Chapter 85 – The Adventurer and Nonorik meet

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「Knocking over such a beautiful kid like myself makes me think you don’t mind if I cut you to shreds, right?」

The sight of a little girl with a face puffed out complaining was in front of me.

Well, I wasn’t able to doubt something like that shoved on me as fact. I can’t even remember someone forcing me to accept something like that before.

However, even though I knew what, I couldn’t believe that this was a boy talking to me.

「Sorry about that. I was thinking about something. See you.」

I hurried a little, but the person that was talking to me didn’t know who I was.

I had to do something to get rid of this guy before I do Grond in, but this wasn’t the time.

I just made an empty face and tried to get out of there.

「Hey, brother! Wait right there!」


As I tried to get away, Nonorik shouted out to stop me.

I thought of just trying to walk away like I hadn’t heard him, but with him looking at me like that, just walking away would seem even more strange to everyone around.

「Are you going to leave after hitting a girl like you did? You need to sincerely apologize to me!」

(This guy’s acting like a girl still? What a load of crap.)

「Damn, oh well.」

Some of the stores I had passed smelled pretty good, so I had bought some bread with meat and vegetables in it to eat.

「Here, I’ll give you this sandwich. That’s enough, right?」

「Geeeeez! If you’re going to turn me away with just some food, you don’t know how to treat a giiiiiiirl! Instead of some unsexy food joint, you could at least buy a girl some flowers! You must be a virgin or something!」

「…I’m telling you, I don’t want to know who you are.」

「Now I’m reaaaaaaally angry. Fhuh huh huh, cute!」

Nonorik said with a laugh, and licked his lips as his appearance changed.

「Nono’s gonna teach you some things alright? You want me to give you some experience?」

「Maybe later, why do you want to follow me so badly?」

「Because, you have a good smell about you. Did you rub that smell on yourself?」


That smell, I noted with a shock making my spine stand on end, was, the strong smell of blood.

Even though he acted and looked young, it was the smell that he had been playing with alongside death.

He wasn’t hostile, but had the mad happiness of someone that loved to lap up blood, as my senses instantly changed from caution to preparing for a fight.

「Ah, I see then! You can sense the same smell I’m sensing!」

「What is all this?」

I felt him pull back his sensation of madness, as it seemed that I had felt out his intentions, and he clicked his tongue as I went back to being cautious.

「No need to play the fool…Nono is just like…」



My voice came out low and cold, enough to surprise even me.

「Don’t treat me the same as you. You’re nothing like me, or the rest.」

But it is true he had the same sense of madness that I did.

Wanting to kill, kill, kill.

A feeling of dark grey covered in black that makes you want to suddenly destroy.

But that was all we shared, I couldn’t stand being compared to someone like him.

(but it’s no time for me to fool around. I need to get back to the girls.)

With the sudden anger I showed and the timing of him being taken aback, I went back sharing the same thoughts as Mousuke.


I spoke no more and spun on my heels, and walked away.

「Don’t treat me the same as you. You’re nothing like me, or the rest.」

As soon as I said the words, his black pupils seemed to be disturbed as if some kind of mud was swirled up with the black.

That black intention that he shouted out at me with is exactly what I wanted.

He still kept quiet and then blended into the crowd.

「Wow, I was just playing with that adventurer. I guess the guy dumped me then!」

It had been a long time since I had seen such a fun thing, so it was disappointing.

I had gotten tired of this town, so before I cut relations with that old man Grond, I wanted to have fun.

I took a bite into that sandwich that adventurer gave me, and walked toward that stronghold the old man told me about.

「If he woulda taken me on, I really could taught him some things.」

Some sensations and some good things…and then something to fulfill my desires, a killing that would be filled with pain and hardship for him.

「But, maybe not? He was cautious from the beginning. If I killed him while he’s working, his henchmen coulda came after me. But, still he got angry at me…

Normally, no one is cautious after bumping into a girl on the street.
However, at the end, he could feel the adventurer’s hostility toward me. And Nono hadn’t had any hostility toward the adventurer at all.

「But, but, it was a waste. Munch munch, even so, with how he seemed, he hadn’t even hit his tenth level yet.」

Nono continued eating bread, as he walked through a crowd of decidedly uninteresting people.

It was a waste, for Nono to have his spine jump just because he was yelled at, even though he didn’t feel a strong sense of hostility from the adventurer.

So many people drown in their own desire to kill others, but this fellow didn’t stand out like the outrageous feelings he got from those others.

「But, no matter how strong he wants to be, if he doesn’t have power, he just gets crushed, right?」

That final word that he spoke was in many ways a sour one.

「Okay, back to work again!」

He needed to work out after just filling his belly, and he needed to stay limber, or it would hurt all the torturous <>, as well the sex.

All that meat in the belly could be an enemy to any woman-like man.

He licked the sauce off his finger, and then finally licked his lips.

As he walked quickly along the road, he looked under the slightly dirty sky he was used to walking under.

It would be good to go swimming to clean this little dirty town off of him.

The water in this world was sweet and beautiful, and being soaked in it for too long makes the chest burn and you feel like drowning.

Even so he couldn’t help it, he wanted to taste blood. Yes, like now.

「Yeah, yeah, here! Here!」

He arrived at a burning, rotten smelling, trash filled lair.

A place where there were a lot of toys to be played with.

Killing and <> was a good feeling thing, and made Nono feel alive again.


『Hey! Don’t go crazy, hah hah hah…』

He could hear some low-lives through the door.

The people the most fun to kill.

「…heh heh heh, excuuuuuuse me!」

A smell that had a dirty ambiance about it.

The smell of tobacco smoke mixed in the shadowy air, and the old recorded stench of blood and meat being cooked.

「Huh? Who is that? We’re in the middle of something now!」

「Oh, no problem. You have something for us, lady?」

「Hee hee, I like the middle one the most. You wanna play, buddy? Don’t worry, if I use this, it’ll be over soon…hee hee!」

There were a few men in the middle of the room.

In addition to tobacco, there were those seated, those eating meat and fat, those enjoying playing cards, et cetera et cetera…

A place where all these human wastes clung to, and the most noticeable in the middle was a goblin speaking in a strangely thick voice that was leaned over a slightly dirty woman.

「I don’t know why you came here, but I guess we gotta have some fun with you now, hee hee!」

「What, with me? Are you gonna be my first partner, piggy?」

The orc-like man came walking towards Nono.

「Heh, piggy?!」

「『Ah, here it comes!』」

「『Hey, Dogill! She’s good lookin’ so don’t wreck her right away! Ah, he can’t hear anyway…』」

「『Tch! What the…she’s gonna get wrecked quick.』」

「『Hey, hey! I wanted to hear but, what the hell is she sayin’ anyway?』」

「『This young lady said “I don’t do piggies” and turned him down.』」

Their laughs at the dirty jokes matched the place well.

「W, wh, who you callin’ a p, p, p, p, p, pig! I am…」

「Okay? Listen, piggy, it’s my pleasure so Nono’s going to have a lot of fun with you. So…」

「Wha, aghh!」

Pwissssh, just like a pin through a water balloon the man’s legs exploded in blood.


「Are you going to just lie down on the floor?」

He fell on his side, and the people in the room backed away from the spectacle.

「Hey, what is it? Hey let’s play some more, hah hah hah!」

「B, bastard!」「Kid!」「Where are you goin’!?」

The suddenly unthawed air seemed to quickly be doused in the smell of blood.

「Everyone, everyone, let’s have fun. I’ll give you a lot of enjoyment, so much so that my groin is wet with excitement!」

Clink clink clink – a dozen daggers from his open cape fell to the ground.

「Just make sure you cry from the bottom of your heart, okay?」

The blood seemed to bubble up just like the foam on beer.

Like an ocean of blood, they all sunk in, even deeper.

It was the loudest, most painful chorus of shrieks the place had ever been witness to.

「Naaahh, here here!」」

In the middle of the rustling search of the room, he found a sword there with a scabbard.

It looked like the sword mixed with a tree, a scabbarded sword that Grong had told him to search for.

「Hm…this is enough of a toy for two slaves.」

He put the sword in his bag, took a look around, and and saw all the junk he had left scattered after rifling through the place.

The room was filled with the humidity of the day and the stench of blood.

All the dead in the middle of the room were the 21 dead that he himself had killed with his own hands.

It was a good hobby for a guy like Nonorik.

One by one, he listened to their mouths politely hoping to hear some of their weeping last breaths.

Nono had finally been able to kill at a level he wanted. Hee hee…

Now that he looked around the room satisfied, he heard the drip, drop, of blood on the floor.

「Aaaaahhhh, die, die!!」

…and an already dead body, cut open in battle, made creaking sounds again and again, as he could hear the troubled breath of a woman.

That woman’s eyes, hollow with anything but anger, kept cutting up the dead bodies one by one.

「『Is that bad?!』」「『Will you forgive me!?』」「『That’s why I killed you!』」

「『I have to kill, kill, kill! The same way, my whole life, right?』」

Nono’s voice echoed.

For a little while, he looked like a proud woman and nodded, and leaving the woman, he left.

「IT feels good to do a good deed! Hee hee hee!」

He walked along the road, and cast off all the blood that had sullied his clothes with a magic spell.

The smell of blood seemed to drift away, and once the excitement stopped, he was covered in a silent bliss again.

「Well, that was fun…rururunnn.」

His body shook in the excitement of success, and he thought about the fun he would have playing with his new toys.

Today would be a lot of fun with those new toys Grond would give him.

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