A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 2 Chapter 3 Part 6



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

「How are you feeling, Roxanne? Have you noticed any changes to either your mind or body?」

「No, not particularly. I feel the same as always.」

So when I change my Jobs or make alterations to my stats, I am the only one who is aware of the changes happening, and Roxanne was not even aware of it.

「We’re just doing experiments right now, so make sure that you don’t push yourself too hard, okay?」

「Are any of the other ones you have in mind dangerous?」

「No, I’m not planning on doing anything life-threatening. Our safety always comes first.」

I hurriedly denied it. Have I phrased something wrong that she thought I was going to place her in danger?

I don’t know the differences between the Beast Warrior and the Monk jobs, so I just thought that being cautious for now would be for the best. Better safe than sorry, right? Also, with a new Job starting from Lv.1 she won’t have stats as good as she did with her Beast Warrior Lv.6 one, and I suspect that until she leveled it up she won’t be able to kill enemies with one or two strikes like she did before. Now, how can I put this delicately…

「It’s just that your Job has been set to the Monk which is at Lv.1, so….」




Holy balls, maybe I shouldn’t have said that after all, or at least try to phrase that differently.

「But my Job is a Beast Warrior. I have never been a Monk …」

「Well, you are now, so keep it confidential, okay?」

*Sigh* There I go again. Another secret that I am forcing her to keep on top of not telling her everything about me and my circumstances.

「You can do something like that as well? I probably sound like a broken record, but you are amazing, master.」

Roxanne seems to be convinced for now, so that’s fine I guess.

Both of us obtained the Monk Job now, so we might as well go hunt some monsters to level it up as much as possible. Due to the settings I have currently set up, we gained EXP at the same pace, as if we were both using the EXP Boost Skill.

Most likely it’s that the EXP you gain does not get divided even when you have multiple Jobs equipped, like twenty five percent of it for each of my three equipped Jobs, and its entirety to Roxanne’s one Job. Maybe I should try how it’s going to be when I use the Essential EXP reduction Skill? But as a result of that action, only my Monk Job quickly rose up to Lv.3, while Roxanne didn’t Level Up at all. The skill that reduces the required experience value seems to be effective only for me, not for the whole Party.

「Okay, that should be good enough. Let’s wrap up the experiments for today and go back to the inn. If my estimates are correct, it should be evening soon.」

「That’s right. I think it really is getting quite late.」

After we both agreed that this was the best point to stop, we got out of the Labyrinth. We ended up experimenting all day today, but I can’t say that it was a wasted day. We managed to confirm quite a lot of my theories and suspicions, and we also obtained a new Job that might be essential for our survival when we go to the Labyrinth’s higher floors. So overall, I’d say that this day was pretty successful.

From the Labyrinth’s entrance, we Warped back to the alleyway behind the Adventurer’s Guild, dropped by their reception counter to sell the rest of the Needlewood branches we had obtained today, and then we were on our way back to the Veil Pavilion.

Thanks to Roxanne being with me, the number of monsters we are able to defeat in a single foray into the Labyrinth has effectively doubled, and her radar-like nose allows us to always be aware of the enemy’s location, which means the possibility of us falling into a trap has also been significantly decreased. And of course, double the numbers of defeated monsters mean double the income from the items that they drop. When we sold the rest of the branches we had on us, we got 2000 Nars from them alone, including my 30% Price Increase Skill, which means that I can put over half of it, 1000 Nars into my personal savings. If I can save 1000 Nars in a single day, then it means that ten days worth of savings will give me 10,000 Nars, and 100,000 Nars for a hundred days. With savings like that, the two of us could easily afford to venture into the higher floors soon, which would not be so bad, now that I seriously think about it.

But even if it doubles, we will still divide the earnings equally by half, so the income of each individual person will not change that much. Then again, Roxanne is my slave, so everything that belongs to her also belongs to me.

Excited by the prospects of what is going to happen to us in the future, we returned to the Pavilion.

「Double room for two nights, with dinners. After supper, bring two basins of hot water and a lamp to the room.」

I hope I didn’t let any of my excitement slip just now, because he might have figured out that I’m planning on getting some action again tonight. I should stop thinking about it so much, because at this point, people might read me like an open book if I won’t be too careful.

「Understood. 385 Nars, special discount included.」

I paid the fee and received the key. We went to the 5th floor and entered the same room as yesterday. Out of habit, I patted the space next to me on the bed, signaling Roxanne that it was fine for her to sit next to me.

「Ah, uhm… Sorry for the intrusion.」

She lowered her backpack and sat on the bed next to me.

I immediately hugged her and played with her ears. Whenever I do this, I always feel refreshed no matter how tired I am. Ahh, this is the best!

「Thank you for your hard work today.」

「Y-Yes, good work out there as well… *Glance*…」

Her attitude is still a little stiff, just like her body, but at the very least she is sitting closer to me, just like I asked her to do. I moved my hands as gently as possible, stroking her shoulders, thighs and her cute doggy ears.

「How was the fight today? Was there anything strange or unexpected from your point of view, Roxanne?」

「No. You were as amazing and wonderful as always, master. I only wish that I could have been of more use to you. I’m sorry I didn’t help too much.」

「You don’t have to be. Your ability to detect monsters alone has been a huge help to me.」

As we continued the conversation, I found that Roxanne was getting more and more relaxed, as if she was entrusting herself to me. I held her tightly, leaning my face closer to hers. As we approached one another, Roxanne slowly closed her eyelids.

Th-This is…!

Am I supposed to take it as an invitation? Because this totally is an invitation, right?!

Her pale, soft lips shimmered like rubies in the red light of the setting sun.

Roxanne closed her lips tightly, but then she opened them ever so slightly.

With that gesture, her intentions became obvious, so there was only one thing left for me to do.

The next morning, the feeling of her soft lips on mine was the first thing that welcomed me as soon as I opened my eyes. Once again, Roxanne did exactly how I ordered her when I first brought her here, and gave me a good morning kiss. At first I only stuck out my tongue and traced it along Roxanne’s seductive lips, but it slipped into her half-opened mouth only moments later. I don’t really know if it is good to be so forceful and pushy first thing in the morning, but nevertheless, I appreciate that she is the one who’s showing the initiative in those matters every day.

Gently and slowly, I move my tongue around hers to caress hers. I lightly hugged Roxanne’s body. Her large, plumptious beauties are firmly pressed against my chest.

「Good morning, master.」

「Good morning, Roxanne.」

This is bad. If this keeps up, we might end up doing it more than once a day, and that is sure to catch somebody’s attention at some point. But I guess there’s no use worrying about it now. We will cross that bridge when we get there.

For now, I released Roxanne from her daily “duties”, and we started another day of our life together.



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