let me try and stuff myself even with portions of before we receive the next approval as much as possible.

「Fu, let’s increase the repertoire of food stalls dishes from next time. Which means, first of all, investigating the taste……」

I heard a muttering voice from the back.

…………Someday, maybe even the craving for food stall meals may appease Minnalis.


Three days later, we caused a magical storm in the forest outside campus while exposing our disgraceful behaviour.
The magical storm which blows up covers the surroundings of the city of Dartlas and cuts off information transmission through magic communication.

I naturally let out a smile, at that thing as if it were a celebratory sign held up by a huge creature.

「That’s right, blow up magnificently. To crush everything of that bastard」

Now, Grond.

「I’ll be sure to kill you with this hand. Grond」


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