A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 3 Chapter 1 Part 8



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

However, now that I have become more accustomed to both exploring the Labyrinth and fighting with the monsters that dwell inside of it and raised the levels of my Jobs through repeating countless battles, I think I have begun to slowly overcome that fear, or at least that is what I would like to believe.

But if instead of Needlewoods Kobolds were the enemies present on the first floor, then I don’t know if I would have been able to conquer my fear of their weapons. But thankfully I didn’t have to worry myself with things like that then, so I guess there’s no need in worrying about them now.

The next opponents we have encountered were a pair of Kobolds and a pair of Green Caterpillars, on which I tried to use Water Storm to how well was it going to perform, but even with Water Magic, which was normally supposed to be weaker than the rest of the elemental-type spells (At least if we consider how is it usually being portrayed in video games), the Kobolds still died after being hit with a single spell. When I saw that Fire Magic was so effective against them I honestly thought that fire must have been their weakness, but it would seem that they are also weak against water. With the next group of enemies, which was a pair of Needlewoods and a pair of Kobolds, I tried attacking them with Breeze Storm to see how effective Wind Magic would be, and as it turned out, Wind Magic was not very effective. But still, instead of  just one Breeze Storm, it took one Breeze Storm and one Breezeball, so all in all, Kobolds can still be considered weak in my book. But if they are so weak, then won’t that mean that I will get a really shitty amount of EXP for killing them, which is going to put a wrench in my EXP gaining strategy which was designed with the highest possible efficiency in mind? I sure hope that this won’t be the case, but now that this idea has popped into my head, I can’t get it out of it. Great, now I will worry about it constantly and it will ruin the rest of my otherwise pretty pleasant day.

After we killed all of the Kobolds and Needlewoods, I went over to the place where the Kobold disappeared and noticed that this time the item that it left behind was not Kobold Salt, but the knife it was holding onto instead. Further investigation revealed that it was a type of folding knife, aptly named Kobold Knife.

「Huh. And here I was thinking that Kobolds won’t drop anything other than Kobold Salt.」

「Because it seems that monsters can drop different items when they die, although the appearance of some of them is much rarer than the others.」

So in other words, to borrow the video game terminology, Kobold Salt would be Kobold’s Common Drop, while Kobold Knife must be the Rare Drop.  I wonder if the number of drops is determined by the monster’s level or some other factors, because thus far the Needlewoods on the first floor only dropped Needlewood Branches upon defeat and Green Caterpillars of the second floor were leaving behind their Threads. Roxanne picked the knife up and examined it closely.

「That so? Good to know then. Here, let me put it in the Item Box.」

「Are you sure you want to do that, master?」

「Well, yeah? Or what, is there something wrong with it? Can it be sold at the stores back in Veil or not?」

Before continuing, Roxanne handed the knife over to me, just like I asked of her. When I saw Kobolds wielding them I was initially scared of them, but now that I look at it from up close it looks just like any other ordinary folding knife, pretty much the same as the ones I knew back in my old world. Something like that would be more useful as a multipurpose tool rather than a weapon. I mean, you could probably cut the skin open with t rather easily, but I doubt something of this caliber and quality would be able to pierce through the hardened leather of our Leather Armors.

「I don’t think we will be able to sell those at the Guild shops for much money either, since this is obviously a trash drop.」

「So you’re telling me that even if the items we pick up here are considered trash, we can still sell them?」

「As long as the Guild will be able to process those trash drop into something that can still be useful, then yes.」

So it’s like that, huh? Thinking about all the items we have already obtained in the process of killing monsters as I experimented with all kinds of magic and its usage against the monsters on second and third floors I was beginning to think that I might be running out of storage space in the Item Box, but thankfully my level as an Explorer has just risen, meaning that I should have obtained an additional bit of carrying capacity. Normally after clearing the second floor we would have went back to sell all of our items to free the space in Item Box and backpacks, but this time we went straight to the third floor, where the enemies were dropping much more items than I expected them to. If I hadn’t Leveled Up just now, then we would have probably leave all of the drop items that would be too much for us to carry. The Item box can hold only one type of item in a single row, but the number of said item can be as much as the overall level of the Explorer’s Job. With that additional level of mine just now, we should be able to carry everything we have obtained without the need to leave a single thing back.

We left the Labyrinth and returned back to Veil so that we could have lunch and rest until noon, and then we have made our way to the Adventurer’s Guild to sell all of the items in our possession by using Warp.

When we arrived at the Guild, a pair of Adventurers, a male and a female one have just popped out of the black portal that appeared at the Guild building’s wall opposite to the one at the entrance.

「A one-way trip to the Imperial City! Anyone wanna tag along for the ride?!」

The female Adventurer shouted, asking if there was anyone willing to go with them.

Adventurers have a Movement Magic called Field Walker, a type of magic that allows them to instantly travel to any place they have visited at least once through the black wall-portal similar to the one I am using with my Dungeon Walker, so I guess you could say that Field Walker functions somewhat like the busses did on earth, except Field Walker must probably be much faster than any bus I ever used when I was still back there. The problem is, we currently want to go to Quratar, not the Imperial City itself, because according to Roxanne there should be a permanently open shop that sells accessories and equipment for magic users there. But you know, even if we don’t have any business in the Imperial City eight now, I sure as hell would like to see it someday.

Now that we were on the Labyrinth’s third floor, I could no longer kill Needlewoods and Green Caterpillars with just 3 spells, reverting back to needing four of them. That is an obvious sign that if I don’t want to have a bad time when fighting mainly with magic, then I should go buy myself a wand or a staff as soon as possible. However, it’s not like I am in any hurry to do so just yet. It’s just that killing monsters with three spells is more convenient for me, because it allows me to kill them before they can enter my melee range, and besides, if we wait for a few more days, then surely enough the bazaar day would be upon us and the shops would be opened once again, offering us a chance to look for everything we needed here in Veil, so the timing of those two Adventurers and their lift offer couldn’t have been worse.

「Imperial City sounds tempting, but we should really go to Quratar first.」

「You know master, Quratar is actually pretty close to the Imperial City.」

Standing next to me, Roxanne whispered that into my ear.

「It is?」

「Yes! When I went to Quratar that one time before, I stopped at the Imperial City first. I don’t know if it is possible to go to Quratar from Veil, but a travel there is certainly possible from the Imperial City.」

「I see. Let’s try going there then. 」



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