Chapter 95 – The Lunatic Who Shares Laughter And The Old Man Who Loathes Emptiness 2

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The way he erases his presence is truly flawless.
 I have absolutely no intention of uttering it, but I cannot help but be impressed.

 Nonorik who jumped out from the shade of rubble, bends and swings a slashing attack downward from a low posture as if mowing.
 The reason I was able to stop the strike of the White sword that seemed to close-in in slow motion with the 【Holy Sword of Vengeance】, is mainly thanks to my quick wit stepping in deep, thinking if he was going to strike it’ll most likely come from here.

「Tu, Gii, Nnha! 」


 To deal with the slashing attack from above, the sword is matched from below.
 I swung the Spirit blade to send him flying following the fierce sword clashes.

 Using my power, Nonorik jumped backwards and took some distance.
 Handling his body flexibly like a cat, he landed on the ground without losing his balance.

「Ahahaha! Wow Amazing!! I was pushed back! 」

 Without taking his sight off me for even a moment, Nonorik’s glittering golden pupils reminiscent of the Feline family sparkles with joy.
 I thought to attack him before he breaks my concentration, but there is not even a glimpse of that chance.

「Well, I already guessed it……. Ugggh, oh well. I guess I have no choice but to completely yield those two to Fegner」

 While scratching his head continuously, he breathes out.
 Even though I had guessed somewhat from the beginning, I felt the tension that had risen thus far dampen and started to get put off.

「Kaito-sama, greed is not good. Since you’re basically hogging the most interesting final part to yourself, at least, could you please leave the appetizer to Minnalis-san and Shuria」

「That’s right, Master. There is nothing to dispense in such a place. Above all……, the old man there is my prey, master」

「…… Well, that’s true. Well then, just like I told you, Minnalis, Shuria」

 Indeed, right now the two of them would be hard-pressed if they were to face off against Nonorik.
 It is regrettable not to be able to see Fegner’s suffering, but it cannot be helped. It won’t really be regrettable though.

「Hey, hey, can you cut the chatter already, bro. Nono, can’t hold it in anymore! 」

「Shut it,you perverted battle maniac. I’ll take you on soon enough, so clean your neck and wait」

 I don’t particularly have anything against Nonorik, but if he gets in the way of our revenge, he is our enemy.
 I’ll kill him without fail.

「Don’t just advance the talk on your own, you shitty brat! Nonorik, stay out of this and don’t butt in. Every one of them, are all my prey! And if you like, I can start by killing you first」

「Fuu~Hm? I did think that you were wearing a sheep’s skin……. But, too bad, I’m not going to nibble at a sham who only knows how to pretend when the real deal is there?」

「Aah……? Each and everyone of you nutjobs, even though you’re only just green inexperienced brats who still stinks of breast milk, don’t go acting all arrogant and making fun of me you dimwits!!」

 Fegner’s lowering rage echoes in a blurry voice.
 However, Nonorik who was leaning forward and applying his hand around his mouth, taking it in a stride, hung up the side of his mouth and just laughs alluringly, and didn’t seem to mind at all.

「And also, in any case I have no interest in someone that is withering away. If you want to have fun, then it’s gotta be juicy or nothing, isn’t it? If you wanted to have a go at Nono, you should have challenged me a little bit sooner, right?」

 After saying that, Nonorik intensifies his smile.

(……Tsk, has he noticed me. As usual, what kind of senses does he have. This is why those that they call real genius are such huge pain in the ass)

 At any rate, I guess it’ll be prudent to leave this place before I am made to say something unnecessary.

 Well, the preparation is already through, even if it were to be exposed at this stage, there’s nothing that can be done, but then again I don’t have to go out of my way to say it.

「Hey, let’s change the location」

「Kyaa! You sly bro, what do you intend to do alone with Nono? Noo-, looking at me with those beastly eyes I am so scared-! 」

「Shut up, so as to go along with your useless amusement, I am going to miss the stage that we went through great lengths to make. I’ll just kill you sharply, and come back to observe」

「Hm~mm, that defiant attitude. Fufufu, I’ve decided! After bullying you a lot to the extent just enough it doesn’t break you, I am going to pamper you plenty. I’ll make it so that you can only get excited by Nono」

 With a small body like that of a child, Nonorik expresses a smile emitting a joyous steam like a succubus seducing a man.
 The figure which held the sword in his hand and embraced himself, was like a real girl, no, possessed even more sexy charm.

「…………… Really, just expose that damn disgusting brain on this spot, spill it on the plain and die」

 Really, why do I have to take on this pervert as an opponent.
 I really want him to spare me because it seriously puts off the tension of revenge.

 Well once I start moving, it will most likely follow on its own accord.
 It will be unacceptable if we keep talking and even the tension of the battle wears off.

「I said wait, didn’t you hear, you shitty brats?」

 Gi, Gin!! And metallic clank sound started blaring again.
 Fegner’s sword that tried to attack me who started walking, and Nonorik who maintained a fixed distance, was stopped by the armor puppets controlled by Minnalis and Shuria.

「Move away, young lass!」」

「Oh oh, I did not think that the bastard who was getting on my nerves with his baseless proclamations in a condescending manner happen to be the same person as yours」

「If his words are flimsy, then his skin also must be flimsy」

(Oh, you guys really seem to be having fun, damn it! )

 Even if you call me greedy, what is enviable is enviable.
 Even I ,myself, would very much like to torment Fegner!
 When there’s nothing fun whatsoever, with Nonorik as my opponent!!

「Well then, I leave the rest to you two. Come on, move your ass and let’s go」

「Okay? But……」

 Nonorik…. accelerates without any preliminary motion.

「That is, If you can withstand Nono’s attacks till we get to the place? 」

「……Bastard! 」

 Girii, Gigin, and the blades clanks again.

「Master! 」 「Kaito-sama!!」

「Don’t get distracted, both of you!!」

「「!!」」 「Haaaaaaa!!」

 Aiming at the moment when the attention of the two were diverted towards me, Fegner knocked Minnalis and Shuria down.
 But, it seems that they perked up with that. Their consciousness now completely turned to Fegner.

「tsu, to!!」

「Aha ha ha!! getting distracted is bad, Nono too thinks so?」

「Bastard, bring it on, you huge pervert!」

「Well, I would prefer if you don’t resist too much. It’s quite difficult to slice you in a manner in which I can easily heal later?」

「Like I care, you should die」

「After I’ve done ● ● ●, I will do La La La and as a degenerate, I will give you plenty of ▲ ▲ ▲, Fufufu, I’m so looking forward to it. I’ll chain you up and take you to various places on a leash」

「…… Oh no, I am so done」

 I felt somewhat overwhelmed by the chill, in a different kind of meaning.
 Why does bastards like this guy, tend to not listen to people?

 In the midst of the echoing sword fight, I slipped into the forest surrounding the ruins.
 Taking Nonorik along, it was so I could leave the place and head to a feasible spot where I could concentrate on a one-on-one battle.


「Uh-huh! I am confused-, how come? Bro, your level, that color is an absolute single digit right!? How are you able to compete with this speed and power?」

 The sound of the blades interchanging, reverberates amid the trees.
 As if to try, little by little during the pause between the sword fight, Nonorik laughs while the joy on his face intensifies gradually.

「Oh shut the f*ck up already, status alone doesn’t represent your ability, does it!!」

(Those eyes, I had anticipated it from the moment I first laid eyes upon them, so they can actually see through the opponent’s level)

 I can’t say for certain that it is the backward compatibility of appraisal huh.
 At any rate, unlike mine that cannot see any information like this, at least it is able to see through my level.

「I do know that status does not equal ability, but that alone doesn’t explain it? Is bro really a human? 」

「I am a genuine, one hundred percent pure human being!!」

 While exchanging swords, this also keeps measuring the ability of the opponent.

(……Can it peek during combat? 『Appraisal』)

 He is still measuring my ability little by little, no…not quite, he’s still in the stage where he is sampling and enjoying it.

 There is also enough room to spare in my remaining strength as well. However……,


 Nonorik ??-year old Gender unknown human Tribe
Hp: ???/??? Mp: ???/???
Level: Unknown
Strength: Unknown
Stamina: Unknown
Endurance: Unknown
Agility: Unknown
Magic: Unknown
Magic Resistance: Unknown
Unique Skill: Unknown
Skill: Unknown

Status: Good


 Just like the first time, sure enough, his status a mystery.

「Mm!! Hey, pervert. It is a violation of manners to forcibly peek into the secret of a maiden?」

「Tsk, what does it mean by Gender Unknown!! When you are a bloody male!!」

「Huh? How do you know that? Muu, even though it’s interesting to tell the truth to those who believe I am girl」

 Nonorik brags about such a thing while deceiving my appraisal skill with a placid expression.

「But you see, with you having so much leeway, you seem like you will still be pretty much unfazed, even if I added one more right?」

 Nonorik’s white sword deflected my sword upward, and as if taking advantage of that gap, Nonorik took another white sword from the tool bag.

「Oh, Oops」

「See, you were able to stop it after all」

 Ginn, Metallic clanks resonates.
 Having realized what was coming from my first experience, I stopped that sword with the 【Soul Sword of Beginning】.

「Fufufu, it seems I might enjoy myself, far more than I thought!!」

 Nonorik licks his lips.
 It was just a sign of the start and the sword fights that echoes in the forest increased its sharpness and number.

(Tsk, I fucked up. I wanted you to be a little bit more unwilling, but……, it is troublesome if you use that in a place with a lot of obstacles like this)

 Honestly, if it’s just about sword skills, there is still more to this.

 This child’s play doesn’t even compare to the point between life and death that I’ve struggled through. I do not have as much of the status as when I fought this guy in my first life right now, but I did not accumulate experience in such an optimistic manner enough to be overturned by that much.

「Geez, good grief!!」

「Mm!? Hey hey, Bro, what are you, really. The first time you met Nono, was when you walked past me, right?」

「『Did we meet in a dream?』 is that what you mean? For a pick-up line, it’s way too ancient」

「In that case, ……. Why are you using swords in a similar way to Nono?」

(…… Well, of course you could tell)

 It’s just as Nonorik said.
 My dual wielding style was polished through my own self-improved style, using the techniques burned into my memory during my battle with Nonorik as a base.

 In accordance with the compatibility with my physique and fighting style in addition to other usable techniques in the interactions between life and death, I have been able to achieve optimization while pursuing efficiency and the like in order to increase the number of moves.

 At this stage, it has been restructured to a level that can be called a different kind of sword technique, but the base material is that of Nonorik’s.

 There’s no way the real person wouldn’t see through it.

「I wonder, I am not obligated to tell you!!」

「Ah-n, you meanie-」

 While saying something like that, the fight between two dual-wielding swordsmen began to give off sparks as it intensifies.
 Finally, I reached the place where I had been keeping an eye on beforehand.

「Let’s see!!」

「Mm!! Wow」

 After lightly repelling the sword once to open a large distance, he swings his sword in a sideways sweep with emphasis on weight rather than sharpness drawing a flash line.

「Aa-ha, you were able to endure it after all」

 A certain open space at the border between high cliffs and the forest.
 This place where the soft weed grows is in a position not far from the ruins.
 But I felt like it took me a long time to get here.

「But it was just about alright as warm up, now then let’s start seriously, Bro. Ah, can I ask for your name before we start?」

「…… It’s Kaito」

 Even though there was certainly the option of choosing not to answer, I answered without delay.
 Pointing out that their swordsmanship were similar, it might be because he recalled the days of training which he ruminated over several times from just crossing swords once in the first world.

 Whether it was because of that, or was bearing a strange emotion, I did not understand the actions of my mind.
 However, it does not change what must be done.

「Hmph, Kaito huh. In that case I should call you Kai-chan? I’ll write the name properly on the collar I will attach to you ♪」

 Nonorik who is licking up his glossy lips while sticking out his tongue.
 At the very least, I will end it with one sword stroke when I kill him so as not to make him suffer.

「Just shut up and bring it on. …… I’m not going to hold back too」

 It was at the same time that the sound of kicking up the ground resounded.

 Ginggaga, Ginn, Gigigyura, Giriri, the exploding sounds made by the sword fight ring out.
 There is no time to breathe and the sound that cuts through the air is transmitted.

 The level of fierceness distinctly interprets the huddled movements which was hindered by obstacles as nothing more than warming-up exercises.
 All that is left is to concentrate on the battle.
 That’s right, if the consciousness is changed over, what is boiling up isn’t only revenge but a kind of pleasure that is bursting open.

「Kuu, ha ha ha!! Hey, don’t go pulling your punches now!! You can go even faster right!!」

「Aha ha ha ha ha haha!! Not yet not yet not yet!!」

 The blood circulating gradually boils over.
 He is different from enemies who just brandish their status without any real skills.
 A tightrope walking on a thin thread that makes you go mad at a stretch of judgment saved between commas.

 Ten, twenty, thirty, forty.

 The instincts shouting 『More more』 goes berserk as if broken in the sound of the overlapping sword fights.
 The overflowing sensation of adrenaline scrapes off all the unnecessary obstructions, and the sensation is as if all the nerves that runs through the body is exposed.

「Mm!! Wounds, how long, has it been!! Fu fu, Ha ha ha!!」

「Me too!! Hahaha ha!!」

 A straight line on my cheek, and two red lines are drawn on Nonorik’s right shoulder and left arm.
 Pi, Pi and the blood of each other flew to each other’s cheeks.

 The liquid that touches the skin feels hot as if it were on fire.


 Swing overhead, swing downward, lulled sideways, toss from below, twisting the wrist and stopping the sword, averting the neck to avoid the blade, and parrying the naked sword approcahing the vitals to glide off.

 The metallic clanking sound that penetrates the ear, and the sound cutting through paper-thin atmosphere continues to stir the excitement.

 A high speed battle that even reaches zero distance.

 As if they were eating, they wield the swords as their instincts that devours the atmosphere of battle commands.

 It is not a matter of what the problem is. In a word, it is not a degree where myself and Nonorik just dips one foot in battle madness, but it is a matter where they’re completely submerged.

 Me who is utilizing that sensation, and Nonorik who is deeply submerged and enjoying it.
 If there is a difference, that’s about it, and it differs only by that.

 It is a sensation of standing on a thin edge like the piano wire, which began to rust without hope after coming to the world a second time.
 As it runs and brushes against just barely shaving close, it goes on shaving and peeling off all the extras that coils about it thinly.

 Yes, this is it, this feeling.
 The sensation of reason and judgment deviating.

 Zealous spirit, and calm thoughts? Impossible.

 It is still not enough, it won’t reach.
 The inside of his head is simmering, passionate and passionate enough to boil over, just intently passionate.
 Make a decision faster than the comprehension of feints and tactics.


「「Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha haha!!」」


 The sword fighting’s loud roar that seem like it’s going to lob off each other’s heads, continues to play tunes like a flame that burns dark red blood.
 On this battlefield where I am not an avenger, I am just a madman.

 Crazy and crazy, waving the sword as if dancing, and we keep falling ever so deeply.


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