A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 2 Part 12



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

If I did not have that Bonus Skill equipped, it is more than likely that I would have to use chants to cast spells, same like all of the people around me.

「This is really bugging me after all. I just cannot think of any possible explanation for how such a thing as casting spells without using their chants first could be possible.」

「Master is simply capable of using magic without invoking their chants.」

「Is that so? Really?! That is it?」

「Y-Yeah, that is more or less how it is.」

I think that with Roxanne’s gentle help, we managed to satiate Sherry’s rather wild curiosity.

「It does not sound very convincing, if I were to be honest. . .  but since even the person who uses the spells without their chants does not understand how he is able to do such a thing, then I guess there is nothing that we can do to pursue this matter further, is there?」

「I truly do not know why that is. Sorry that I cannot be of any help in this matter.」

Man am I glad that she understands that there is no reason to be dwelling on this subject any further if the person who uses the spells without their chants does not understand how exactly does it work. Sherry might be a smart person, but a truly intelligent one is able to understand and accept that there are just some things in this world that are simply not worth the trouble of questioning and trying to uncover how they work. Even back on earth, the scientists were unable to determine how are humans able to breathe or move their limbs around without consciously controlling both of those processes, so asking me why I am able to use spells without having to use their chants would be pretty much the same as asking the fish how is it that they cannot drown even though they spend their entire lives submerged in the water without having to go to the surface to replenish their supply of air at regular intervals. Fish cannot drown in the sea because they cannot drown in the sea, and birds can fly in the sky because they can fly in the sky. These are the established truths of the world that no one dares to call into question because of how obvious these truths are.

For a few more minutes, Sherry continued to mumble things such as 「But why?」 or 「How is it possible?」to herself. Looks like the scholarly types are all the same no matter the world you end up in. They all simply cannot help themselves to let go of a particular subject once their interest has been picked, but it does not matter all that much now. As long as she does not decide to pry her nose where it does not belong, I think it will be perfectly fine to allow her to have her own thoughts and dilemmas that she could ponder about in her free time as a kind of a mental exercise.

「By the way, I saw that you were able to defeat the monsters we you were fighting with just a single blow, so you must be pretty strong, master.」

「Well, something like that is a given after you aquire enough levels and naturally get stronger.」

So even though she noticed how amazing it was of me to be able to defeat the monsters on the fifth floor of Vale’s Labyrinth with a single blow, she did not look all that impressed by it, or at least not as impressed as she was with Roxanne’s ability to dodge every attack that was coming her way. Maybe it was because she deduced that since I needed to buy myself a second slave, I am not as strong as I would have liked, meaning strong enough to kill monsters effortlessly and make money in the Labyrinths with just Roxanne and myself? Then again, you probably did not need to be overly smart to deduce something like that, because a simple logic was enough to arrive at such a conclusion, and it was that conclusion that even made me consider buying a second slave so fast after obtaining my first slave.

「Uh-huh. May I ask what level you currently are?」

「Sure. Right now my Explorer level is thirty three.」

That being said, I think that the pace of my levelling-up has somewhat decreased, even if only for a little bit. It will probably get even more difficult to gain more levels as time goes on and my levels increase even further.


When I answered Sherry’s question, Roxanne seemed to be so shocked to learn what level I was right now that she let out a small shout.

「What is it, Roxanne? Did I say something to startle you?」

「N-No, it is not like that. I am simply surprised that master’s level is so high! I thought that master was still at Explorer Lv.20!」

「Oh, yeah, I was, way back then.」

By the way, Roxanne should have also gone up more than ten levels since we last checked them together.

「Way back then, you say?」

「Yeah, because we are growing in strength regularly every day.」

「Growing in strength, you say?! Regularly, you say?!!」

That was the only possible way for me to explain it, because let us face it: if I were to openly tell her that we are gaining experience for our Jobs about hundred more times than the rest of the people around us, I think the pure shock of that information would be enough to knock her out cold on the spot, so for now, just the knowledge that she has also grown at the pace similar to mine should be more than enough for her.

But then. . .

「Gaining so much levels in your Job in such a relatively short time is already impressive in and out of itself, but to be able to kill monsters from the fifth floor of the Labyrinths with but a single strike. . .  no. Perhaps it is not a matter of levels, but perhaps the weapon that you are using? If that was the case then it would not be tha strange, since I did hear that there are amazing swords and other kinds of weapons in this world that would definitely enable their wielders to perform amazing feats like that.」

Drat, at this rate, Sherry is going to see through me completely. She really is too smart for her own good. Right now, she way eyeing my Durandal so intently as if it was a suspect in a murder case.

「Keep the matters of our levels and my sword a secret, okay? Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to continue preparing the bath.」

「「Y-Yes, of course!」」

For the time being, I chose to evacuate myself to the bathroom before Sherry could start grilling me about even more things that I either did not know about or did not wish to talk about at the moment. When I glanced back at her, she was still holding her hand against her chin and was nodding her head with a deadly serious look on her face.

For a good while I was able to continue filling the bathtub without being distracted by anything else. . .

「Master, master! We are terribly sorry to disturb you, but could we ask you to light this on fire for us?」

. . . . .  until Roxanne and Sherry came to the bathroom to request something of me. Thankfully it looked like it was not about a further pursuit of the matters that we discussed before like I was afraid of. But even if the did come here with that in mind, I would not be able to tell them anything other than what I already disclosed to them, because I literally do not know anything more myself. Instead, it looked like they wanted me to become a Firestarter, because Roxanne came closer to me and handed me something that looked like a tree branch that was split into multiple strands near one of its ends. Is this what is used to start small fires in this world, like the ones needed to cook something?

But. . . a fire, huh? Is fire not closely related to the process of smithing? Or rather, is a necessary component to get this process started in the first place?

「Sherry, have you ever started a fire by yourself?」

Since the topic of fire came up so naturally, I might as well ask her that.

Usually, blacksmithing requires fire in order to get the blacksmithing forge started, so I thought that fire might be one if the things needed in order to obtain the Master Smith Job, especially since in this world where there are no matches, gasoline or other modern substances used to lighting up a fire, setting it up by oneself might actually be considered to be quite an achievement without using magic like my Fireball. Would it not be nice if  Sherry got it started all by herself and the *snap* Master Smith Job unlocked?



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