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Chapter 47




Translator: mii

Editor: Ryunakama

  # # #

「Talking about autumn, it sure has a lot of school events, huh.」

「Why are you saying that so suddenly?」

Kouhai-chan who stood in the usual place, the usual train, and the usual morning also started to talk to me today.

「Last time, we had an athletic meet, right?」


I tried my best to win a match against her, using my luck at the strangest moment in the crazy borrowing race competition.

And the final decision was decided with rock-paper-scissors, resulting in my loss. It was a tragic athletic meet.

…I also have begun to investigate in the matter of Kouhai-chan’s「request」. But then, it seems like there’s no way I can revise the school regulations just because I am the student council president. Eventually, I will need to get approval from all of the student council members. Ah, what should I do?

「This time, I heard that there will be a cultural festival soon.」


Since she said something about wearing girl’s clothes at the cultural festival just two days ago, I thought she should’ve known about that.

「Why didn’t you tell me, senpai? Aren’t you the student council president?」

「That’s why I told you to look at the schedule already.」

We did this exchange around two weeks ago. Last time, it was about the athletic meet.

「I searched for my schedule, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.」

「I’ll send it on your LINE next time. I don’t have it with me right now.」

「Ah, thank you very much, it will be a great help.」

After three seconds of awkward silence, Kouhai-chan opened her mouth again.

「I heard it from my classmate. They told me that it will be held this month.」

「Yeah. It should be next, next… eh, when was it? Anyway, it should be a November weekend.」

「Senpai is unexpectedly sloppy about the date, huh…」

Well, fine, she said, as she asked me the question as usual.

「『Today’s question』. Senpai, what will you do at the cultural festival?」

「If you ask me what will I do, of course I will do something.」

「That’s not what I’m asking.」

Kouhai-chan stared at me, looking a little angry.

「Yes, yes. cultural festival, huh?」

「I never went there before, what is it like?」

「Didn’t you go before you take the entrance exam?」

「I had something to do that time, so I couldn’t.」

「Well, fine. Err, in a nutshell, it is chaos.」


「There is everything.」



「It’s clearly not the words describing about high cultural festival, right!?」

When I arranged the words that came on my mind, she stopped me.

「No, no, I’m telling the truth. You will understand when you go there.」

Our high school is also quite the mystery, being able to have new students with that kind of cultural festival.

「Rather, senpai should be the one to take the lead. Aren’t you the student council president?」

「I told you that I’m not really in charge already.」

「But, you still have responsibilities you need to do, right?」

「You know. In the first place, the school festival executives will do whatever they like. It is not under the student council’s jurisdiction.」

「Ah, is that so?」

If the student council’s serious members that manage the cultural festival, it surely wouldn’t be that much of a crazy cultural festival.

「In any case, you still need to attend it or else you will be considered absent. It’s hard to have to step into a strange place once.」

「Eh… What, is it that serious?」

「It is that serious.」

「How scary.」

「It’s alright, if you act normally, you won’t die.」

「Why does a cultural festival even mention a danger of death…」

When she said it out loud, it is certainly dangerous.

「There are also some safe areas, like the student council bazaar.」

「Ah, senpai, are you going to do a bazaar?」

「I’m mostly just going to sign the sales report, though.」

「Senpai should try being the salesperson there.」

「No way. Because of someone’s fault, my books started piling up on the floor of my room.」

I want to finish reading them quickly and store them in my bookshelf.

「Eh, whose fault is it?」

「It’s clearly yours!」

「Did I get found out?」

「It’s not a matter between if you get found out or not…」

 * * *

Senpai heaved a sigh, shifting between offense and defense.

「By the way, how about Kouhai-chan? Do you have any plans for the cultural festival? It’s my『today’s question』.」

「…I don’t specifically have any.」

When I was going to ask senpai out, I couldn’t say it out loud for some reason.

「The class project is mostly for the third years after all. The first years can’t have the authorization to apply in the first place.」

「Is that so?」

「Yeah. Then, your club is… ah, oi, art club member. Your club is participating in cultural festival, isn’t it?」

Ah, that’s right, eh.

I was a ghost member in the art club. When was the last time I went there anyway?

「I see. I don’t know what will they do though.」

「This is why young people are so…」

After all, I turned off the club LINE group notifications a long time ago.

I don’t even know who is the one working hard in the club now. Recently, I was just focusing on chasing senpai.

「Well, that’s it. As your senpai, I think it will be interesting for you to participate in the project just once.」

「But I’ll still do it when I am a third year, right?」

「Okay, correction. Just twice.」

「Senpai, are you also doing it twice?」

「I’m doing a bazaar this year, okay!」

「But you said you are just going to sign the report.」

「I understand, I will ask them if I can be the salesperson while reading a book later.」

「That really sounds like what a student council president will do.」


「Rather, doesn’t that sound more like the library committee member, or the literary club? Or those who shout that the novels written by them are distributed free of charge, so please read it! kind of person.」

「That’s certainly right.」

After a pause, senpai gave me a glance.

「Then, as long as I participate actively, will Kouhai-chan also join me participating on the cultural festival?」

His way of phrasing it out is really sly.

Does this mean I can’t refuse? Haa.

「I understand. I will think about it.」

「Why do you sound like a politician?」

「No, I’ll really think about it.」

Now, if I participate, then first of all…

「Senpai, I’ll see you later in the classroom!」

We arrived at the station just in time, so I picked out my bag and got out the door.

「No, wait a bit, isn’t that strange?」

Senpai chased me, his voice panicked.

 # # #

What is that? What does she mean by she will come to my classroom later? Isn’t that strange?

「Senpai too, after.」

Her reply towards my confirmation was also surprising, and a strange sound unconsciously leaked out of my mouth.


And then, I finally understand what she is planning to do.


She wants to talk with Idezuka, not with me, huh. She needs to tell him that she will join the cultural festival.

「My main business is with Idezuka-san, so please don’t get mistaken, alright?」

「Who is mistaken anyway, stupid.」

The things I knew about my senpai㊼

It seems like he will do a bazaar at the cultural festival.




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