A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 1 Chapter 4 Part 10



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Okay, alright, time for some quick math to figure this bullshit out. I sold 21 Needlewood branches to this fine lady here, and got 273 Nar in return. That would mean that a single branch went for as little as 13 Nar! And that’s the price after it was already boosted with the 30% price boost, so normally one branch was only worth 10 Nar!

That price is so laughable that it makes me want to cry bloody tears!

I thought that I was in the Labyrinth for only an hour, but given how tilted the sun’s position in the sky was when I got out, it might have actually been two hours. Now, for the sake of my big brain calculations let’s assume that it takes an hour to kill ten enemies, two hours to kill twenty enemies and so on, all the way up to one hundred enemies in ten hours, and that a single enemy defeated was worth 10 Nar. That would result in a profit of 1000 Nar in ten hours.

With that, my initial goal of earning two gold coins per day would remain nothing but a distant dream. And even if I somehow managed to double that amount, it would still be a far cry from the 20 000 a day that would allow me to get enough funds to buy Roxanne without any issues. With that said, the obvious solutions would be to either spend more time in the Labyrinth’s upper floors each day, or to venture deeper inside in hopes of getting my hands on something that would allow me to get more money. Yeah, those are the only viable options I can think of at the current moment.

「By the way, can you tell me the exact requirements for joining the Adventurer’s Guild?」

「Of course. Truth to be told, becoming an Adventurer is relatively simple. All you have to do is to have an Explorer Job and have it at lv.50. If you are interested in joining, then do you want me to show you to the person who’s in charge of the whole procedure?」

「Thank you, but that won’t be necessary for now.」

After respectfully declining, I collected my backpack and headed out of the Adventurer’s Guild.

So basically what I learned from my short visit there is that Adventurer is an Explorer’s senior Job and in order to acquire it, you have to make so many explorations to advance the Job to a ridiculous level, but the lady in the guild failed to mention if actually joining the guild was one of the requirements as well. Maybe it won’t be necessary, or maybe it will. If at all possible, I would like to not join it carelessly, seeing as joining a guild apparently forces you to buy, sell and in general do business with that guild only, which can prove to be bothersome in the long run.

The slave merchant told me that the Explorer’s Guild and the Adventurer’s Guild do not like each other very much, and now I can say that I totally see why it is like that. In order to become an Adventurer you had to be an Explorer first, so it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that joining the Explorer’s Guild was nothing more but a stepping stone on one’s way to become an Adventurer. Thinking about it, that is more than a little messed up and unfair, but it looks like that is how things are rolling here, so unless people won’t change their way of viewing the Explorer’s Guild, I guess nothing will really change in the way they are treated.

For the time being, I decided to use the money I got from today’s expedition to buy myself some basic clothing, like socks, pants, an alternate set of shirts and pants, and a cloak.

The pants that I bought are the so-called pumpkin pants, the kind where the waist and both legs are tied together with a string. Along with the rest of the clothes that I bought, they are all used instead of brand-new, because that was a cheaper option. I’m glad that something as convenient as second-hand shops is also present in this world. This is going to make my life that much easier, at least when it comes to buying clothes.

When it comes to the cloak, I settled for a dark one with a face-covering hood. Edgy, I know, but what can you do? It looked really cool so I just bought it without a second thought. Both mornings and evenings here tend to be a little bit on a cold side, so wearing a coat to mitigate that wasn’t anything unusual. Quite a lot of people seem to be wearing them, in fact. Also, with that cloak, I will be able to wear my Bandit Bandana without anyone seeing it and raising suspicion as a result. In other words, a perfectly legit camouflage.

With nothing else to do, I returned to the inn, and sure enough, the Innkeeper was behind the counter, just like when I left the inn to go to the Labyrinth.

「Yo, welcome back, kid!」

Yup, the atmosphere of this place was totally off-putting, but I guess there was no point in complaining if I wanted to keep my place to sleep for now.

「Can I get my key?」

「Sure you can. Here.」

And he handed me the key to my room.

I quickly got up to the third floor, left my baggage in the room and got back down to the reception.

「You serving dinner yet?」

「Yes, you’re right on time. Go grab yourself a menu at the entrance to the dining area.」

「Also, when I’ll finish eating, I’d like to ask you for some hot wa…」

「That will be 20 Nar, thank you very much.」


I swear to God, this guy… but wait a minute. 20 Nar? What about my 30% discount?! Why does it not apply here?! Well, it’s certainly a bummer that it does not seem to be effective since I’d like to cut my expenses as much as possible, but that much I can deal with. I took 20 Nar from my pocket and left it on the counter.

When I entered the dining area, the first thing I saw was a table with four sets of dishes on it and a nice, friendly looking young woman next to it.

「Welcome, please, feel free to choose you dinner for today from the following dishes.」

Is this lady in charge of the dining area (or maybe I should start calling it cafeteria for short)? The aura around her was totally different than that of the Innkeeper when she opened her arms and invited me further. Taking a quick glance at her with Identify, she was a 28 years old Female Innworker.

Even though this was supposedly the menu, it was different from the ones that I am used to. Looks like this one here is actually a system that allows you to select a real deal right from the get-go instead of picking a dish from the list and waiting for it to be prepared. If I were a betting man then I’d bet my money on the fact that this was a countermeasure against those customers who couldn’t read at all. With such a system in place, even those who are illiterate can pick a dish without any complications, allowing for a continuous stream of customers. I have to admit, whoever thought about such a solution, that was a really smart move. Then again, there was something written on a piece of paper that was placed on the table I was guided towards. It must be a reservation that was prepared for me before I arrived, because it was a number, the same one that was engraved on the plaque that was attached to the key to my room.

Now let’s see here… hmm, out of all the dishes, the rightmost one struck me as the most delicious-looking.

「I’ll be taking this one.」

「Understood. And what would you like to drink?」

「What choices do I have?」

「We serve beer, wine and herbal tea. You can also order Slime Liquor, but you’ll have to pay extra for that one.」

「Then I’ll be having herbal tea.」

「As you wish. Now, please sit down and wait a minute while I go get your order.」

I had a little taste of the alcohol some years back, but I don’t know how much of it I could tolerate without getting drunk off my ass, so it’d be better not to touch any of it for now. I have too much money on me to lose it all carelessly if I were to go on a drunken rampage.

When I took my seat at the table, my food was delivered to me literally minutes after. It was a stew with boiled meat and vegetables. The amount is… well shiver me timbers, but there is a crapload of it! Is it because they only serve two meals a day here? Because if that is the case, then I have absolutely nothing against such a policy. The more on my plate for me to eat, the better!

Well, without further ado, time to dig in!



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