A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 15



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

When I finished washing Roxanne’s hair, I placed the towel on her shoulders and switched places with her.

「Maybe we should use the other basin for it?」

「There’s no need for that, it’s fine just like that. I will use the other one to wash our clothes and underwear.」

I just lay on the bed, stretch my neck beyond the bed’s edge and entrust myself to Roxanne sh that she could wash me. Soon after, Roxanne’s smooth, wet fingers got entangled into my hair as she gently washed them, and she did that with such a tender care that I almost felt like my body was floating in the air.

Oh no, it feels so good that I can feel my little Durandal slowly emerging from its sheath! I closed my eyes and tried not to think about the pleasure too much, but much to my horror it had the exactly opposite effect to what I was intending to achieve! Just… just try to clear your mind and do not think about anything else! Focus on your head being washed!

It feels so good to have your hair washed after so many days of keeping them dirty. They might just be rinsed with hot water, but it still feels greatly refreshing. I raised my head and had it wiped with a dry towel. But when I finally opened my eyes, I saw the true paradise spreading before my eyes.

Roxanne was wiping my hair not from the back, but from the front! Both of her hands are on my head, so she had no way of covering her chest, which seemed to be even bigger from up close than it was form the distance.

「I’m going to do the laundry now.」

Perhaps she knew where my sight was glued to, because Roxanne proceeded with her next task as soon as she was done with washing my head. I also don’t know when it happened, but I was now wearing my Pumpkin Pants. Sigh, this is such a shame. And here thought we were actually onto something here, but no, Roxanne just crouched next to the water basin and began washing her socks, making her glorious chest sway left and right with every movement.


「Are you not going to use the Kochi fruit?」

「I’m going to use them to wash the cloaks that we have bought today. Besides, if you would use it every single day to was your clothes, you would have destroyed their material sooner rather than later.」

「Is that so? Then I guess I better make sure to remember that.」

We briefly talked about that as I was taking the other water basin off the chair. I thought that since I have bought it I could use it every single day, but apparently that is not going to be the case. Well, that’s understandable I guess. Even back in Japan clothes could be damaged beyond repair if you went overboard with too many cleaning agents in one washing cycle.

「W-What is this?! This… this is amazing!」

Roxanne suddenly exclaimed quite loudly. When I glanced in her direction, I noticed that she has finished washing her own socks and moved on to wash mine, only to be captivated by the bizarre thing that was the rubber in their upper part. She was pulling it back and forth, watching with great wonder and curiosity as the socks expanded, only to go back to their original shape when the rubber bands contracted back. She repeated that one action many times.

「Judging by your reaction I take it that you don’t have something like that in here?」

「No, we do not, and even if we do, I have never seen something like this in person.」

「Oh really?」

So rubber can be considered as a rare material in this world. That must be the reason why my Pumpkin Pants are of the string-tied variety. Once she is finished with the laundry, she hangs it all back into the closet. And that means that all of the work that she was supposed to do is now finished.

「Well, I’m going to wear these clothes for now.」

Roxanne says, taking the other maid uniform from the closet.

「Ah, no, you don’t have to worry about that. There’s no need for you to wear that now.」

「Eh? B-But…」

「Remember what I have told you when we were buying it earlier?」

「That it would make you happy if I wore this.」

The maid uniforms, both the one she had from the Slave Merchant and the new one we bought, were both excellent clothing, so of course Roxanne would make me happy by wearing them. But…

「And it will make me happy if you wear this, but during the day. But now is the nighttime, so there’s no need for you to wear that. Understood?」


Roxanne places the maid uniform back into the closet and then silently approaches the bed. When she’s close enough to me I reach out and gran her hand with mine, pulling her onto it. She fell on top of me, and when she did, I hugged her. She does not move away and does not try t resist.

In our current position, I reached out with my hands and firmly grabbed the rich bulges of her chest. Prompted by the obvious intent behind my actions, she brings her face closer to mine and closes her eyes. That is when I kissed her on the lips. Her lips are touching mine now, and we stayed pressed together like that for a while. I want to go more on the offensive, but I have to remain patient. I think that I have heard somewhere before that only inexperienced fool jams his tongue into a girl’s mouth from the get-go.

「From now on, I would like us to kiss every night before we will go to bed and every morning when we will wake up.」

「Yes, as you wish, master.」

「Then… let’s do it once more.」

We separated our lips from each other and then immediately moved back to devour one another, but this time I’m going to try being a little more forceful. I also tried to sneak my tongue inside her mouth to see how she would react.

Roxanne’s answer is accepting it obediently without any complaints.

And so, our tongues kept entangling around each other.



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