Chapter 89 – Just an Expression 2

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「Who the hell are you?」

「Hey, move it!」

I don’t know how many times it has been, but these fellows seemed like they could withstand more so there were probably some still alive. Who cares though, right?

The road we were investigating before it happened was in a confusing slum village that we were skipping from road to road. We beat up anyone that tried to prevent us from proceeding or was hostile. It was luck that decided who lived and who died after that, but it was good that some survived. I really didn’t have time to check.

「Master, you’re really excited!」

「I heard a strange sound just now.」

「Yeah, that was my stomach. I’m so hungry right now. But I won’t be ready to eat until I tear through all these guys first.」

The faster and faster beating I heard was the sound of my steps getting louder and quicker.

I couldn’t say I was happy.

It was different from having fun as well.

I guess you could say that I had to now regain something important that I thought I had lost, something like that.

I finally arrived at my goal.

It was a rough but strong looking concrete building that was also a hideout, the goal. It was the only place in this town where they sold the quick growth drug called『Ramune』and the thug trash that sold it, the base of the group called the 『slugs』.

「Who the hell are you?!」

「Heh heh, pretty girl, gyaa!」

「Don’t come closer.」「What a nuisance.」

There were some fellows outside acting as lookouts. Since they looked pretty stupid, Minnalis knocked one down with a roundhouse kick to the back while Shuria used magic to break the other one’s neck.

「Okay, we’re here. Time for round two.」

I waited and then came out and kicked the entrance door down.

『W…who that hell?』『Where’s the lookouts?』『What the?』

Seeing the trash thugs there before me, I smiled again.

No, not just Grond, you, you will suffer, suffer, suffer, and you will die without knowing the relief of being released from the pain caused by what I’m about to do.


What floated across my face was a smile, and the face those children made when they died.

I held on to a shard I had in my hand and did not let it go.

「Just an expression, but I’m about to finish you off. You’ll burn in the bottom of hell.」

「Gyaaaaahhhh! My eyes! My eyes! My arm, AHGHGGGGGG!!」

「Guaaaaahhh! My skin is melting! Gaaah…」

「No! Nooooo! No, Slove! My armor, my body is moving by itself! Guwaaahhh! Geee!」

These thugs’ screams echoed all over the deep, dark, and shadowy den where they thought they could live easily.

「Owwwowwwwowwweeeeeeh! Agggh! Uwaaaha!」

「Heh heh, you beasts are tough! The poison hit them slowly but their senses left them first. Kind of a waste, actually. Okay, is this the drug? Because this isn’t over yet. 」

The guy who yelled out in anguish caused by the pain was having a variety of drugs tried out on him by Minnalis, who was smiling alluringly.

「Gah, glug, glug」
「Nooo! Why doesn’t someone stop! Someone kill me now!」

「Ah, he’s already lost it. I wanted to cut his arm off, but his position changed because he resisted.」

From Shuria’s finger, fwish, went a thread of magic to the thug which struck against a piece of armor that was too good to be found in a place like this.

As soon as that tanned finger went into the air, the woman cried out while swinging swung her weapon out at the other thugs in her group.

She moved as if something pushed her to swing the sword around.

「Stop! Don’t touch any of them!」

「HEH HEH HEH HAH HAH HAH HAH, looks good! A good voice for an easy to understand feeling!」

The one that was making wonderful screams was the head of the thug group who I was stepping on.

With a muscular body covered with scars, this strong looking one-eyed man with an eyepatch was being stomped into the ground by me.

「B, bastard! Get your foot off me!」

「Hey, what are you talking about? You’re a bunch of ass-kissers to those rich perverts. 『Drug-Filled Thug Battle Royale!!』 Let’s have a show where you kill each other off after getting drugged up. …You like having people watch, right? It’s a great hobby.」

「Well, I…we…」

They were the one underground group here in this town’s slum.

Kill, steal, rape, pillage.

They can’t live without bleeding other people dry. They enjoy extracting pain from others no matter who it is.

Then, the reason they make the most money out of them all is due to this 『Ramune』.

Made from the beans of the 『Quick Growth Drug』, a narcotic with a light blue color.

This world.

There were many systems to help you get whatever you needed to get things like drugs, and brokers that exist to help you make use of those systems

That’s why these guys made the town’s supply of the『Quick Growth Drug』.

「Hey, let’s have fun. What, did you forget the guys you left behind? Don’t you want to give us the show that you were showing everyone back at the arena? Hm?」

「Heh heh heh, look, where do you want to lose something next? You’ve lost your right eye and both your ears, but you still have your left eye and your nose, your teeth and lips, right? Heh heh, hah hah hah!」

「Ah, I killed another one. I wanted to torment him a little longer too, just a little longer!」Shuria said.

「…well, looks like she got a little too excited. Both of them get like that.」

You could tell that both of the girls really hated these thugs.

Even after leveling up, their MP had comparatively reached its upper limit. However, because of the difference between the magic and normal level, they would lose reason and go wild as they got drunk on magic power and lost all sense.

Well, I tended to be like that as well so I’m not complaining.

「Stop, stop, stop, stoooooooopp!」

「Hah hah hah, who’s going to stop this fun show, huh? Who would let you live without tormenting you like this?」

That copper smell of blood; their screams fell into a muttering.

「Minnalis. Let Shuria have some, okay?」

「No, master….Shuria’s not the only one that wants to crush them.」

「Hmph! Minnalis, you’re so stingy!」

「Hey, don’t fight….」

They were still so friendly though.

They kept up with their happy show.

The thugs felt a sharp pain, and then died.

Looking down on them, I saw a fellow with a face distorting in anguish.

「B, bastard, doing this to….agghghhhhhh!」

「Every one of you says the same thing 『You think you can get away with this』, right? Geez, we’ve been getting away with this for a long time, or don’t you get that?」

After hearing that cliched phrase of his again, I stomped and broke the guy’s kneecaps as I responded.

「Aggh! Ugh…」

「Does it hurt? Hm? We have a great expression back in my world. 『Feeling pain means that you’re living.』is what we say. In other words…」


With a strong stomp, I then broke his shins.

His calves were now broken in three places.

「That’s still not enough screams of pain from you, ahah hah hah hah!!」

「You rotten, wackjob! You’ve gone mad, asshat!」

Even though his face was covered in sweat, the fact that he hadn’t stopped resisting was something that must have been because of his long time with other crazies.

「Ahah hah hah, I know! My world was crazy all the way up until now!」

「Gwah, stop! Naaaahhwahhhh!」

「Yeah! Cry out! It won’t match the situation if you don’t! You’re not screaming enough! Those folks that tried to live well everyday that you hurt, you can’t face them with anything less! And I won’t forgive it anyway!」

The first time, I could do nothing but crush that school that had been treated as a secret.

I couldn’t go nuts against the people that Grond had used as force against me.

I was the one that helped them to stop the magic monsters.

Not just try to, because I knew it was impossible in the first place.

「I couldn’t do anything, couldn’t try anything!!」

Grond, these guys, I couldn’t kill them.

All I could do is defend the town.

I couldn’t get revenge or avenge myself.

「I was no use as I couldn’t help all of them. No matter what power I had, I was a worthless fool who couldn’t defend anyone that really needed it. …but now, why did they have to die? Why did they have to get messed with?!」

I was cut off from my family the same way, however, they didn’t have the power I had to live, so they looked for help from the school leader, all of these children.

「Why did you have to grind them all up like food for you all!??」

My fist was clenched so tight blood was dripping from it.

「That…that was just an expression!」

They were so much stronger than me, they laughed so happily, those children of this world.

「Why didn’t you at least help them when they said 『help』!?」

In the final moment, not even allowing them to say their pleading words for help, they had perished quickly and painfully.

「What were the lives of those children to you, answer me you bugs!!」

「We…we don’t know…that…what are you saying?! Who the hell are you?! Were you making money off them or something?!」

「…yeah, you’re right, you don’t know. Until you do know what’s going on, until you understand, you’ll scream! Suffer, suffer, suffer! All of you will go to hell with no one surviving!」

The sword I called was the 【Fang-Sword of Awe】.
Just a while ago, I was attacked by a thief, and after torturing him a bit by peeling back his skin I found a new Spirit Blade I could use.

This dark-grey sword wasn’t a blade, but almost something like rubber right before solidification.

On the curve of the “blade” of the sword was one centimeter mouths with countless teeth crying out.

It wasn’t to kill, but to cause pain, this spirit blade.

「Eek! What? Stop! I apologize! I…」

「…okay, time for you to pay for your sins. Chew him up, 『Evil Mouth』.」


Gee Gee!! It made a sound almost out of happiness, as the teeth of the【Fang-Sword of Awe】changed its shape and became lighter.

The see through blade moved on its own as the blade expanded, and wrapped around the arm of the man at my feet.

All of the mouths of the blade worked as a group and began chewing up the man’s arm.

「Does it hurt? Hurts, right? How does it feel to have your skin chewed off? Say something! Come on! Tell me how it feels!」

The teeth of the small mouths continued only chewing up the skin, and tearing the meat up, then swallowed it.

「Gahhh, aggghhh, I’ll die….I’m going to die!! Aggghhh! Please…stop! Stooooooop!!」

「What did you do to the people that cried out the same way, huh? Hey, don’t act like you’re innocent now, you trash thugs!」


「Just an expression, just words talking about the freedom you took from others! And the words that you’re now saying to me for help, reminding me of how I couldn’t help those others that you hurt!」

I let the sword chew his left arm, right arm, right leg, left leg, and all the skin’s meat up, and then let the 【Fang-Sword of Awe】chew up all the meat left on his body as well.

With his skin taken away, the meat began to turn black, as all that remained from his cries for help was a disgusting thing that looked like the remains of a human.

Even so, he was still conscious. He would pass out and then be awakened by the pain all over again.


As they were exhausted from all the torturing, now the scene provided a bit of a sideshow for Minnalis and Shuria.

Then the light went out of the man’s eye, as his lost hope and pain overwhelmed him.

This is what I wanted. The same look on those children’s eyes that faced me.

Also, those screams that I heard, this man’s was one and the same.

「It’s still not enough, because we still have the final one to get. But maybe, if this world and the other one is the same, maybe we can hope this guy is punished in the next world as well.」

Then, I changed the sword back into the original Spirit Blade, and put That in my hand.

Maybe because he knew he would die, for just a second life went back into the man’s eye.


However, I cut the words off as I stabbed him through the top of his head.

「I won’t let you say that word, that word alone…no way.」

Help me, the word for being helped, the same word they never let those kids say.

「N…uhm, the area between my legs is getting wet.」

In front of Nonorik were dead bodies that looked like they had been ripped up by a file.

Time had passed since the savagery Nonorik had created had occurred, and the smell of dried blood, as well as the look of those stabbed through the heart Nonorik looked over again.

With this scene in which the smell of blood still lingered, Nonorik was erotically touching his body in response.

「Mmmm…. What happened…Who did this to these thugs…I wanna do it too!」

He poked at the body with his finger, and rubbed his finger over the ripped flesh of the remains of the man there.

「Two? No…Three?」

Nonorik said as he looked over the scene again.

「A lot of stab wounds, and use of the drug, here and there.」

From the looks of the dead bodies, Nonorik counted how many had attacked these thugs.

「Hmm…what kind of people did this. I wanna know how they did it. Ah…I would find out if I didn’t have work to do…but maybe I’ll still meet them?」

Nonorik didn’t know who did it, but it wasn’t rare to see someone rip up the bodies in rage like this.

However, since it seemed like something almost a beast would do, Nonorik knew that he would meet whoever it was.

「If I tell Grond, he’ll just say 『Find out』, so I’m going to meet them anyway.」

He had the look of a sweet girl that was dreaming about her prince on a white horse.

「Well, time to do our best and have fun! Loo-loo-looon!」

That beautiful young girl looking man with his long hair coming out from a beret skipped into the slum’s night.

It was a strange combination of dead in the room, and Nonorik had a strange feeling about the smell of how these thugs had died.

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