Chapter 3




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Editor: Ryunakama

# # #


The three-days weekend break ended in no time.

Yup. I couldn’t say that it was very meaningful, though. I finished all of my homework for the time being, but I could only remember shooting, attacking, and striking others with squid ink. Byte is fun![1. This is Splatoon 2’s reference, a very popular game in Japan. I haven’t played this game before, so I might be mistranslating ‘squid ink(salmon?)’ and ‘byte’.]

「Hey, senpai? You heard me, right?」

The Morning I usually said「Don’t come!」to suddenly changed into「Don’t go!」this week. Instead, I desperately rejected Tuesday and went to sleep with that in mind, and before I noticed it, it is already morning.

Even though I was the type of person that finds it easy to fall asleep, I read an article that as humans get older, it will become harder for them to sleep well. In other words, my sleeping quality would deteriorate, increasing the probability of me waking up in the middle of the night, and making it hard to have a good night’s sleep.

In short, I will only have a comfortable sleep when I am still young. With that self-excuses, I couldn’t leave my bed when the alarm started to ring this morning. The feeling of not wanting to leave was very strong at that time.

「Please look behind you now, senpai. Your cute kouhai is waiting, you know?」

But then, I am one of the humans that makes up the society. I could at least understand the concept of deadline. At the fifth snooze, I finally motivated myself and got ready quickly, I poured a cup of coffee down my throat, and arrived at the nearest station.

Perhaps, together with the expectations that Kouhai-chan already lost interest in me after the three-day weekend break.


Well, that convenient expectations was quickly crushed to pieces, though.

It can’t be helped. I turned back, and greeted her back.

「Yeah, morning.」

Kouhai-chan’s face that I haven’t seen for a while seemed surprised for some reason.

「……Good morning?」

「What’s with the interrogative form?」

At the same time I made a retort with a small voice, I went to the train platform.

* * *

The three-day consecutive break has ended.

There were days when I couldn’t go anywhere because of the typhoon, but if I look at it in a comprehensive way, I think it had been a fulfilling break.

I had to chase senpai for the first few days, but when I came to the station today, senpai arrived at the station while rubbing his sleepy eyes, with the usual train schedule. I wonder if he had given up running away from me.

…Certainly, I also noticed that I had been chasing him too much. But if I didn’t do it, I’m sure that I won’t be able to have any contact with this kind of senpai forever.

Well, who cares.

Rather than thinking about that, there was something even more joyful to celebrate.

Who ever thought that senpai will return my greeting. In the morning, in the station. This is the first time.

I was quite surprised for a while since I never expected senpai who has bad communication skills would greet me himself.

「Ehehe~ What brought that on, senpai? Have you become fond of me?」


Today, I also stood at the side of the door, leaning against the end of the seat. Senpai also went to the end of the seat, and grabbed the handrail immediately.

I wonder if he had a change of heart for him to come to this position without me saying anything yet.

「No, I’m not charmed with you, okay?」

He replied immediately with a serious face. Even though he tighten the end of his lips, his eyes looks somewhat swaying. He should be unused with these kind of topics, huh.

I smiled a little with that, and continued.

「Then, why are you doing that?」

「Doing what?」

「Aren’t you approaching me even before I did anything, and looking at me with a face that demands me to just quickly speak already?」

He also didn’t take out his book. Really, what happened to him?

After I finished my questions, senpai heaved a big sigh.

「I thought about it at the weekend break, while playing games.」

Thinking while playing games, isn’t that too harsh? In the first place, what kind of game does this person play? Let’s put it in the「List to Ask」.

「Even if I run away, you will keep chasing me after all, and I end up getting caught even after I racked my brain. So rather than hiding and running away, it will be better to quickly deal with you mutually.」

「I see. That’s wonderful. Then you want to have a lot of talks with me, right!」

「No, you’re wrong……」

Of course, I will pretend that I misunderstand his words.

「If you already decided so, then let’s talk without any rush, senpai!」

「That’s why I said……」

「Then, this is today’s question. Uhm, please tell me『Senpai’s way of communication that you frequently use』, or to put simply, senpai’s account information that can definitely be contacted privately!」

# # #

Kouhai-chan laughed happily, and raised that question (?) earnestly.

Well, what she wants is almost 100% my LINE [2. LINE is the most famous chatting app in Japan. You can send messages using stickers and emojis there. I’m not sure if it is famous in other countries or not, so I will just put a footnote here] account, right? When it comes to ways of contacting using smartphone, that is the most widespread application after all. The reason she didn’t directly say the word「LINE」should be as preparation if I am not registered in LINE.

Since I had to join my class group, the student council group, and the whole library committee members group, there’s no way I haven’t registered my account, though.

Uhn. If I tell her my LINE account, she might even cut off my last resting time, the weekends.

I want to fight thoroughly for at least this… but it’s probably no use.

But then, I don’t want to just give it to her without any resistance.

Ah, that’s right.


I might even take a point from her with this.

「Hey. Can I ask you a question first?」

Since I will give her my contact anyway, I don’t have to ask for her account information. I’ll use the today’s right of asking question in an interesting way.

* * *

Senpai stayed silent for around five seconds. I felt that it was longer, but it doesn’t really matter.

He asked me whether he could ask a question first before answering mine. Certainly, something like the order of the questions and the order of the conversation hasn’t been discussed in detail, but I don’t really care about the rules that much.

When I allowed it, senpai smirked, making his right cheek lift.

「Do you want me to answer honestly, or answer it with something you want?」


What I want is his LINE account information. I asked the question with that kind of intention, and I’m sure senpai also realized it.

Yet it seems like there is a difference between the honest answer and my intention?

I wonder what he meant by that.

「Look at this.」

Senpai showed me his smartphone setting screen.

On the top of the screen, I could see his「Battery Usage」menu.

# # #

Ohh, she looks confused.

I finally managed to outwit this kouhai genuinely, it feels somewhat great.

「You can see how many hours I have spent on my applications within the past seven days on the screen.」

The shiny letters on my smartphone screens proved that my LINE usage time was one tenth of that of Twitter.

「I don’t really use my LINE, you know.」

That’s right. I don’t really use LINE for a long period in my smartphone. At least, that is the case for me.

I don’t really have a very urgent conversation all the time (even if there is something very urgent, they will call me anyway, and if it’s not urgent, I will use my computer. The flick entry is annoying), and because I only need to reply sporadically, the application usage time on my smartphone won’t increase.

On the other hand, Twitter is a SNS that will make one look at the timeline for a long time. So in usage time, there’s no way it will lose to LINE.

I don’t know how often I used it on my home PC, I couldn’t tell the actual details, but for now, I’ll just steal the march on this girl.

「Now then, which one will you choose?」

* * *

Indeed, it was outside my expectations.

To think that there is a high school student who doesn’t have LINE as their most used application other than games… This world is sure wide.

No, maybe it’s narrow? After all, this kind of unique student is in the same station with me.

「Will senpai tell me honestly no matter whichever I choose?」

「Nn? Yeah. I will tell you properly.」

Oh my. He is unexpectedly kind.

「Then, LINE.」

「How fast. Then, here.」

At the same time when he replied, he presented his QR code to me. Even though I thought that he would still have to operate the application, it seemed like he already prepared it……

「Senpai, please make the screen brighter. My scanner can’t read it.」

「Nn? Ahh, is that so? Sorry.」

Even though he already made a careful preparation, it seems like he still is still lacking in attentiveness, huh. Truly, what a senpai.

The things I knew about my senpai ③

His LINE icon was a picture of a total eclipse.




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  1. Deadmilkmen

    Well I’m done here. Good translation though!

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    1. dmntt

      The reason is that this secretly excites him, but being outside of his comfort zone also stresses him out, so the part of his brain that just wants to be comfortable and safe is struggling against it, while his hormones are screaming at him to get closer to this girl. And hormones are pretty powerful around that age. If he was truly uncomfortable with all this, he would probably freak out rather than just get mildly annoyed.

  2. Haipher

    Thanks for the chapter. ?
    So did he won?

    1. LeNuts

      I don’t thinks so. I’ll bet his LINE’s usage time would increase significantly.

      1. uye3

        as is usual in romance novels.

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        The number of requests for contact via LINE will go up; whether he responds… that’s another thing entirely.

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