Chapter 41




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 # # #

「Ah, senpai, this is about tomorrow’s matter.」

It was what Kouhai-chan said to me yesterday.

When we were getting off the train, Kouhai-chan called me out, as if she just remembered something.

「Please come to my house, alright? I’ll tell you my address later.」

Kouhai-chan laughed mysteriously, sounding like she was plotting something. 


「I mean, I am going to celebrate senpai’s birthday at my house grandly. Please thank me.」

「Your house?」

「You can reach it by walking, don’t worry.」

That’s not the problem, though.

Well, since she said she wants to celebrate it for me, let’s not think that she has ill intentions by inviting me to her house.

Anyway, I’m nervous.

 # # #

The date changes, and I become seventeen years old when I’m still inside my blanket.

To be honest, I don’t have any impression at all. It’s not like I become an adult, nor does it mean that I already have the right to vote. I just feel like I become one year older than before.

When I woke up in the morning, LINE message was coming.

Maharun♪:Good morning♪

Maharun♪:Also, happy birthday

Maharun♪:Please come here around noon. Here is the address

Maharun♪:[Maharun♪ sent a photo.]

She sent me a screenshot from a map application. Talk about being prepared, huh.

If I went from my house, it was just opposite the station. I would reach it in twenty minutes if I walk slowly. It could be faster if I go by bicycle, but well, let’s just go leisurely since she told me to arrive by noon.

 * * *

Iguchi Keita :Got it. Thanks.

It seems like it has been quite a long time since the last time senpai told me「thank you」, to the point that I even took a screenshot unconciously. I only woke up from my daze when I heard my phone making a “kasha” sound.

What Chinese dishes should I make? For now, it would be the sweet and sour pork we talked about before, and apricot tofu as the classic dessert. We still had to eat cake though, so we might be unable to eat that much… I’m worried.

Well, I just need to get ready for now. In the end, this is a celebration for senpai. What’s important is the feelings, not the appearance. But of course I’ll still do my best to some extent.

When I finished making the dishes, the intercom rang. I didn’t specify a specific time for senpai, but he really came at a nice timing.

「Good afternoon. I am Maharu-san’s frie…」

I thought it will be interesting to listen how is senpai’s proper attitude towards other people, but it is more troublesome to wait for him to finish speaking, so I replied to him just like that.

「Yes, yes. Happy birthday.」

「What, it’s you?」

「Senpai’s attitude changes just like that, eh.」

「Of course it will.」

「Yes, yes. I will go out now, so please wait a minute.」

I went to the entrance still with my apron, and unlocked the door. When I opened the door, what greeted me was senpai’s nervous appearance.

「What happened?」

「No, I’m just thinking if your parents are at home, or something like that.」

「What, are you worrying about that?」

「What do you mean with ‘that’… When you last came to my house, you even worry about not bring any souvenirs anymore, right?」

As for the souvenir, senpai’s mother told me that I shouldn’t bring it again since I was invited.

「Please calm down. There’s no one other than me at home today.」


Glancing at the flabbergasted senpai, I walked towards the dining room.

 # # #

You know what.

Please stop surprising me more than this. This is really bad for my heart. I can feel my age shorten.

What’s with that. Something like「There’s no one but me」is really a dangerous line to say when you invite a boy you’re not even dating, Kouhai-chan! You should say it when you have a deeper relationship with them!

As I thought, the deep blue apron (which I saw for the second time) really suited her, and the tight knot on her back was very cute for who-knows-why. Even her fluffy socks look cute to me, and my head was filled with a lot of things.

「Senpai? You’re lagging behind.」

「Hey. I’m your guest who has his birthday today, you know?」

「The foods will become cold soon. Please hurry, senpai.」


Well, this is still Kouhai-chan, huh. Un. I’m relieved.

After chasing her back and enter the room, there was a sesame oil smell. There were also several Chinese dishes on the table. It’s still steaming, so she should be just finished making them a while ago. I came around noon since she told me to come around that time, but it seemed like I came at the right time.

「I prepared Chinese dishes just like senpai’s wish. There will be a cake too, so please don’t overdo this one.」

「Doesn’t sweets have a separate belly?」

「That only applies to girls.」

「I see.」

Thinking about it realistically, it’s not like the volume of our stomach will change just because we eat another food. After all, it is the problem of the mood.

「Well then, senpai. To start it, I’ll say this again. Happy birthday.」

She sat in a seat in front of me, and gave her congratulations while looking straight at me.

…This is somewhat embarrassing.

「Oh, thank you.」

「Now, let’s eat the meal, shall we?」

「I’ll enjoy it gratefully then.」

I picked up the chopsticks.

It was delicious, truly the dish that would satisfy a high school boy’s stomach. The amount was also a little bit too much for the two of us, but I forced myself a little, and ate everything up. After all, this was home-made cooking a girl made for me. I didn’t think I could experience it that many times in my life.

When we finished eating, she took out a cake. It was definitely a cake from a shop, though.

She put seventeen candles on the shortcake that she already cut into ⅛, and lit all of them. When she asked me whether I can blow all of them off with a blow, I thought I was going to die. I’m not going to challenge the limits of my lung capacity anymore.

Now then.

I felt sleepy as I rubbed my swelling belly. But of course, there’s no way I can sleep at other people’s house.

Trying to hold out my yawns, I drank the tea she served to have a little caffeine intake. At that moment, Kouhai-chan presented me a small box.

「Senpai, here.」

Is that…?

「My present. Please open it when you’re home.」

「What if I opened it now?」

「I’ll get angry.」

「Then, I will open it when I’m home.」

I placed the small box beside my bag.

「I have one more thing to say. Senpai, can I make my『request』now?」

With the result of yesterday’s athletic meet borrowing race competition death match, known as the rock-paper-scissors, she was the one who won. According to our promise last time, this time she would have「the right to request anything」to me.

「Sure, why not?」

She has the right to request anything anyway, so I don’t think I can even refuse to hear her request in the first place.

After answering her, Kouhai-chan’s expression turned serious. Looking at that, all my sleepiness evaporated like smoke.

Kouhai-chan closed her eyes for a moment, and opened them again. She looked straight at me, and opened her pale red lips.

「Please revise the school regulations.」

I see. It’s about that, huh.

Now, if she is pinpointing the “Article 51”, I can no longer escape or even hide.

When I was filled with those complicated feelings, it seemed like Kouhai-chan sensed it, accidentally or not, and continued.

「What senpai deems weird, change it all.」

I see.

As I thought, she is really smart. If she said it like that, then I’m free to revise whatever I want.

No, strictly speaking, is she even giving me freedom? Since I will fix whatever I deemed strange, she is basically making those revisions my own wish. Really, what a bad-natured girl.

Since it’s like this, there’s no way I can reject her, right?

No, I don’t even have the right to reject it, huh.

「…I got it.」

Now then, what should I write for the revision?

I hope I could fulfill it during my term, though.

「I’ll just give it my best. Are you okay with that?」


 * * *

I finally made a「request」to senpai.

It was a little bit sloppy, but I couldn’t come up with another way to tell him better.

Our small, yet grand birthday party was over.

I made an excuse to senpai to send him home since it was his birthday, and I followed him until we reached his house.

「Uhm, I want to ask my『today’s question』now, senpai.」


「You are not angry?」


「Even though today is senpai’s birthday, I made a weird request on my own convenience.」

「What, that really sounds unlike you. Where did the usual full of confidence Kouhai-chan go?」

Senpai turned his head towards me.

「What’s with that, senpai. Are you making fun of me?」

「Yes, yes. Just stay like that.」

I felt like I was going crazy just now. I kept worrying over everything, just like a fool.

「Then, that’s also my『today’s question』for you. Kouhai-chan too, how was today?」

「It was fun, and I’m happy.」

「Then, I’m glad.」

The things I knew about my senpai㊶

He is now 17 years old. Congratulations, senpai.




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