A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 3 Chapter 4 Part 7



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「So, how exactly do we make glue out of Corral Gelatin?」

I asked Roxanne about that when we put down the carpets and took out the item that dropped from the Collagen Coral. Roxanne then took it to the kitchen and placed it inside one of the pots, after which she poured in some water inside and started boiling it over low flame, making it look like she was giving it a hot water bath.

「The procedure itself is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is to place the gelatin in the pot, light a fire under it so that it starts to melt from the heat, and when it does, you have to leave it to cool off for a bit and that’s that.」

「Wow, it really is that easy? And here I thought there was going to be some hidden trick to it.」

I’m not sure if it’s surprisingly easy or purposefully devious. Be that as it may, as long as the process of making glue is simple, then so much the better for us, and I can’t think of any easier method than melting something with hot water and leaving it to cool down.

「As I said, now we just have to wait for the adhesive to cool down, so in the meantime we can take the carpets and roll them out before we prepare one of them to be hanged on the wall. On that note, have you already decided which one are we going to use as decoration, master?」

「I think it would be best to use the carpet you chose for that, Roxanne. As for the other one, we can lay it down in orb bedroom next to the bed.」

「All right.」

「All we have to do now is to get it to the first floor, which should not be difficult with the two of us carrying it at each side, so can I ask you to help me out with it?」

「Of course. It shall be done as you wish.」

Roxanne and I then carried a checkered carpet to the bedroom and placed it next to the bed. Since it was still early when we woke up in the morning we had a spare change of clothes prepared for when we get back, but now that I rolled out the carpet next to the bed I felt like I didn’t really want to change just yet. When fully rolled out and spread on the floor, the carpet was about the same size as the bed, so it should be just big enough for us to lay down on it without our feet sticking out of it (our heads would be okay since I placed it in such a way that it was right next to the room’s wall), in which case…

If my assumptions about this thing are correct, then it should be just big enough for the two people to have some “fun” on it.

Oh no, this is bad. I feel like something is starting to awaken inside of me.

「Now that I see this carpet all rolled out, I realize how luxurious having such an item feels.」

「Uh-huh, it sure feels like that. But don’t just stand there, Roxanne, come and lay down here with me. It feels reaaaally nice.」

I laid down on the carpet and invited Roxanne to join me after testing if it is comfortable or not myself.


Roxanne did just as I asked her and laid down by my side.

「Ohhh… you were right, master. It feels so nice, and soft, and fluffy…」

I know, right? Oh man, I could totally get addicted to this…」

Can I take it as an okay sign for us to have some fun on the carpet? I think I can, right?

「Do we have some free time before the glue finishes cooling down?」

「I think we do.」

And with that, I, Kaga Michio have awakened a new fetish within myself: Carpet Play.

A few hours after we played on the carpet, I realized that apparently I have obtained a new Job for myself: Cook.

Cook Lv.1

Effects: Increase DEX (small), Increase STR (tiny), Increase AGI (tiny)

Skill: Rare Ingredients Drop Rate Up, Item Box Operation

Cook, huh? It is definitely nice that it has so many effects and Skills associated with it, but to be frank I would have preferred it much more if it had Increase INT as one of the available stat increases since that could prove to be of help with strengthening of my Magic Build. The Skill unique to the Job, however, might come in pretty handy. I mean, Rare Ingredients Drop Rate Up means that enemies should have a higher chance of dropping rare ingredients as Drop Item, thanks to which we will have more options opened for experimenting with cooking food. It might be especially useful with Kobolds since they are so weak that farming items from them should not be much of an issue and I am curious what other items other than Kobold Salt they would have to offer. Assuming they even have a Drop Item other than Kobold Salt of course.

「I will go do the dishes now.」

「Sure, take your time.」

Looking at the description of the Cook’s Job and its effects and Skills once more, I once again realized that the world of this game is Labyrinth-centric to its very core, because normally everyone who would see the Job titled “Cook” would probably assume that it will be a Job that either strengthens the ability of the user to cook or makes all the processes related to cooking easier or faster, but here, the Cook Job is doing neither of those things. All it is doing is to give me an increased drop rates for the rare cooking ingredient to be obtained from defeated monsters, but that’s about it. It would be nice if ot had a bonus effect that goes along the lines of “Prevents the ingredients stored in the Item Box from rotting”, but I guess that would be asking too much, huh? Unless it is a hidden effect and I won’t see if it works until I will give it a go of course.

Okay, for now, let’s see what this whole Item Box Operation thingy is about. Character Reset…add Cook Lv.1 to the list of my equipped Jobs… set it as a First Job… all done… now select the Item Box and…

(Holy Cow it’s huge!)

When I finished adding Cook to the list of Jobs and selected it as my First Job for the time being, the biggest distinction that I have noticed was that the capacity of my Item Box has been practically doubled. When I had Explorer Lv.30 set as my First Job, I could fit thirty types of thirty different items in it, but now it looks like I can store thirty types of sixty different items in it, so yeah, the overall capacity has been doubled.

(All right, that’s admittedly pretty neat. But now, let’s see if the system that is governing the Item Box is able to distinguish which Job’s Item Box the items are placed in… there.)

I switched my First Job back to Explorer and moved part of the items from the Cook’s Item Box to the Explorer’s Item Box so in order to have the same amount of items in both Item Boxes, and when that was done I tried to remove Cook from my list of Jobs… only to find out that I was not able to do that at all. So the system does distinguish by which Job’s Item Box the items are placed in.

To briefly summarize what I learned from this Item Box experiment just now:

  1. When both the Jobs of an Explorer and Cook are selected, the size of my current Item Box has doubled, increasing from thirty types of thirty items to sixty types of thirty items.
  2. The overall capacity of the Item Box is split between the two Jobs, meaning that I can store thirty types of thirty items in the Explorer’s Item Box and another thirty types of thirty items in the Cook’s Item Box.
  3. When activating the Item Box Skill, it seems that the system governing it cannot make the distinction between the Explorer’s Item Box and Cook’s Item Box.
  4. However, the system can make the distinction between the contents of these two Item Boxes.
  5. I can change my First Job to Explorer with items staying in its Item Box and remove the Cook Job if no items are stored in its, but if you equip the Cook Job and put items in the newly expanded space in the Item Box, that Job can no longer be removed until you won’t take all of the items out and return to the previous size of the Item Box

Those are the apparent rules that govern the combined Item Boxes and how the system distinguishes between them.



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