A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 10



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Feel free to think whatever you want about the actuality of the words that I am using, but as long as you make Roxanne understand and say the chant for 「Beast Attack」 in a proper way, then I really will not give a damn about it.

 「As a warrior (mononofu). . . . . . . . . yes, that might be it!」

Roxanne closed her eyes, took a couple of deep breaths and the began to redo the chant.

As a warrior born of formidable beasts, unleash my full power and grant it to me! Mortal Blow. . . .  BEAST ATTACK! ! ! ! ! !!

Roxanne shouted, and slammed the Scimitar into Pan’s body with visibly more force than before, and twice as much speed. I do not think if describing it like that is going to be accurate, but. . . . . but I think that for a moment there she was moving so fast that I had lost her from my sight for a split second. Could it really be that this Skill of hers made it possible for her to move so fast and hit so hard with just the momentum alone? And speaking of hitting hard. . . . .

Instead of slashing through Pan in an instant, Roxanne’s Scimitar dug itself into his guts, and moved forward after a few solid seconds of being embedded inside of him, after which the sheer impact of the blow the tore his side wide open send him tumbling into the nearby wall that he then bounced off of it, landing on the ground pretty hard.

「Ohhh!!! Just now, that was. . . . . . . . . .!!!!!」

「YES! I did it, master! It was a success!!!!!!」

「Yeah. . . .  yeah, you can say that again, Roxanne. That attack just now was really something.」

Amazing! You were so cool just now, Miss Roxanne!!!」

Sherry was absolutely right to be amazed. If nothing else, the attack that Roxanne executed just now certainly deserved to be called life threatening. If an ordinary human were to be hit by something like that, they would probably either dropped dead on the spot or be cleaved cleanly in half. Even looking at if from the outsider’s perspective, the difference between 「Beast Attack」’s and regular attack’s power and speed was plain to see even with the eye of someone who has nothing to do with Labyrinths and adventuring on a daily basis.

So yeah. Roxanne called the successful execution of her 「Beast Attack」 a success, but I would go even further than that. It was a great success, no, a tremendous success.

In a last-ditch effort, Pan tried initiating his magic attack one last time, but as soon as I saw that the red magic circle formed under its body, I ran up to him, looked him in the eyes with a look that was saying 「Thanks for your hard work」 and I swung Durandal down on him, finally killing him. He immediately turned into a burst of green smoke and disappeared.

「Once again, Roxanne: that was a magnificent attack.」

「Thank you very much, master, but I would not have been able to do it without your and Sherry’s help. You have my sincerest gratitude for helping me figure out the right chant for 「Beast Attack」 to work, and keeping Pan occupied long enough for me to be able to finish casting it.」

「Of course! Just say the word and I will gladly help you again, Miss Roxanne!」

「What she said, basically.」

Based on my observations, a single hit from 「Beast Attack」 does the damage that should be roughly equivalent to two regular strikes from Durandal, meaning that this Skill was something that could allow even a regular weapon such as the Scimitar to deal damage similar to the one done by the weapon known as the Holy Sword. Roxanne is going to be fighting in the vanguard for the most time so she will probably not have all that many occasions to be actually using that Skill, but nevertheless, it is a good thing to know that she has something that powerful in her arsenal of available Skills.

「Miss Roxanne, I knew you were an amazing fighter, but that was an entirely different kind of amazing!」

「Thank you for you kind words, Sherry. You were also amazing, holding out against the strongest of the Floor Bosses of the lower floors all on your own.」

Roxanne shared her joy with Sherry, who then walked to the place where Pan disappeared and picked up his Drop Item: another huge piece of Goat Meat, and promptly handed it back to me. Coupled with that previous Goat Meat we obtained from our first battle with Pan, I think we now have more than enough meat to last us for a few days, so I think tomorrow will be a good occasion to prepare some Genghis Khan (TL Note: also known as Jingisukan or Mongolian Barbecue. It is a Japanese-style grilled lamb meat dish popular mainly on Hokkaido and in China)

「On another note, master. Your knowledge of the Brahim language is truly incredible. If it was not for your hints, I would have never thought of using archaic forms of modern words while preparing the Skill chant. I should have expected nothing less from you!」

「Nah, you are giving me way too much credit than I actually deserve. I just knew a few old words and I thought that they might just work, so I threw them your way to try them out.」

「You might say that, but trust me master, knowledge of the old words and expressions in Brahim language is kind of a huge deal.」

「Well, if you say so.」

I wonder if Sherry’s opinion of me increased a little bit more thanks to that? Then again, I only know Brahim because I basically cannot see the distinction between Brahim and Japanese, my native language, so I feel like I should not be just going around claiming to have mastered it to God knows how big of a degree if I want to stay out of trouble in regards to it, like I have been doing up until now.

「However, there is one thing that I do regret. Even though we have fought properly against Pan, who was supposed to be the strongest of the lower floors Floor Bosses, the battle still ended too quickly for my liking. I tried to do my best, but even so, I was still unable to fully grasp all of its attack patterns.」

So it is hopeless after all, huh? Instead of praising me some more for my knowledge of Brahim, Sherry was focused only on the fact that she was not able to study Pan’s attack patterns and movements as thoroughly as she wanted. And with her complaining like that, we have finally proceeded to the eighth floor. From here on out, monsters are going to start showing up in groups of up to four of them, so we should make sure that we are going to be as careful as we possibly can be. For the time being, I think that the best course of action will be to continue having Roxanne and Sherry in the vanguard so that I could support them with my magic from the relative safety of the backlines. If such a setup worked nicely so far, then I do not see any need to change it anytime soon.

「Since we are on an entirely new floor, then let us do the usual thing where we kick things off by picking a fight with a smaller group of enemies first, okay?」

「Okay! *Sniff Sniff* *Sniff Sniff* Looks like there is a small group of Collagen Corals nearby. 」

「Collagen Corals, huh?」

After I instructed Roxanne about what we are going to be doing, she used her sense of smell and immediately located the nearest group of enemies. The monsters native to the eighth floor of the Labyrinth in Vale seem to be Collagen Corals.

「Is there any way for us to gain knowledge about the monsters from specific floors of the Labyrinths?」

「There is a number of ways, actually. We can do that by asking the Explorer standing at the entrance to the Labyrinth, from the Explorer’s Guild in Vale, and from the Explorer’s Guild in Quratar.」

「Well, I know that much, but to be honest, I am not interested in getting to know about them in detail, or at least not yet. For the time being, I am going to be fully satisfied with knowing which monsters appear on which floors.」



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