A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 1 Part 10



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「You are right. This seems like the most sensible thing to do since we do not know what these guys might have done if they saw a girl as beautiful as Roxanne.」

「Uhm, master. . . I really think that it will not be necessary to. . . 」

「No, Roxanne. I have to agree with Alan-san here. Leaving you in one room with a bunch of guys who did not have any contact with a woman, especially one as beautiful and attractive as you is definitely not a good idea, so please, do me this kindness and wait in the next room until the male slaves are all gone, all right?」

「Understood, master. I will trust in your judgement.」

Okay, that’s good. If she was to stay in here while the male slaves were brought in, then it was pretty much a given that all hell would have broken loose, especially if these guys have been here for a long time without any contact with the members of the opposite sex whatsoever. If they saw someone like Roxanne after such a long period of (at least I assume) sexual abstinence and probably not being in contact with women for such a long time, it might even be possible that they would try to rebel against Alan-san if only it meant that they could have a shot at pushing Roxanne down and having their way with her.

And just like that, after leaving Roxanne waiting in the guest room, I went after Alan-san upstairs to have a look at the male slaves he had available at the moment. After scaling the set of stairs onto the first floor, we entered one of the room that was the closest to the stairs. And there. . . . . .

Uhm. . .  yeah, okay, I. . .  oh my fucking god where do I even begin with this one?

When I entered the room, the sight before me could only be described as. . . overwhelming, to the point where even if I wanted to comment on what I just saw, the words did not want to leave my mouth no matter what. Just one glance at them was enough to fill my head with all sorts of questions that I wanted to ask Alan-san, but I do not know if he will not find some of them to be offensive. These guys are. . .  they certainly look like all of them could fit into the vanguard position exceptionally well. But, the thing is. . .

They are all scary as fuck! I am literally, legitimately scared of all of them! Was Alan-san really expecting me to pick one of those? I mean, I probably would have chosen one of them, but only if I was desperate enough not to seek any potential alternatives, and let me tell you, I am not that desperate just yet! For the current me, picking someone from among them is utterly impossible. If I could, I would have respectfully declined and left the room right now, but I feel like I cannot do it out of fear that they are simply going to get killed by them if I so much as look at them the wrong way. . .  but surely none of them would have risked that now, would they? No, with the owner by my side all this time, I am sure that none of them would have tried to do anything stupid. . . unless I am wrong of course and they would have jumped at the opportunity to kill us both the first chance they got? No, that should not be possible. Since they are slaves who belong to Alan-san’s Slave Shop, or, in other words, they are Alan-san’s slaves right now, they should be bound by the limitations of the master-slave contract, meaning that if they off him, then they will kick the bucket as well.

Man now I am really glad that I did not take Roxanne here with me. If she were to come inside this room together with us, this place would definitely turn into a bloodbath regardless of the master killing countermeasures protecting Alan-san. If that scenario came to pass, then I think I would have no choice but to defend myself with my sword. . .  which I did not have on me right now, because what kind of idiot would be walking into a store with a weapon from the visit to the Labyrinth still on him, huh? A suspicious idiot, that is who, and I am definitely not someone like that. And even if I had it with me, there is no guarantee that I would have been able to brandish it in time to actually defend myself.

No, the longer I stay here, the more I want to leave. I want nothing to do with those guys, I just want to get the fuck out of here and forget I was ever in there.

We were not the only people in the room. Other than Alan-san, myself and the male slaves, there were also guys who looked like bodyguards in the corners of the room, but to be honest, their presence did not do much to make me feel safer. They had the same look to them as the gangsters in all those detective movies, you know, the ones that would hand around dark alleys in the middle of the night just so that they could mug you from all your belongings and then just straight up shank you in the gut just for the hell of it? Yeah, that kind of gangsters. The way they looked at me was telling me one thing: they were ridiculing me for being here, wanting to buy slaves, but you know what? Perhaps they are right. I mean, if I really decided to take one of those guys as my slave, I am sure that I would have ended up dead or rebelled against after only a few days, because money is not the only thing you have to possess if you want to have your own slaves. You also need enough charisma to make them not want to murder you simply out of spite or because they do not like you.

Back when I was still in Japan I heard of the interviews where the interviewers were putting an unimaginable amount of pressure on the interviewees, but I never heard of the opposite thing ever happening, which was pretty ridiculous, because I am the customer here. I have come to this place looking to buy some slaves for myself and these guys were the possible candidates, and yet, not one of them looked like they gave half of a shit about it. I literally felt as if they, the examinees, were exerting pressure upon me, the examiner, to just leave them the hell alone. And believe me, that is what I wanted to do right now. Just get the hell out of there and be done with this hellish place.

A customer intimidated by the slaves into not wanting to buy them. I do not know how much strange shit has Alan-san saw throughout his career as the Slave Shop owner, but that has got to be a first for him.

So, how was it? Did any of those fine man stroke your fancy?

Alan-san asked me once we finally walked out of the room. I really wanted to tell him how I truly felt and exactly where he can stick such dumb questions. . . but now is definitely not the time for that. Just know that I would never decided to buy any of the men who were out there, not even in the midst of the biggest desperation.

Absolutely impossible. Not in a million years. But if he needs to hear an answer, then I might as well tell it to him in such a way:

They all look incredibly promising. . . but I just do not think that someone like me could utilize the [people with such talents properly. 」

That is not me being humble by any chance. That is my honest to God opinion on the subject.

If you would like to interview some of them individually, then that can certainly be arranged.」

Is what he says now. Thank you very much for your willingness to do something like that for me, but dude, that is not at all what I need right now. Since he is willing to go to such lengths just to help me make a purchase, then he definitely has to be a good person, or at the very least that is what I am willing to believe. Also, there might be some people who will definitely enjoy the company of such a. . .  colorful crowd, but regrettably I do not count myself among the ranks of such people.



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