Chapter 102




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Editor: Ryunakama

Day 465

# # #


Maharun♪:Merry Christmas!

Iguchi Keita :Ou

Iguchi Keita :Merry Christmas


The clock pointed out that it was already midnight.

It came again this year. December 25th. Christmas. Holy night. Nativity festival. Holy Birth. Noel.

It’s a big event, both for the world and also between me and Kouhai-chan.

What, you ask?

It’s been a year since we are officially in a “lover relationship”.


Maharun♪:Let’s have a Christmas Date!

Iguchi Keita :You already told me to clear my plans for today, right?

Maharun♪:But I haven’t properly invited you

Iguchi Keita :Yes, yes

…Let’s sleep early today.

# # #

With the feeling like my blanket is getting lighter, I wake up.

Somehow, there’s a sweet, soft smell that I’m used to smelling, but not in my room.

Noo, the blanket is the best. It’s warm. I want to be wrapped in it forever.

I just have to clear my mind and slee… no, no good.

I have to wake up.

Today is Christmas. It’s an important day.

I open my heavy eyelids. Since I’m lying sideways, I thought I would see my room.


But then, there’s a cute face right in front of me.

「Good morning.」


I’m surprised that the voice that came out of my mouth is more drowsy than I expected.

「Yes, yes. I’m senpai’s Maharu~」

Since she’s stroking my head, I sometimes want to be spoiled by her.

Mumbling something incomprehensive, I rub my head against her palm.

「…Um, why are you this cute, senpai?」

「I’m not cute.」

「You’re cute.」

「Maharu is cuter.」

「…Thank you very much.」

I haven’t thought about it yet, but have I said something strange?



I’m still sleepy. It’s comfortable to have her pat me like this. I will fall asleep any time soon.

「Se・n・pa・i! It’s morning already!」

Even if her tone is strong, she doesn’t sound like she’s angry. Above all, since it’s Kouhai-chan’s voice, it calms me down.

「Really… You’re such a spoiled kid…」

I can feel her leaning next to me.

「Come on, good morning!」

Something a little moist and warm touches my forehead, making me immediately wake up. What are you doing, Maharu-san? It’s still morning, okay?

「Am I the princess?」

「The gender is all switched, isn’t it? Good morning.」

「Morning… Why are you here? Am I dreaming?」

The sky outside the window is bright, but the clock is showing 8 o’clock. I’m sleepy.

「Umm, er… I wanted to meet senpai faster.」


「It’s fine, right?」

I can’t really complain since she’s saying such a thing while tilting her head with a smile.

「Then, why did you come under my blanket?」

「Because senpai is sleeping.」

「And then, why are you hugging me?」

「Because senpai finally wakes up.」

「Can that become a reason?」

「Because I like senpai.」

At this kind of time, I always think that she’s being unfair for throwing a straight ball at me like this. Really.

I don’t want her to keep teasing me, so I circle my hand on her back without saying anything and pull her towards me.


Kouhai-chan doesn’t expect me to hug her suddenly since she raises a surprised voice she tries to repress.

「I also really like you.」

This is the first time we hug each other in the blanket. Her sweet scent becomes stronger.

I hug her warm and delicate body as tightly as I can, but also make sure I won’t hurt her.

Just being close to her makes me happy.

Imitating her action, I rub my cheeks on her. It makes me even happier.

I want to stay like this forever. I want this moment to last. Such thoughts pass my mind, uncontrollable.

* * *

Even though I’ve dressed up all primp and preen that senpai’s mother told me, “Maharu-chan, you’re going all in for today, aren’t you~”, but now that I sneak into his blanket and hug him like this, my hair and clothes will get crumpled.

…Well, I don’t really care.

After all, even if I’m just hugging senpai inside his warm blanket like this, I’m already very happy.

…But when senpai suddenly hugged me back, I’m a bit surprised.

This time, it’s my turn to surprise him.

After he rubs his cheeks, his mouth comes closer to my ear. Then he whispers something.

「I like you~」

Ah. My chest starts pounding.

「Senpai. You’re cute, you know?」

「I like, like you.」

Aw. This time, my body shivers. This is dangerous.

…I guess the victory goes to him since he made the first move.

「I like, like, like you~」

Senpai makes a strange voice from his mouth.

「I like you, I like you.」

「I like you~」

Both of us continue to whisper those three words repeatedly, just like tape recorders.

…But I’m happy. Saying it and having him saying it. Something deep inside my chest becomes warmer, overflowing with happiness. It can’t be helped.

This is unfair. Senpai is also unfair.

# # #

In the end, we keep telling each other, “I like you.” What are we doing in the morning, really?

The sound of the garbage truck passing in front of my house makes me come back to my senses.

「Err, what time is it now?」

「Past 9, I guess.」

「You overslept again, senpai.」

「No way, I woke up at 8 o’clock.」

「I woke up even earlier than that.」


「Thank you for coming so early for today.」

「I’m just doing it because I like it.」

「Like what?」

Senpai smiles provocatively as if telling me, “Hee, you’re asking that after all of that?”

She locks my head tightly so that I can’t escape and brings her face closer to my ears…

「I like senpai.」

Even though he should’ve expected it, having his partner whispering with his favorite voice makes senpai twitches.

「Don’t do that!」

「Senpai, you’re the one who bait me to answer, though…」

「It makes me ticklish.」

「Hee. Then I will do it again next time.」

「I guess I’m okay with it then.」

「Then I won’t do it again.」

She withdraws her words so easily that I feel disappointed.

…Actually, it’s not like I don’t want her to do that with me.

「…Well, let’s leave that aside.」

「Ah, you want me to do it again, right?」

「I told you to leave that aside…」

* * *

After all, teasing and tickling senpai is fun. His reaction is interesting.

「Then, what are we doing after this?」

Regaining his mind, senpai starts to talk about our future activities.

We haven’t exactly decided on what to do. What should we do?

…Hmm, but I don’t really want to go outside immediately. it’s cold.

「I have a suggestion.」

「What is it?」

「Let’s stay like this and spend our time leisurely.」

「…Are you okay with that?」

Senpai says, after looking at my clothes and hair.

After a year, he has started to notice this kind of thing. As a girl, I’m happy with that.

「It’s cold outside.」

Since I know how warm the blanket (and senpai) is, I no longer want to go outside and feel the chilly wind.

「So that’s your reason…」

「You don’t want to?」


「Then senpai, here’s my『today’s question』.」

Now then. How will senpai answer this?

「Senpai, will you always stay with me?」

After thinking for a while, senpai answers.

「…For today, sure.」

「Other than today?」

「I can’t promise it.」

「How mean.」

「You also don’t want me to answer me with that kind of romantic lines too, right? Kouhai-chan.」

That may be right.

「How about testing it? With『today’s question』.」

「No, I’ll pass.」


「…Well, anyway, if the feeling I have towards you will be there forever, then I’ll stay with you all the time, Maharu.」

Oh my.

「Rather, please let me stay with you.」

「…Hehe. I also like that serious side of you.」

# # #

After this, we hug each other tight.

The things I know about my senpai 465

He wants to always stays with me this year. Next year too, and the year after that.




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