A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 3 Chapter 2 Part 9



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

With my vision pretty much blocked, the sensations registered by my other senses, including the sense of touch, were greatly amplified. And because there is no light and we cannot see what we are doing, there is no need for me to get embarrassed and I can devote myself fully to wiping every last part of her breasts before I will proceed to doing the same to her entire body. And who knows, maybe it will just so happen that my hand will slip in this darkness, leading me to something far better than simply wiping each other?

「Hyaaah! M-Mas… ter…」

「Yes, Roxanne?」

I know exactly what I did, but I have chosen to play dumb.

「That… that place you’re touching now… tha, that’s… that’s the wrong… h-hole…」


I know that we have already had our fair share of fun earlier when we were “testing the bed’s functionality”, but that does not matter to me. When it comes to pleasure, it is just like with eating sweets right after dinner: it can always be done, because there is a separate stomach for it. I hunger for Roxanne’s body right here, right now during the night, so no one can hold it against me for trying to quench my thirst.

*          *          *

When I woke up, it was probably already morning. As usual, Roxanne was still asleep right next to me. Waking up next to her hugging into me day after day after a night of fun was the best possible way to start the day I could ever imagine. And not only can I sleep with her in the same bed, but she also wakes me up with a kiss every single day, just like she was doing in this very moment.


I just stayed still, allowing her soft and sweet kiss’s taste and gentle sensation slowly spread all over my body. Then she gradually started getting more intense, moving her head around to adjust herself to my position and putting her warm, slimy tongue to good use. From now on, the two of us are truly going to be living alone under one roof, meaning that we can take as much time as we want for our little “good morning greeting”. After allowing her to do whatever she wanted for a time, I finally decided to greet her tongue with my own. We massaged our tongues and sucked on each other’s lips until we were both almost out of breath, only then separating ourselves from one another.

「Good morning, master.」

「Good morning, Roxanne.」

Even though my eyes were opened now, they still could see little more but pitch-black darkness. Thankfully, having learned our lesson from back when we were still living in Veil Pavilion, we placed all of our clothes, including equipment on the mats next to the bed so that we could access them easily in the morning without having to trip over our own legs while we looked for them. In the darkness, with the windows only slightly opened we got ourselves dressed by relying on our other senses to guide us. Staying at home and just lazying about seemed like an enticing prospect, but we cannot neglect going into the Labyrinth. We have nothing else to do anyway. No, such a mindset might prove to be pretty dangerous, so I have to correct it in my mind right this instant. If I start treating it like a chore, they it will be a straight way into looking for excuses not to go there. I know that if I wanted, I could spend my every day, from morning till nightfall, here in this very bed with Roxanne. Knowing her, she probably would not refuse such a suggestion. Living such a degenerate life filled with nothing but self-indulgence sounds like a dream come true, but I have to pull my inner brakes here. In order to preserve this new, hedonist lifestyle of mine, it is necessary for me to continue working and putting a conscious, honest effort into the process of making money.

It’s just that a part of me wanted to keep kissing her without caring for anything else in the world. I hugged her once more, and tangled our tongues again as we exchanged frantic breaths.


「Haa… aaaah…」

Roxanne moaned lightly, but nothing indicated that she was going to refuse my affections. She simply continued to move her sweet tongue to match the movements of our own in order to ensure that both of us will feel equally good with our mouths. It feels so good that I just want to push her down where she is, but…

「I really want to stay here and continue like this forever, but unfortunately we cannot do that. As much as I don’t want to, we should head to the Quratar’s Labyrinth today.」

Y-Yes, of course.」

And just like that, we Warped from our house straight to the small room some distance away from the proper entrance room at the beginning on the first floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth. It was my second time visiting this place after a brief excursion that I made yesterday. Hopefully today’s forage into its halls is going to be longer and more fruitful one. Sine it was so early in the morning I was expecting the place to be completely vacant, but much to my surprise a lot of people were already there, roaming the halls. Did more people had the same idea that I did: to go to the Labyrinth as early as possible in order to avoid running into too much traffic?

「I wonder if we are going to be okay with so many people around?」

I am sure we will, master. Besides, since this is the first floor, it isn’t so bad, even though it is true that some of the people who come here tend to stay for absurdly long hours because they want to maximize their gains and get as much treasure for the entrance fee they have to pay every time they want to visit the Labyrinth.」

I wish I could share Roxanne’s positive outlook on that matter, but unfortunately my inner sceptic prevented me from doing so. Well, I guess we just have to wait and see how things are going to turn out in the end.

「Look master, it looks like the Boss Chamber is straight ahead.」

Huh? Say what now?

I couldn’t believe what Roxanne was saying at first so I checked it with the map of the first floor just so that I could be doubly sure… and sure enough, according to it we were almost at the Floor Boss’s Chamber for the first floor, which was further confirmed by the Party that was a bit ahead of us and their chatter about the strategy they were going to use to beat the boss. As a side note: the booklet that I bought yesterday, the one that was supposed to be showing the map of every floor, is not showing it. It literally shows only the easiest, most straightforward way how to reach the Boss Chamber, and my dumbass has only realized it just now. It contained no other information whatsoever. To be frank with you, I… I feel scammed, actually. Not only about the fact that I paid more money for this booklet than it was actually worth it, but the feeling of being a little baby duckling following its mother duck while having my hand held the entire time left a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth as well.

The “booklet” might even be too big of a word for it, because those are nothing more but 90 pieces of paper tied together with a string, where one piece of paper represented one floor of the Labyrinth. The map of the 91st one was not included in the set, meaning that this particular floor must have not been captured as of yet. Just to remind you, I bought the booklet version because it was the cheaper alternative to buying the map of each floor individually. The booklet costs 1000 Nars, and the map of a single floor costs 20 Nars, meaning that if I wanted to buy them that way I would have to cough up 1800 Nars, so the booklet version is much better cost-wise. If you can store it properly that is.

The overall quality of the paper that was used to make this booklet is quite poor, perhaps even poorer that the quality of Japan’s newspapers and manga magazines, which are known to be even worse quality than toilet paper, so that alone should tell you how shitty it is. If I were to hazard a guess, they I say that this booklet won’t last for even half a year.

「I wonder if this paper is going to be okay here in the Labyrinth?」



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