Chapter 12




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# # #

「Senpai. I have a proposal.」

「Again? What now?」

After taking the usual position today as well, Kouhai-chan said so.

「Didn’t it end up in a catastrophe yesterday?」

I won’t ever forget it. She asked me to do a「weak-headed conversation」with her, and after I imagined it as love birds-like conversation, she suddenly tried to do it for who-knows-what reason, making both of us ended up embarrassing each other badly.

「It didn’t end well because we did something strange. Let’s have a normal conversation today.」

「What do you mean with ‘normal’?」

「Isn’t it just our usual conversation?」

「I don’t think what we usually do are even counted as conversations, though.」

「How long has it been? Did we pass two weeks already?」

「I think today is just exactly that, maybe.」

The first time this girl started talking to me was certainly on Thursday.

「Then, how is our usual conversation? Isn’t that too hazy?」

「Well, you’re right.」

「What are you even trying to say…」

Ah, but Kouhai-chan was standing next to the door at the end of the seat, and I also stood on the aisle next to it, so this position might be related with the「usual」.

This train route isn’t that crowded. At most, all the seats will be filled if there are a lot of people. One can still choose where to stand.

「That’s why, I will ask you『today’s question』as usual.」


「Senpai, what foods and drinks do you dislike?」

「You asked with very good timing again, eh.」

「I just asked a question normally.」

「It has been a while since you asked my favourite foods, right? Couldn’t you just ask all in a go at that time?」

「Well, isn’t this okay? Just tell me quickly already.」

Uhn… The food I dislike, huh…

「Confectionary, I think.」

「Is it sweets?」

「No, just candy.」


「When I was still a kid, I used to read books while putting candy into my mouth endlessly, and my mother completely scared me by saying that『You’ll have a cavity soon.』I don’t know if it is some kind of trauma or what, but somehow, I didn’t like them anymore after that.」

「Are you okay with other sweets?」

「I hate dirtying my book the most, so I usually ate the sweets other than candy away from my books.」

Conversely speaking, the only sweet foods I can eat while reading a book was only candy, though.

Now? When I read, I began to just focus on the text.

「Do you have anything else you don’t like?」

「I can’t drink tomato juice too.」

「What about tomato?」

「Completely OK, rather, I even like the popping sensation.」

「Then why only tomato juice…?」

「Maybe it’s because of the thick liquid. Even though they didn’t retain the original taste like how the『Extracted from tomatoes!』is, I felt that there were still some kind of residual at the juice, and I couldn’t take it.」

「I don’t understand…」

「There are a variety of food preferences after all.」

However, I still think that I am a person who is not picky about food.

Although I said that I hate it, I can still drink it if someone told me to drink anyway.

* * *

「Kouhai-chan, what about you? Do you have food and drinks you dislike? This will be my『today’s question』.」

As usual, senpai asked me the same question as mine very orthodoxly.

「It’s coriander’s family.」

「Can’t you just say parsley!」

「I don’t even want to say the name.」

Ahh, just by remembering it, I became angry.

「Long ago, when I went to eat lunch together with the girls, someone put a parsley on my plate and said something irresponsible like『It seems like parsley is nutritious and good for health, you know~♪』or something like that. And then, everyone decided that they would eat it together in a gulp. I never ate parsley before at that time, but the moment it entered my mouth, it was really terrible! I even thought that it was not something human beings should eat, since it’s bitter, grassy-smelling, and hard. I swore at that moment that I won’t recognize this thing as a vegetable anymore. Being deceived to eat that time was already enough for my whole life.」

「In conclusion, you reaaaaally hate bitter things, right?」

「Please don’t put those words in my mouth.」

「Sorry, sorry. But it will be pitiful for parsley farmers too. The parsley they took care of with great effort would just be thrown away without being eaten.」

「It might be the case for raw parsley, but some of them were dried, finely chopped, and put on the surface of a soup, so it definitely would bring them peace of mind. I’m sure of it.」

「What’s with those stylish method. I didn’t know you can do that.」

「Senpai, you don’t sprinkle them on Croutons?」

「What are Croutons in the first place? A mechanical pencil?」

「Isn’t that Kuru Toga?」

「A hotel?」

「Are you talking about Ritz-Carlton now?」


「It’s like bread that were cut into small pieces and fried. Most people usually eat them with soup and salad.」

「Ahh, those sodden ones, eh.」

「What did you mean with sodden…」

Isn’t your way of talking too crude just now?

# # #

「Then, what is the drink you dislike?」

「It’s jasmine tea.」

She answered me immediately.


「At the girls gathering, the conversation would go into something like『I’ll have jasmine tea』『Ah, then me too~』, and when I was going to order something else, they will force me to order the same thing with everyone by saying『Ehh, Maharu, let’s just make it all the same togetherー』『It has a detox effect after allー』like who cares about that, seriously!」

There is a black aura that came out strangely from Kouhai-chan in front of me.

「In the first place, what’s with that detox, will it really detoxify all of the poison accumulated in the body, how can only a cup of tea detoxify all of the poison in the belly just like that, is it fun to pressure other people to order the same drink with you, how delicious, how amazing!!」[1. She is so angry she speaks so fast!]

「It sounds terrible.」

As I thought, the girls world is scary.

「I also only have a shallow relationship with them, so I can’t just say that『I hate that tea』directly to them.」

Maybe after releasing her complaints in one go, her face became brighter than before.

I guess… it’s good?

「Do you know that jasmine tea is based on green tea?」

「Is that so?」

「Are you saying that you hate it without knowing that?」

「I don’t know because I hate it. If green tea is the base, then it has caffeine, right? Then rather than detoxifying, isn’t it just accumulating poison? As I thought, barley tea is the best.」

「Ah, you like barley tea after all. But I considerably like to drink coffee myself.」

「Eh? Senpai likes to drink coffee? That black liquid that only tastes bitter?」

「Can you calm down your way of talking? Bitterness is also not that bad, right?」

「I hate bitterness.」

「I’m sure that life is nothing but hardship, you know.」

「So there’s no sweet life?」

「It will be the case only for some successful people.」

But I think those people had some hardships too on their journey, though.

「I’m sure that to be able to reach that sweet life, you worked hard right now, waking up early in the morning and studying in the school.」

「Please don’t make that kind of serious face only at this kind of time, senpai. Today we should be having a normal conversation, not the serious one.」

「Who decided that normal conversation shouldn’t have serious talk?」

「Ahh, seriously! I will ban it. Come on, let’s get off the train.」

When I realized it, the train had already arrived at the nearest station to the school.

After two more days of getting over my classes, the weekend break will come. I will also do my best today.

The things I knew about my senpai⑫

It seems like he doesn’t like candy. He also can’t take tomato juice.




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