A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 3 Chapter 5 Part 15



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

When all of the monsters have finally been defeated and my MP has been sufficiently restored, we immediately returned home. With the injury I have sustained, I did not want to do anything else right now.

Even though we were sitting in hot water for a while now, I feel like my finger still hurts without showing any signs of getting better. And here I thought that using Durandal would make it feel better in an instant. Apparently that is not the case here. I guess I just got too used to thinking that Durandal’s HP Absorption Skill can heal every little injury that I will sustain. Just another reminder for me not to underestimate the Labyrinths unless I want them to tear me a new asshole.

「Are you okay, master? If you are feeling lightheaded, then maybe you should get out of the bath and cool off for a bit?」

Roxanne looked over at my hand with a worried expression on her face. Great, look at what you have done now, Michio, you got Roxanne all worried. Heh, serves you right for ignoring her advice that you should always, ALWAYS wear full set of armor when going into the Labyrinth, even for a brief trek through it. But no, I had to act like I knew better and did not wear any hand-protecting gear thinking that this will be a quick trip to recover MP and immediately go back.

「Yeah, I feel fine. It is just that I am feeling a little lightheaded from the shock of sustaining that wound in that battle earlier.」

「This is not good then! Are you really sure you are fine?」

Yes Roxanne, I am fine. In the first place, it is entirely my fault that I got wounded like that because I was being too careless, even after I constantly mock the enemies for charging blindly at us and that experience with that dead Explorer guy which should have told me that in the Labyrinths there is no such thing as being too careful. So yeah, this particular L is entirely on me, no doubts about it.

「Oh, I know what I can do to make you feel better, master?」

「Really? What do you have in mind?」

「I heard that in the past, in times well before our current era, licking the wounded place and applying saliva on it were one of the most reliable methods of helping the injuries heal faster.」

「Licking the wounded place, you say…?」

She just gave me a nice idea. Let me see if this will work…

I raised my hand and placed my index finger right in front of Roxanne’s face.

「You know what, Roxanne? You might be right. Maybe my injured finger really will heal faster if you lick it for me.」.

「E-Eh?! Uhm. . . . . I . . . . I do not think that I will have to lick master’s entire finger. . . if I remember correctly, that is not exactly how it works but. . . . if it is for the sake of helping you recover faster, then. . . . 」

Roxanne seemed confused at first, but when I mentioned that we are only trying to see if this will help in accelerating the recovery process of my injury, she did not look like she was particularly opposed to the idea of doing it for me. Good, very good indeed. That is exactly the reaction I was waiting for.

Taking a hold of my hand with her own hands, she brought my finger closer to her mouth.

「Uhm… this will be my first time doing something like this . . . .so be sure to tell me if it hurts or not, okay?」

「Okay, got it.」

Roxanne started to open her mouth just a little bit, her pale pink lips slowly widened the gap between them with every second, exposing the inside of her mouth to my eyes.

Her bright red tongue is so glossy and wet. . . I cannot wait to feel it all over me.

Roxanne brought her face closer to my finger and closed her lips around it, wrapping my index finger in a heavenly fluffy feeling.

The inside of her mouth feels pleasantly warm, soft and moist as her thick, slimy tongue enveloped itself gently around my entire finger.

Roxanne closes her eyes and slowly sucks on my finger. (TL Note: Yeah, this is totally not suggestive. . .yup, not at all.) While she is doing so, strands of her ling hair tickle the sides of my hand. Even though she is a Wolfkin possessing some werewolf qualities, her hair, much like the fur on her tail and back, are quite nice to the touch. What she is doing to me right now is brilliantly bewitching, radiating the charm and allure of an adult woman, even though we are roughly the same age.

I tried not to move it at all so that I would not hit her teeth by accident, and simply allowed her to go at it at her own pace.

For someone who claims to be doing something like this for the first time in her life, she is doing it rather skillfully. It feels unbelievably good.

Roxanne’s soft tongue wraps itself around my finger many times, and each time she pulls back away from it, a white thread of saliva appears between my finger and her lips, connecting them in an unquestionably seductive way, only for it to disappear when she was closing in on me again, putting my finger back into her mouth, gently rubbing it against the inner walls of her puffy cheeks

It felt as if her benevolent, soft mouth was going to heal my wounded finger in no time.

Her crimson lips opened up again, showing me the inside of her mouth in all of its crimson glory. When it trapped my finger inside of it once more, I could feel all of Roxanne’s saliva washing over me as her tongue resumed its licking motions. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. . .  by using those bobbing motions, she was making it really hard for me to control myself and not move an inch so that I would not accidentally hit her in the back of her throat. . . . but a part of me wants to do it oh so badly, just so that I could see how she would react to it. Maybe someday, one day, but definitely not today though.

All in all however, that was an amazing healing session.

「Well? H-How was it, master?」

She asked, swallowing down her saliva when she was done licking my finger clean. M-My god, that was erotic as hell!!!

「It felt great. The pain is all gone and my finger does not hurt anymore. Thank you for your diligent service, Roxanne.」

「That is good to hear. I am always happy to help you, master, but. . .?」

「But. . . ?」

Roxanne turned her face away rather shyly before continuing.

「Does my mouth really possess such healing properties? Perhaps this is some kind of Skill that I possess without even realizing it?」

「No, I do not think that is the case here.」

「But it has to be! The way you described it, it would seem that it has healing effects on par with those of Healing Magic!」

「I have indeed said that, but trust me, it really is nothing of the sort. That being said, it does not change the fact that it was absolutely amazing. If something happens to me in the future, I will be looking forward to having you heal me in this way again.」

「Ah. . .  yes, I will gladly do so again.」

I complimented the way Roxanne sucked me off, which made her promise that this was not a one-time gig only, but rather something that is going to keep on happening whenever the situation is going to demand it. Great job, me. That was some clever coercion if I ever saw one. Who knows, maybe I really do have a silver tongue when it comes to talking with girls (TL Note: Uh-huh, someone is getting incredibly full of himself I see)

Anyway, if getting hurt means that I could ask Roxanne to do such amazing things for me more often, then suddenly the Labyrinth is not looking like such a scary place anymore. Maybe I will even try faking some injuries just so she could “heal” me like she did just now again?

Having regained my strength both in the physical and mental sense, I have gotten a new surge of motivation to take on the challenges of the Labyrinth once more.

To be continued inA Slave Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4



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