A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 17



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

He asked me with a slight tinge of astonishment mixed into his voice just now. Could it be that I have stepped head-first into another slimy subject?

「Is that something that I should not have known about?」

「Not exactly. It is just that the only people who know about that skill are the members of the Guild, so I was simply wondering how did you know about it since you said that you do not have the Sex Maniac Job yet and you do not belong to the Guild. Do you perhaps have an acquaintance who belongs to it and told you about it?」

「Well, you see, the thing is. . . . . . . . .. . 」

So the existence of that Skill seems to be a secret, huh? Well, I cannot say that I blame the members of this so-called Sex Maniacs Guild for being so secretive about it. After all, since Humans are universally regarded as a race that possesses immense, near-insatiable sexual desire, I guess that has to mean that our standing in the hierarchy of all the races of this world is not all that great, probably to the point where others might be trying to look down on us as little more than deviants who can think of nothing but sex all the time. On the flipside though, I think that this prejudice against Humans might be exactly the thing that increases the bonds of camaraderie and the feeling of solidarity and internal unity among the members of that Guild.

「No, if you do not want to compromise the identity of the person who told you about it, that is perfectly fine. After all, there are people who have unlocked the Sex Maniac Job but did not join our Guild, and we respect their decision and choice to stay anonymous. Now, as for the 「Abstinence Attack」 Skill, allow me to share with you what I know and how I use it. As I already told you, Sex Maniac Skill is a Job that is to be used mainly in the bedroom due to the bonus to the vigor and sexual stamina it provides, but it can also be pretty useful while exploring the Labyrinths, and it is all thanks to 「Abstinence Attack」. It is an Attack Skill that will enable you to deal serious amounts of damage even to the Floor Bosses, and I always end up using it a lot whenever I am going to the Labyrinths every ten days.」

「That seems like a pretty long time. Does it always have to be so long in order for it to be effective?」

「There is no specific time limit placed on that Skill, I was simply saying what turned out to be working the best for me after I ended up experimenting with various periods of sexual abstinence, but in the end, the major factor is always going to be how long you yourself are going to hold out, because every person has a different threshold of how long they can go on without sexual intercourse before they finally succumb to their urges. I said that in my case it is ten days, because even though I am married, my work as a broker and the trips to the Labyrinths tend to occupy most of my time and attention, so even though I would definitely like to do it with my wife more often, that is the compromise that I have reached with her in terms of connecting the satisfaction of our marital needs with my effectiveness in battle.」

The Sex Maniac broker explained to me. Assembling the pieces of the information he gave me, the following explanation can be put together: it would seem that 「Abstinence Attack」 is an attack that enhances your physical strength through the act of sexual abstinence, hence the name of the Skill, and it looks like abstinence from having sex is strictly necessary so that the Skill could work properly, but I wonder if there are any loopholes that could be exploited with that condition, because let us face it: I might not be married to Roxanne and Sherry, but there is no way that I would be able to go on without having sex with them for more than two, maybe three days.

「Ten days of abstinence in order to get a power boost substantial enough to inflict major damage even against the Floor Bosses? I am not going to lie, that does sound incredibly useful, but I do not know if I would be able to hold out for that long.」

「Hahahahahahaha, seeing how attractive your female companions were, I cannot say that I would blame you for it, sir, and you should not feel bad about it. The best part about this Skill is that you can control how powerful its boost is going to be by increasing the number of days spent in sexual abstinence, but if you only want to refrain from having sex for two or three days, nothing is stopping you from doing so aside from the fact that the increase in strength of 「Abstinence Attack」 is not going to be as big as it would be after ten or more days of abstinence.」

Since I expressed my interest in the 「Abstinence Attack」 Skill, the broker was giving me quite a lot of additional information about it. A few days of abstinence from having sex in exchange for a decent boost to your power, and after ten days the accumulated amount of it would be enough to do a lot of damage even to the Floor Boss in the Labyrinth. In other words, 「Abstinence Attack」 is an attack whose power changes depending on the period of your sexual abstinence.

The longer that abstinence is, the more attack power you are going to have, which would explain why 「Abstinence Attack」 has been so weak when I was trying to use it during our previous trip to the Labyrinth: it was because I attempted to use it the day after I received the Sex Maniac Job by having a threesome with Roxanne and Sherry, of the period of my sexual abstinence lasted for about a few hours. . . . . . . . . actually, no, it would be more fitting to say that there was no period of abstinence in my case, and as a result, the attack made with 「Abstinence Attack」 was weaker than the regular sword slash without any Skills.

In other words, if I wanted to make an effective usage of 「Abstinence Attack」 to fight regular monsters and floor bosses with it, I would not only have to refrain from having sex with Roxanne and Sherry, but I would also probably have to keep Sex Maniac as my main Job so that the effect of the accumulation of sexual energy that would later be turned into raw energy that would strengthen my attacks whenever that Skill would be involved could continue to be in effect, and that is a no-go for me, for obvious reasons. Even though the Enhanced Vigor Passive Skill is a nice thing to have for the purpose of boosting my stamina in the bedroom, that single effect alone is not worth locking myself from the ability to use the Item Box that Explorer gives me when it is set as my First Job.

That being said, I wonder how exactly does the 「Abstinence Attack」 work, exactly? Does it really accumulate the sexual energy stored throughout the periods of abstinence and then releases it all at once in a burst of strength, or is it something more along the lines of augmenting the senses of the user that have been dulled by abstinence to cause him to go on an adrenaline and primal instincts fueled rampage? Ohhh, I like the sound of that second possibility, but the first one, the one that I deemed to be the default one is not half-bad either. Initially I have dismissed that Skill as useless and guilty of wasting my precious Bonus Points, but now that someone took the time to actually explain to me what does it do and how does it work, I have to say that it sounds pretty awesome, as long as you manage to fulfill all of the conditions required for using it. Should that happen, you would have an amazing Skill at your disposal. An incredibly effective Skill. A Skill that might just end up saving you in a pinch if you used it during a difficult Floor Boss encounter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

However. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



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