A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 7



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「In that case, do you have any ideas why did the previous Party that tried challenging Pan ended up dying anyway, even though most of their Party members came equipped with the weaponry that had 「Chant Delay」on it?」

「Usually 「Chant Delay」should work without any issues, but maybe they simply were unable to delay Pan’s magic attacks with just the four of them?」

「Five of them, it would seem.」

Sherry said while presenting me with another Two-Handed Copper Sword of Obstruction that she was holding in her hands. So, their Party had five people with weapons that had 「Chant Delay」added onto them, but it was still not enough to stop Pan from casting his magic, huh? Oh, and by the way, the last member of that Party must have been a Mage, Monk or Perhaps a Priest focused on Healing Magic, because the other weapon I found just lying around here was a Wand.

「Five people with 「Chant Delay」 were not enough to contain the Floor Boss’s magic? I have to say, that it pretty terrifying.」

「Indeed it is, but it is not our problem right now. However well prepared these guys might have been, they were bad people, and bad people are always going to get what is coming to them.」

You can say that again, Sherry. That is the price hot-headed morons pay for getting in over their heads.」

Aaaand the girls are still holding a grudge against the members of that Party. Come on now, you two. These guys are dead now, so there is no use in continuing to berate them like that since they already got what was coming to them, but. . . . . . . .

Pan was wounded to the point where all that it took to defeat him was a single blow from Durandal, which means that these guys had to be doing pretty well for the most of their battle. But in that case, what was the thing that sealed the deal for them? Was it some kind of accident during battle, or perhaps Pan was able to activate his AoE magic attacks continuously because the five of them were unable to delay it enough to stop him from finishing the chant?

「That just goes to show that even though information and strategy are very useful things to have in the Labyrinths, relying on them too much might be as bad as not relying on them enough, because one accident or misstep can still lead to failure all the same. That is why it is important to always steadily increase your own abilities so that you would not fail when the situation would call for you to act.」

「Yeah, I suppose.」

「I promise that I will always do my best, master!」

Sherry nodded with an ambiguous answer, while Roxanne gave me a passionate one.

「Now, I am simply wondering, but. . . . . what happened to the bodies of those six guys? Because it was not that much time between them getting killed and us entering the Boss Room, but when we went inside there was already no one there.」

「That is because the corpses of those who are killed by monsters or die in the Labyrinth for any other reason are quickly getting digested by it.」

Sherry explained as she kept on bringing the other pieces of equipment to me so that I could appraise them. This time it was the gauntlets. If what she said about the digestion of the corpses was true, then that is truly terrifying, because not only there are no bodies left here in the room, but there are not even any traces of these guys being here, not even a singular bloodstain left on the floor or the walls. If it was not for their equipment that was littering the floor of the Boss Room, I would have probably not even notice that someone was in the Boss Room before us.

「What about the equipment then? Why is it not getting digested along with those who were holding it?」

「Because unlike the bodies of Adventurers and Explorers, equipment and weapons are treated by the Labyrinths as the undigestable foreign bodies.」


「Yes. Moreover, just because it is undigestable, it does not mean that the Labyrinths are not going to try and consume those items anyway, only to spit them back up after a while.」

Speaking of which, the equipment of those who died in the Labyrinth gets turned into a treasure chest, so maybe that is how the Labyrinths are dealing with those foreign bodies that they are unable to digest? By spitting them back out towards the surface in the shape of mound-like earthen sacks that got dubbed as the treasure chests over time? Anyway, that is how it is: human bodies get eaten without leaving anything back while equipment gets vomited back up and then left for others to find while they are on their way through the Labyrinth’s halls.

「That is right. It is precisely because they are foreign bodies to the Labyrinth that it takes so much time for it to process them into treasure chests, and that is also why they are so rare no matter which Labyrinth you go to.」

I see. So that is why we can claim any piece of equipment that has been left by the previous Party that failed to defeat the Floor Boss. It is because the Labyrinth needs way more time to process the equipment into treasure chests than it needs to process the bodies of Adventurers in order to continue to grow up that we can simply walk in, defeat the Floor Boss and claim all of the spoils present in the room before they get absorbed into the ground.

「That being said, it does not really feel right to be using the equipment of someone who died wearing it literal moments ago, so maybe we should just go and sell all of it?」

That previous Party did not have any useful pieces of armor aside from Leather Gloves and Leather Boots, but I think that since all of those Two-Handed Copper Swords of Obstruction have 「Chant Delay」 placed onto them, then we should be able to get ourselves some pretty nice money for them.

「Anything that belonged to a defeated Party belongs to the Party that kills the Floor Boss, so now that we defeated Pan, it is okay to not think about this equipment as the one who belonged to that awful previous Party and start think about it as our own. Once we get back home I will make sure to give all of them a thorough maintenance, so it should be okay for us to be using the pieces that seem useful and sell the ones that we will not need.」

As usual, Roxanne is such an equipment maintenance freak. Well, since she says that it should be all right for us to take all of it, then I guess that is how it really must be. Ne of the other pieces of equipment that remained after the annihilated Party was a single piece of Leather Armor, but right now we have no need for it, because all three of us already have their own pieces of armor that we are currently using. Sherry was the one who found and presented it to me, but no matter how hard I try to justify her using it my head, I just. . . . .  I cannot find any reasons in favor of it, not when I have Roxanne right next to me, who is also wearing exactly the same Leather armor to a much more. . . .  bombastic effect.

「. . . . . . . . . . ??? What is it, master? Is something troubling you?」

「N-No, not exactly. . .  it is. . . . it is just that I thought that we will have to sell this Leather Armor here, since we do not need another copy of the same one we already have, since no one of us is going to be using it. . .  that is all.」

Yeah, that is all I am going to say about it. I do not want to say anything else, and I do not want to even think about it.

「Certainly, mine are small, but. . . . . . . . . . . 」

However, Sherry, being a smart girl that she is, was able to catch onto what I was thinking by saying it like that, and was now staring at her own chest with a look of disappointment painted all over her face.



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