A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 4



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

「Come on, why don’t you have a sit over here?」

「Oh, r-right!」

Roxanne slowly walks inside the room. I don’t know why, but somehow her nervousness is being passed onto me, making my heart race and my palms all damp with sweat. Come on, Michio, think of something to talk about! What are some casual conversation starting topics?!

「Uhm… is that number a five?」

I asked Roxanne while pointing at one of the symbols engraved on the key to the room. I know that the room’s number is 517, but I’m so desperate to keep the conversation going that I’m literally willing to try anything, even if it makes me look like an idiot in her eyes.

「Y-Yes, t-that’s right.」

「And this here is seven?」

「Yes… that is seven indeed.」

Aaaarggghh, just as I expected, the conversation is not going well at all! I feel like we talked more naturally while we were heading to the inn from the Slave Merchant’s shop, but now everything seems to be getting to a standstill, not to mention that Roxanne’s uneasiness started rubbing itself on me. But I understand why her current situation might be filling her with fear. After all, she is now completely alone in one room with a guy she barely knows, and there is only one bed in here. As far as she is concerned, I might be planning to push her down and take her by force. Just so we’re clear on this, I absolutely do not intend to do that! I might be a garbage human being, but I’m not a rapist!

「So, uhm, like… I hope you won’t take it the wrong way but… can I… can I touch your ears?」

Feeling like I have nothing left to lose, I made that rather abrupt request. It might have sounded like something totally pulled out of my ass, but I really wanted to try touching her animal ears as a method of taming…. I mean convincing Roxanne that I have no ill intentions towards her. We’ll see how she responds, and if she says yes, then maybe that will be a good sign that she will be willing to do some more wild things in the future. Perhaps. Probably. Maybe.

「M-My ears? Y-Yes, of course, I don’t mind… as long as you’re fine with someone like me….」


「Then please, have a sit here next to me.」

I once again beckon Roxanne to my side in a true Chris Hansen fashion. And remember, everyone, what we’re about to do here is nothing indecent. It’s just skinship between a master and his servant. That’s right, just wholesome skinship, with no lewd ulterior motives behind it! After all, when it comes to interpersonal relationships, skinship is one of the most important methods of deepening the bonds between people. Right now, Roxanne is nervous and filled with anxiety, but if I show her that I am genuinely interested in getting to know her better then I’m sure she will come to accept me and trust me, no matter how long that would have to take. And if I play my cards like, maybe she will really become interested in doing more daring… activities with me, or at least I hope so. But that is a matter for the future. For now, let’s focus on the task at hand: deepening our trust by petting her cute dog ears!

Roxanne came to the bed, but instead of sitting next to me she sat on the floor in front of me. Looking at the situation we’re now in, it probably would have looked like an intro to a hentai anime for anyone who would watch us from the sidelines. But today is not the day for us to do hentai stuff, only wholesome bonding. Which is why I have to keep my little Durandal in check. Keep calm little one, your time to shine will come one day. I know it’s hard to keep yourself in check with such a first-class beauty right in front of us, and our instincts are telling us to take advantage of this intimate one on one situation, but we have to be rational here. We have to be like the… how did English people called it again? Oh yeah, The Person of Reason, or something along those lines, I don’t really care all that much. The bottom line is: I have to keep myself from doing anything indecent to her if I want her to stop being so wary of me. That is the goal that I want to achieve here.

「Uhm, Roxanne?」


「You can sit right here beside me. You don’t have to sit on the floor.」

「Really? It’s fine?」

「Yup. So come here. Right here.」

I patted the mattress right beside me in an inviting manner.

「…Okay then.」

Roxanne stood up and sat next to me, on the very edge of the bed, as if she didn’t want to take any more space than it was absolutely necessary. Not what I was expecting, but at least she won’t be sitting on the floor like an animal. Now that she’s so close to me I wanted cuddle to her or straight up hug her, but she can take such an action the wrong way, so I’ll better hold on with that for the time being.

I hope that by doing this I’ll be able to soothe her anxiety, even if just for a little bit.

「Just… just be gentle… please?」

I swallowed my saliva and silently placed my hand on Roxanne’s head. Her face is so beautiful even when viewed from the side, and her hair slide through my fingers like the strands of the finest silk. It is also unbelievably soft and fluffy, making me want to touch it forever…. Yeah, right, we all know that what I truly want to do now is to just push her down, but I cannot allow that urge to overcome me! I need to keep my will strong and unwavering!

Uwaaaah, this is a great feeling, one that could eliminate all sadness and purify even the evilest of spirits. After thoroughly enjoying the feeling of her hair, I finally tried touching her dog ears. They are large, droopy and even softer than her hair. There is also a certain pleasant thickness to them. They are not hard, and every inch of them is like a quintessence of fluffiness. A fluff incarnate, so to speak.

Oh my God, this is so addicting that it might just become a habit for me! What am I going to do if I won’t be able to last a day without touching those fluffy cuties of hers?! Ah, screw it, we’ll worry about that later! For now, let’s take it up another notch, shall we? At first I only touched her ears with one hand and I tried to be as delicate as possible not to hurt her or make her uncomfortable, but since she’s not protesting to any of my caresses thus far, then I think I can try petting her with both of my hands.

「You know Roxanne, ever since I first saw you I thought you were a beautiful girl, but your ears are on a completely different level.」

I allowed myself to be upfront with her. It’s true that I think that her beauty is exceptional, but her droopy, cute ears multiply her beauty factor at least ten, no, a hundred times! Roxanne herself is incredibly erotic (especially those boobies of hers) and her ears are cute, and those elements combined result in the birth of the ultimate combo able to melt the heart of every guy: erotically-cute (TL Note: ero-kawaii in Japanese)! There’s just something calming in them, something that’s calm and comforting, yet arousing at the same time.

「I, uhm… thank… you?」

Unable to look me in the eyes after I gave her such a direct compliment, Roxanne’s cheeks turn red and her eyes start to wander all over the place, until finally she just casts her gaze down.

So… goddamn… CUTE!!!!

Seeing her as she is now, and after she filled my heart with peace and tranquility, there’s no way I could do anything impure to her! I just continue to stroke her ears like an innocent child. It took a few solid minutes, but it looks like she finally stopped being so anxious and relaxed a little. I, on the other hand, still had to give it my all to remain as calm as possible.

Looking at her from the side again, she really didn’t look like she disliked what I was doing to her. Or maybe she does, but she’s doing her best to accept it? Maybe she also understands that skinship is important in deepening the bonds between a master and servant?

UwU, and what’s this? When viewed from the side, her chest looks like its even bigger, and it jiggles up and down with every breath she takes! I want to touch those tasty melons! I want to fondle them! But I can’t! Be patient, Michio! Rid yourself of the earthly desires to focus on what you have to do!

「M-Maybe it’s not the best time to say this, but… once again, I’ll be in your care from now on, Michio-sama.」

「And once again, likewise. I’ll be in your care as well, in all sorts of ways.」

Roxanne bowed to me while still having her ears stroked. When she raised her head, I patted it again.

「Those ears of yours are really nice. We should do this more often, if it’s fine with you of…」

「Uhm… Michio-sama?」

「Yes, what is it?」

「Can… can I call you my master from now on? Or perhaps you’d prefer some other title?」




That’s it. I’m done. If there is a God in this world, then let him strike me down right where I sit for I have achieved the ultimate fulfilment!



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