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Chapter 82




Translator: mii

Editor: Ryuunakama

Day 81

 # # #

Kouhai-chan’s birthday was approaching.

Did I notice it, or did she make me notice it, or did she show me the way for me to notice it?

Anyway, it came to my mind. Today is 6th, and Kouhai-chan would become 16 years old on the 12th.

The actual celebration was… after the test is over, so it would be on the weekend. On that weekend, it would be like the real winter vacation.

Ah, would it be possible to give her my present even during the test period?

I realized that there was one thing I had to think about.


The present.

Talking about birthday, of course I need to prepare the birthday present.

Gift. celebration item. A tribute… or is it different? Anyway, I should give her an appropriate present on the day of her birthday to Kouhai-chan reaching 16 years old.

…By the way, I used the gift she gave me on my birthday (the one that removes contact lenses) thankfully every weekend. That’s why I thought about giving her something she should be able to use for a long time.

Now then, what is a good option?

I took out my tablet and opened the Google screen. I entered a keyword such as “High school junior birthday present” and browsed the screen that appears.

“Cosmetics”, hoo. “Handkerchief”, I see. “Earphone”, is that valid? “Stationery”, hmm.

And then, I noticed. There were many Amazon links. Everyone was promoting their affiliates, huh~ Of course they were not saints who give information warmly for free.


It’s quite difficult. In the first place, it was already difficult even when I thought what kind of item category I should give.
Once I’ve decided on a category, I would be able to narrow it down by function or appearance.

I read various articles while thinking deeply, and when I noticed, it’s time to go to bed soon, or rather, it’s time for Kouhai-chan to send me LINE messages before she went to sleep. Oh well. Let’s get ready to sleep now.

 * * *

A new morning.

The morning of hope… I don’t know if it’ll be that kind of morning, though.

Anyway, senpai also had a sleepy face today, coming at the usual time.

「Good morning~」

「Oh, morning.」

First we exchanged a proper greeting. This was a must even for good friends.

Anyway, did senpai and I become「good friends」already?

As soon as I greeted senpai, I realized how he was not looking at me, his gaze was on my head.


I tilted my head a little, with a frown.

「Is there something on my head?」

What are you thinking, senpai?

If my hairstyle was strange or there was something weird stuck to it, you could just laugh it off and take it for me, okay?

Anyway, I started appealing to him, pointing at my head.

「I haven’t said that there is anything on your head, so stop it, okay?」

He wouldn’t put his hand on my head, it was a failure.

If this was the case, I should just ask normally rather than appealing to him.

「I have set them properly before leaving. I’m a girl after all.」

Since he wouldn’t do it for me, I gave up teasing him and correct our conversation trajectory.

「Yes, yes.」

「Then, what happened, senpai? Do you have something in your mind?」

Senpai had a slightly bitter expression.

Eh, did he not want me to ask about what he was thinking that much?

「Uh huh, yeah.」


I felt like he wouldn’t just tell me now.

I might have to use my「question」.

While we were talking, the train arrived at the station.

I take a quick glance at senpai, and got onto the train as usual.

 # # #

Kouhai-chan who settled comfortably in her usual position was looking at me..

「Well then, senpai.『Today’s question』.」


She was beating me to the punch, not giving me any gap.

「What kind of thing were you thinking about on the platform just now?」

What kind of thing, huh…

If she asked me「what」, I could still get away from it, but she even thought about it this far, how smart.

「Ahh, well…」

「Yes. What is it?」

I thought a little bit about how I should answer her.


「Before I answer you, I’ll ask you my『today’s question』.」

「Ha? Sure?」

Since it already come to this, rather than only her, this would make both of us happy.

I asked Kouhai-chan who was a little confused.

「What kind of birthday present do you want?」

「Ah, it was about that trivial thing, huh.」

As soon as I said my question, Kouhai-chan began to laugh.

「I was seriously wondering what you would ask since you made such serious face, senpai.」

「What? I made such a face?」

「Your face was scary.」

Kouhai-chan stretched out her thin index fingers and stuck them on my cheeks.

「Come on, smile~」

「What are you doing?」

「Nothing? I am just poking this cute senpai’s cheeks. Give me at least a smile now~」

Before I noticed it, I was smiling.

Kouhai-chan continued after clearing her throat.

「Uh huh, fine. And then, I have a request for my present.」


「Whatever is okay.」

She said so, a smile on her face.

「Aren’t you just leaving the decision to me…」

「I also choose senpai’s present on my own, so senpai has to do his best to choose mine, okay?」

Her reasoning was too correct.


I couldn’t say anything back, and became silent.

「And also…」

Kouhai-chan averted her eyes a little and said this, with her cheeks red.

「As long as it’s something senpai gave to me, I will be happy.」

The things I knew about my senpai 82

It seemed like he was very troubled about choosing my present.




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